Bird and insect net made in China

The search for a particular variety, the expectation of seed germination and the transplanting of plants into open ground - vegetables and fruits grown with their own hands are always a source of pride. For this reason, gardeners are seriously fighting with all who are trying to destroy their labors.

Moles and field mice encroach on roots, birds hunt for fruits, and insects do not leave a living place on green leaves. Experienced gardeners use all available means against their enemies, but even modern chemicals and ultrasonic repellents cannot be compared with the proven grid over the years.

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Canvas reliably protects your beds from uninvited guests, without interfering with natural pollination. Thus, it is possible to cover the plants in early spring and forget about pest control, because the net does not prevent the penetration of sunlight and moisture.

Domestic online stores offer protective nets for as low as 46 rubles per meter. The quality of high-quality polyethylene fiber - 2 meters, the size of the cells - 6x6 mm. The polymers from which the mesh is made are environmentally friendly.

The blade is very light, therefore it does not cause any harm even to the early shoots. With the help of the grid you can hide trees, shrubs and even garden beds with vegetables and berries from birds. This product is popular because of the aesthetic appearance, juicy green color and a high degree of protection. Thanks to the durable material, the grid can be used for several seasons in a row.

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On the AliExpress website, sellers offer similar nets to protect plants from pests. The canvases are presented in three sizes: 1x10, 2x5 and 3x5.The smallest roll with the discount costs about 786 rubles.

According to the manufacturer, the net effectively protects not only from birds, but also from insects. Reviews note the excellent quality of the material and the absence of foreign odors. Thanks to the small cells, bags for bunches of grapes are also made from the mesh, which often suffer from wasps.

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Comparing prices in Russian online stores and on AliExpress, buyers make a choice not in favor of manufacturers from Celestial. If it’s birds that have become your main problem, there is enough mesh with large cells to protect, which can be purchased in almost every hardware store. In addition, from China sometimes deliver poor-quality trimming instead of a solid canvas.

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