Irrigation system for giving from China

A separate irrigation system allows you to fully automate the watering of plants in the country. This system provides drip irrigation - one of the most economical irrigation methods.

Automatic watering is suitable not only for garden plants, it can also be used in greenhouses and in the garden. You can make the system yourself, but it is easier to purchase a ready-made version in a specialized store or on Internet sites.

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Watering system on AliexpressThe cheapest and most profitable in terms of price / quality ratio of goods sold on Aliexpress. The irrigation system is made by the Chinese company Shenzhen Gujia Technology. The product is made of plastic. Its main feature is that the buyer receives a complete set of all necessary parts and detailed instructions for self-assembly.

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Most domestic online stores are selling all the parts separately. Thus, having collected all the necessary parts, you can overpay two to three times.

The cost of individual parts of the irrigation system in online storesThe cost of irrigation system from China is 1251 rubles. In the Russian and Ukrainian Internet stores for each item will have to pay from 400 to 3000 rubles.

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Based on feedback from users who have already received the ordered Chinese version of the irrigation system, we can say that the product does an excellent job. Features of the irrigation system from Aliexpress:

  • adjustment of water flow at each point;
  • availability of spare parts;
  • the length of the main hose is 25 meters.
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