New season - purple peas

purple pea

Peas, due to its valuable composition, has long been one of the main places in the daily diet. It is used to make soups, porridges, mashed potatoes, etc. There are many good varieties of sugar and green peas. The most delicious is the sugar pea. It is very delicate and sweet to the taste.

Today, farmers and gardeners are interested in a new variety of peas - Purple sugar. This novelty was bred recently by breeders. This pea is interesting because it has very beautiful purple beans.

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In May, he will please the eye with delicate flowers with an unusual aroma. Ripens peas for seventy days from the date of planting. In one pod 9 peas ripen.

This is a very beautiful climbing plant, which can reach up to one and a half meters in height. Due to the purple color of the blades, the peas are easy to collect, as they contrast well with the green leaves and bushes. It can be used for the preparation of various dishes, and as a decorative design of the garden plot. Some summer residents plant it in small markets and put it near the house.

Breeders draw the attention of summer residents to another interesting variety - Russian size. The name speaks for itself, because the pea of ​​this variety in diameter is not less than 1 cm.

Due to the emergence of such new products, there is a real opportunity to combine business with pleasure (to have a decorative design at home and collect a good harvest of a delicious variety of peas).

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