Tapener for plants from China

tapener applicationTapener - one of the most necessary devices for the garden. It is intended for garter plants (most often for tomatoes, grapes, cucumbers and others).

To buy this product in Russia, Ukraine is quite expensive. The price can vary from 3 to 6 thousand rubles.tapener in the online store

Due to the high cost, most modern gardeners prefer to buy goods at a lower price from a Chinese manufacturer. But is such a tapener high enough?

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tapener on aliexpressOn all known Aliexpress the price of the product is 1 442 rubles. Product Specification:

  • dimension: 31 * 10 centimeters (height * width);
  • production material: stainless steel and PVC;
  • color: blue, yellow, red.

fast garterThis tool allows you to complete the garter process three times faster than usual. Tapener is versatile to use: suitable for both climbers and taller crops in your garden.

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Despite the fact that the cost of goods from China is more than two times lower than the usual market price, the quality is not inferior. Both products are made of metal and PVC.

secure fitIn the process of garter, the special structure of the tapener does not damage the plant. This device must be used with bright multi-colored ribbons, which are made of PVC. You can also use paper ribbons.

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tapener designThe bundle of tapener from the Chinese manufacturer includes only one skein of ribbon. More hanks can be purchased from the seller separately. Since the tape size is universal, in the future you can buy it in specialized stores in your city. The average cost of packing ribbons to tapener (10 skeins) is 600 rubles.

A more detailed description of the product, as well as the experience of using the product is shown in the video:

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