Fresh tomatoes from their beds can be preserved until the New Year

I want to surprise friends and relatives with tomatoes in the New Year holidays. Please tell us what kind of fruit should be used for this and what is the agrotechnology of their cultivation? How and where do they keep tomatoes before the new year.

tomato storageWith the observance of the technology of cultivation, timely harvesting and proper preservation, the fruits of some varieties can lie until March, if they are not, of course. We usually eat up these tomatoes on New Year's holidays.

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I will describe the varieties of late-ripening tomatoes that we have experienced - these are “Long Kiper”, “New Year's Eve” and “Farmhouse pickle”. All of them are characterized by high density, large thickness of the walls of the fruit and small seed chambers. The fruits of these varieties are yellow. It should be noted that their taste is unimportant compared with the recognized favorites, but in salads or second hot dishes their use will be much cheaper than purchased tomatoes purchased in New Year's Eve period.

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In addition, tomato varieties are distinguished by increased shelf life: "Giraffe", "Vasilisa", "Podzymniy", "Rio Grande" and others.

Now about the features of technology. The main condition for long-term storage is timely cleaning. It is necessary to prevent the fruits from turning yellow on the bushes. Collect unripe tomatoes, gently, not crush and allow other mechanical damage.

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The fruits of “long-running tomatoes” should be stored in one or two layers in boxes, at a room temperature not higher than eighteen degrees Celsius. The optimum temperature will be in the range of ten to fifteen degrees.

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