Backlight for the pool, made in China


Most of the modern summer cottages go far beyond the usual "six hectare". The owners of suburban real estate plan not only for spacious houses and a zone for vegetable crops, but also green lawns with cozy pavilions for rest.

In families with children, summer is a fun vacation, most of which, under certain weather conditions, everyone wants to spend on a pond. However, the nearest ponds and careers, as a rule, raise doubts about the safety of such events. For this reason many summer residents buy skeleton pools.

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The pool will be your salvation on a hot summer day and the envy of neighbors. If you take care of its lighting in advance, then you can continue gay bathing until late in the evening. In the Russian Internet shops, the Intex brand has remained the sales leader for many years, offering not only a huge selection of inflatable and frame pools, but also various accessories for them. For example, wall-mounted LED-lighting.

The lighting device consists of two parts, which are connected with each other by magnets. One of them completely submerges in water, and the other remains outside. Thus, the power supply unit does not require additional protection against moisture. Power LEDs are designed for an area of ​​24 square meters. Underwater floodlight is operating from the 220V network. The price of the product is from 4000 to 4500 rubles.

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The Intex brand is from China, so many buyers find similar accessories on the AliExpress website. There are also original lighting fixtures for the pool. To operate the LED flashlight, unlike the Intex products, it does not require power from the network - you need ordinary batteries (type AAA).

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In addition to the device itself, there is a remote control that turns on and off ten LEDs, and also changes one of the four declared colors. Thus, at the dacha you can arrange a real party by the pool.

The water resistance of the lantern, declared by the manufacturer, is confirmed by the reviews. In addition, customers note the versatility of the product. Backlight can be installed anywhere: in the pool, fountain or decorative pond. A set of four LED flashlights costs about 1000 rubles.

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