Excellent purchase of citrus knife from China


With the cleansing of citrus fruits there are always problems. For example, it is quite difficult to remove the skin from an orange without damaging the orange itself. Constantly it is necessary somehow to contrive, invent various ways to gently clean the fruit from the peel.

However, this problem disappears if you buy a special knife for citrus. It allows you to gently cut the skin from the fruit, without damaging the fruit itself. Now, even lime and lemon can be cleaned as quickly and easily as ordinary mandarins.

Use a knife for citrus is simple enough. It is necessary to put your thumb in a special ring on the knife. And the serving part should gently cut the skin. The small size of the knife does not allow penetrating too deeply, so that the fruit will remain intact. It is necessary to make a few cuts, and then just peel off the fruit, as with the mandarin duck.

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Advantages of the knife for citrus:

  1. Simplicity. A few easy movements - and the orange is peeled.
  2. Speed. A couple of minutes you can clean a few oranges.
  3. Versatility. The knife is suitable for all citrus products.
  4. Purity. After use, simply clean the knife.
  5. Compactness. The citrus knife does not take too much time.
  6. Security. The point of the knife is made of plastic and is designed only for the rind of citrus fruits, so it is difficult for them to get hurt.
  7. Suitable size. Due to the large size of the ring, for which you should hold the knife, this device can be used by the whole family.
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As you can see, a knife for citrus must be in every kitchen. However, how much does this adaptation cost? In online stores in Ukraine and Russia, a knife for citrus fruits costs 90 rubles. Quite a low price.

But on the site Alixpress the same product costs only 23 rubles. For this amount is really worth buying this device. After all, it will definitely be needed in the kitchen.

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Characteristics of Chinese knife for citrus:

  • material - plastic;
  • White color.

As you can see, the citrus knife is a useful device that will not collect dust on the shelf. However, it is better to buy it only directly from a Chinese manufacturer. After all, its price is much less than the amount that the domestic manufacturer specified. At the same time, the characteristics of the goods are absolutely no different.

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