Video: how to care for raspberries

How to care for raspberry videoRaspberries - a beautiful, tasty and healthy berries, so raspberries can be found in almost every gardener and amateur gardener.

What is the right care for raspberries?
Competent care for raspberry bushes is based on the features of their growth and reproduction. As you know, raspberry grows at the expense of the root system, giving extensive and dense growth. Crimson shoots are biennial, fruiting occurs only in the second year, after which the shoot dies off, and new shoots appear in its place.
In this regard, raspberry bushes are planted in rows, each year thinning out the growth and cutting off the seed-bearing plants. If run the raspberries, it will adversely affect the productivity of raspberries and the appearance of raspberry bushes.

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In the presented video, the specialist will show visually how and when to cut the raspberries, as well as tell why and how to remove the old shoots.

In addition to pruning, care for raspberries includes the following actions: regular feeding, adequate watering and protection from pests.

The quality and quantity of crops on raspberry plantations directly depends on the correct planting and care for them. Today raspberry remontantnaya, fructifying twice a season, has received particular popularity among amateur gardeners.

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Video: correct cutting raspberries

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