Kraft Washing Machine Review

Kraft Washing Machine( Kraft) is a rare guest in Russian apartments. Moreover, its development history is noteworthy, as it is full of interesting moments. Knowing this information will not prevent those who are interested in the manufacturing country, the build quality, and accordingly - the reliability and durability of such a washer.

Today's review is devoted to Kraft washing machines - stories, characteristics and features, the most popular models.

's contentproduce washing machines "Kraft"

Do not know whose company makes these machines? Do you think that the German company worked for years on the creation of this brand? Or have you heard rumors that these cars are made in the USA?Despite its seemingly European traditional name, Kraft cars from China, and the company is completely Chinese.

Why is a company considered an American? From this moment all the fun begins. KRAFT is a food brand known in the States, which originated in the beginning of the 20th century. First, the company bought cheese, then began to produce it itself, then with the help of various brands launched the sale of packaged products.

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Entrepreneurial Chinese were inspired by the success of the company, so they “lent” the name, trying to attract the attention of the buyer.

Important! Such companies as Kaiser, Kuppersbusch, Erich Krause and Kraft have gained the reputation of werewolves. Their policy is to impersonate a well-known brand from the EU or the States, hiding its true origin and location of capacities, and therefore the quality of its product.

If the Kraff company didn’t hide its origin, it would have an English-language website. In fact, it is not, only the Russian version.

Therefore, there is no transparent history of the development of this brand, and behind the big name is an ordinary Chinese company. Our concerns are confirmed by prices - the machine is more expensive than 20 000 rubles.not find that is not typical for the production of Europe or the United States.

Low cost can mean cheap parts and low-paid labor, confirming the idea of ​​China as a producing country. We will not say 100% where the Kraft equipment is produced, draw your own conclusions.

Characteristics, Features and Models of

Taking the characteristics of models on the Russian market as a basis, we can highlight some of the features that are common to all Kraft machines:

  • Average load drum 5-7 kg
  • From 8 to 23 wash programs.
  • High energy efficiency classes: A +, A ++ and A +++.
  • Some models have an innovative Crystal Care drum.
  • Part of the models are supplied without a scoreboard, partly the model range is presented with options with an LCD display.
  • The official Russian-language website indicates that the equipment is insured for the amount of 10,000,000 rubles. Is it - can only guess.
  • A modest model range( about 15 options) will not allow “acceleration” in the selection of a suitable machine.

If you decide to save money and get a pseudo-American Kraft machine, a description of popular models will come to the aid of a choice.

Kraft KF-SH 60101 MWL

Narrow model with drum loading up to 6 kg of linen. Maximum spin 1000 revolutions per 1 minute. Select among 16 wash modes, broken down by type of fabric.

The advantage is a large hatch, almost half a meter wide. For added convenience, a self-troubleshooting system is built in.

A machine with average parameters in performance will compete with a similar European model with similar functionality. Price - about 17,000 rubles.

Kraft KF-SL 60802 MWB

Washer with maximum rotation of the drum during the spin cycle - 800. A simple option without any extra lotions. If you are an advanced user, the washing modes may not be enough - there are only 8. There is no display, as well as delaying the start of washing. If you often change your place of residence and do not want to spend money on an expensive typewriter, this option will be the appropriate solution.

Rent an apartment or often go to the cottage? Machine for only 13,000 rubles.will satisfy needs for washing.

Kraft KF-SLN70101MWF

A relatively new model, designed for 7 kg of linen. The maximum spin speed is 1000 drum rotations per minute.8 modes of washing for an unpretentious user will be more than enough. Pay attention to the "Prewash" - in the previous model, such a cycle is not provided.

The model is supplemented with an automatic cleaning option. Protection against leakage is present, but in an incomplete set( partial protection).

How to choose a Kraft

machine We found only a few reviews on the Kraft washing machine KF-SL60802MWB on Yandex. Market.

Anonymous ( several months of operation):

In connection with the breakdown of the old wash, they were looking for an inexpensive option. The seller advised this model, plus the price was promotional.

I use the month, the quality of washing is satisfied. Of course, there are not very many programs, only 8, but there are the most necessary and basic ones.even there is a quick wash can choose the temperature and spin speed yourself. .. well, about the painful one - it works several times quieter than my previous wash.

The second review to spite him is negative.

Anonymous ( several months of operation):

Operation 6 months. I have this wash.the car was very disappointed. I have not met this yet.

  1. Erases many times longer than the stated time, up to 5 hours! It takes a few turns and idle for a couple of minutes, and so on all the time. From the documentation I realized that this is some kind of control of excess foam, which only harms.
  2. I am a busy woman and should know how many minutes are left until the end of the wash, but there is no screen and she does not follow the schedule.
  3. At the next-to-last wash, a soap puddle appeared on the floor under the car, see this miracle will soon be repaired.
  4. A poor set of modes.

Most likely, the lack of customer opinions is due to two dozen Kraft models on sale, the low prevalence of the brand and low demand for its products. The decision to purchase will have to be made on the basis of independent conclusions.

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