Fail-safe operation of automatic drip irrigation system from China


Drought is the nightmare of every gardener and gardener. When she comes, everyone is exhausted by the heat, especially the plants. In a panic, landowners begin to water their various plantations with various adaptations, in order to somehow save the harvest. But why complicate your life with intricate schemes and procedures. It is enough to purchase a unique system of automatic drip irrigation from China. This modern irrigation technology has found universal acceptance both for use in greenhouses and in orchards.

Advantages of the irrigation system

It is enough to connect the system to the water source and correctly stretch the created web over the territory manually. Moreover, a special timer allows you to set the spraying time. Such a progressive method of spraying water contributes to an increase in yields by three to four times.

The system uses drip irrigation. For this the manufacturers took care of the following set of parts:

  1. The rubber hose is 25 m. The outside diameter of the pipe is equal to, mm, and the inner diameter is 4 mm. Such parameters are needed to create an optimum pressure of 6 bar.
  2. Adapters. Two types of these devices will allow them to be used for different outputs. One small: d = 3 cm, h and the other large: d cm, h = 6.
  3. Sprayers (nozzles) in an amount of 30 pcs. They are made in the form of a lid from a mineral water. At the bend of each there are 8 holes.
  4. Tees of the T-type. About 29 pcs. It is so much need adapters to evenly distribute equipment on the ground, and provide vegetation with nutrient moisture.
  5. Clamps with hooks. The pointed part of the plastic fastenings goes 14 cm to the ground. Thus, the system is firmly held on the surface.
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The design features of this model allow the supply of liquid under the root of the plant, as well as abundantly spray water over the surface of the infield. Radius of watering can be different:

  • 360 °;
  • 180 °;
  • 90 °.
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This automatic drip irrigation system passes about 55 liters of water per hour. Equipment can also be customized to irrigate only the roots of crops. In this case, through the entire system for 60 minutes passes only up to 10 liters.

The quality of water in many regions leaves much to be desired. Therefore, some systems have filters installed. They purify the fluid from the salts, thereby protecting the nodes and hoses from damage and clogging.

After use, the system should be removed from the garden for the winter. Temperature drops spoil the plastic and rubber.

Application area

Use this miracle of technology can be in any season of the year. Of course, in winter it should be installed in a greenhouse. But in the summer months, the automatic irrigation system will be relevant for irrigation:

  • lawn;
  • Bashtan;
  • flower beds;
  • trees;
  • hedgerows;
  • shrubs;
  • vegetables;
  • greenery.
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As a result of such water procedures, the garden will abound with fruits, and the garden will blossom blossom. Moreover, at the end of the season the owners will harvest a decent harvest.

It is possible to become the owner of such an irrigation system thanks to the global trading platform AliExpress. Here you can buy goods for only 942 rubles.In national stores it costs from , 00 to 3 570 rubles.

In the online store of Ukraine the price of the irrigation system is slightly above 2000 rubles.

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