Washing machines with two drums

Every well-known washing company wants to be one step ahead of its competitors. That's why the manufacturers Samsung, ElJ and Haier in 2015 surprised the market with new-fangled, modern and exquisite SMA with two drums.

In this article, we'll talk about the pros and cons of this technique.

Washing machines with two drums

Content of the material:

  • 1Stylalka Haier Duo: features
    • 1.1Pros of double stylalki
    • 1.2Cons of a washing machine with two drums
  • 2Washing machine LG TWIN Wash: features
    • 2.1How does the double drum work
    • 2.2How much laundry can I take
    • 2.3How many wash modes
    • 2.4Additional functions
    • 2.5Is it possible to save
  • 3Overview of washing machines with two drums
    • 3.1Haier Duo HW120-B1558
    • 3.2LG TW7000WS / TW350W

Stylalka Haier Duo: features

It differs a lot from other machines:

  1. A distinctive feature of the machine is the availability of two drums.
  2. Due to the fact that the device provides a touch screen, it is quite easy to operate the machine.
  3. On the hatch there are counters.
  4. No less convenient advantage is the ability to remotely control the machine through a smartphone. Support for Wi-Fi greatly facilitates the process of the machine. Being in another room you can install the program, select the temperature mode and so on.
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    Stylalka Haier Duo: features
  5. Quiet work - suitable for families with young children.
  6. Machines from Haier Duo provide an energy-saving function that saves electricity, which does not affect the excellent performance.
  7. Excellent capacity is the ability to simultaneously wash a large amount of dirty laundry. The bottom drum holds about 8 kg of dry linen. Up to 4 kg can be accommodated.
  8. A two-drum washing machine with dimensions of 128x60x60 cm will perfectly fit into the interior of the bathroom or kitchen.

Washing machines with two drums

Pros of double stylalki

We have already told you a lot of laundry. The same applies to clothes made from different types of fabrics. In a large drum, three-dimensional things are erased, in small pieces, respectively - small, or in one - cotton, in the second - wool.

Also, when the machine is fully loaded, the washing time is reduced by half. If it is necessary to wash a few things, it is recommended to use a lower (small) drum - this ensures a saving of water consumption. The machine perfectly copes with washing of any things, elimination of any specific smell.

A few more advantages of AGR:

  1. Few details. The equipment is equipped with only one hose, which simultaneously starts the water in two drums.
  2. Two-drum typewriter is relevant for large families.
  3. Suitable for use in laundries.

Cons of a washing machine with two drums

The disadvantages of such a little machine, but they are:

  • Dimensions. If you compare this model with an ordinary full-sized machine, then it will need a more spacious room.
  • Control block. The sensor in this model is one to two reels, so when it fails it will not be able to use either one or the other.
  • Drying. You can squeeze and dry things in only one.
  • High price. So far, the purchase of such a styralka is not available to everyone.

The disadvantages of the machine are insignificant and surmountable. Manufacturers guarantee a long service life of equipment - up to 10 years.

Washing machine LG TWIN Wash: features

The machine, which has a double drum, is perfect for those who are tired of dividing a large amount of laundry into several piles. Let's consider in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the washing machine from the manufacturer AlJ.

Washing machine LG TWIN Wash: features

How does the double drum work

Of course, the main feature of the machine - two drums, located one above the other. The upper one provides for the front loading of the laundry. And the bottom is hidden in the pull-out panel - the laundry is loaded into it from above.

It is very important that each of them provides its own control panel. In case of any malfunction, one of the drums can be used if the second one fails.

How much laundry can I take

Stiralka perfect for use in the laundry, because at times you can wash 2 kg of laundry in it. The main drum will hold 17 kg of bulk items. This figure is impressive, is not it? You can easily wash the blanket, curtains, just two or three down jackets.

In the lower can fit up to, kg. It is convenient to wash clothes from delicate fabrics that require special care. The user can simultaneously use two reels or only one.

How many wash modes

Since the machine's drums are used for different types of fabrics, and the control units are independent, the set of modes is significantly different.

So, the big drum provides 14 different programs. Also, the user can use the program designed for hypoallergenic washing.

At this time, the second tank can be used in 6 different programs. Suitable for washing things from wool and silk, children's clothes, underwear.

Additional functions

It is useful to process the fabric with steam, which allows not only to get rid of impurities, but also to disinfect and iron the laundry. This program is suitable for those who want to just brush up a thing.

Is it possible to save

Double washing machine not only copes easily with fast and high-quality washing, but also saves time and energy. The user does not have to wash a lot of things separately, because two reels are the ability to simultaneously wash colored and white things, contaminated and not too dirty clothes.

The inverter motor provides a low level of electricity consumption.

Overview of washing machines with two drums

We offer you an overview of two-drum washing machines. Below are the technical characteristics and features of the machines from the manufacturers Samsung, Haier and AlJ.

Haier Duo HW120-B1558

Original two-tank washing machine. The upper drum holds 8 kg of dry laundry, the lower one is 4 kg. Each drum can operate in a separate mode.

The main drum provides 13 washing modes, while the bottom drum has 19 programs. Option to lock the hatch and screen.

  • Dimensions of the styalki: 128x60x60 cm.
  • Weight - 116 kg. Power consumption kW.
  • The maximum rotation speed of the lower drum is 1500 rpm.
  • The top presses things at a speed of 1200 turns.

Haier Duo HW120-B1558

LG TW7000WS / TW350W

AGA size 135h70h8, cm will be the right choice for those who wash large quantities of laundry very often. The presence of two drums, arranged vertically, makes the washing process one of your favorite household chores.

  • The maximum load of the upper drum is 17 kg, the lower one kg.
  • The modern inverter engine guarantees quiet operation of machinery, high productivity and low power consumption.
  • The function of steaming is suitable for disinfecting or refreshing clothes.
  • The upper drum provides 12 washing programs.
  • The bottom works in 6 modes.
  • The maximum rotation speed of the main drum is 1000 rpm, small speed is 700 rpm.

LG TW7000WS / TW350W

We told you about all the pros and cons of two-drum machines. Despite the high cost of technology, it can easily cope with a large number of tasks.

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