Malfunction of dishwashers Miele

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The Miele dishwasher is not very common in the Russian market, compared to Bosch or Indesit cars. This is partly due to the high cost, but the search for the cause of low demand is the task of marketers. Our problem is the repair and malfunction of the Miele dishwashers.

Despite the fact that these high-quality units are assembled in Germany, sometimes they break down and require repair. Consider the frequent causes of PMM breakdowns and ways to solve common problems.

Content of the material:

  • 1The reasons for the breakdown of the dishwasher "Mile"
  • 2How to repair the dishwasher with your own hands
    • 2.1Leakage
    • 2.2Water does not warm up
    • 2.3The machine does not turn on
    • 2.4The dishwasher reports an error code and does not start

The reasons for the breakdown of the dishwasher "Mile"

The reasons for the breakdown of the dishwasher

Dishwashers of the brand "Mile" rarely break down, especially the manufacturer issues a separate warranty on the pump, motor, sensors and valves. The listed nodes are reliable, which is confirmed by users and masters of service centers.

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Proceeding from this, it is difficult to understand why such a high-quality washing machine breaks down. The reasons are various - from improper operation and problems with the power grid to poor quality of water and wear of individual structural elements. The user learns about the occurrence of problems through the error codes displayed on the display.

Also, to understand that there was a failure, it is possible on some grounds:

  • PMM leaks;
  • the machine does not work, does not turn on;
  • The technician hangs or stops the cycle, reporting the malfunction code.

How to repair the dishwasher with your own hands

Repair of dishwashers Miele - the task of the master, as they are very high-tech, but you can try to eliminate simple malfunctions yourself. We will let you know how to fix a car at home without recourse to specialists. The instruction for action depends on the type of failure.

Let's consider typical breakages and ways of their elimination.


In modern PMM brand "Mile" provides a system of protection against leaks, which is called Waterproof. It protects the hose and body of the machine from ruptures, damages, water hammers.

If the hose breaks or a fistula is formed in it, the valve operates and blocks the water access. If the leakage is opened inside the case, the water will enter the container (technical name is the pallet). It has a special float type sensor that rises when the pan is filled with water. This float signals the signal to the electrovalve, the water is blocked.

The system resembles the usual technology "Aquastop".


Important! The systems "Aquastop "Aqua Control" and Waterproof are developed on the same principle and their main task is to stop water leakage.

How to detect leakage? It is worth starting with a check:

  • The filler hose - its correct connection to the tap-tee. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the place of hose connection to the dishwasher. Often, if the installation is incorrect, the hose fastening is too tight, which causes the gasket to clamp and the PMM leaks. Unfortunately, in such a situation, Waterproof will not save.


  • The pallet - its integrity can be broken. Usually it is made of plastic, and its design is not particularly reliable. It is not known why, but the manufacturers have significantly saved this detail, given that the cost of such a dishwasher is sometimes more than 20, 00 rubles.
    The pallet can split during the move. Immediately the user does not know - the pallet damage is detected when a leak occurs. The float does not fulfill its function, because the water is drained to the floor.


  • Sealant - an elastic band around the hatch could wear out under the influence of time. Leakage in this case occurs during operation - part of the water goes to the pan, the rest flows to the outside.


How to eliminate the breakdown? Do this:

  • If the hose breaks or the pallet breaks in the Waterproof machine, these elements must be replaced.

Important! If you decide to solder the pallet, remember that this will not be a guarantee against further leaks.

  • If the water seal is to blame for the door seal, it must be replaced. Nothing complicated in this operation is not necessary - you need to buy a genuine analogue from Miele, remove the old gum and put a new one.

Water does not warm up

Water does not warm up

If the washer works with cold water, although you chose the high temperature mode, the following situations may be the cause:

  • Burned or broken TEN;
  • burned triac on the electronic module, responsible for the work of the heater;
  • heater contacts have burnt out.

This list could be supplemented with other reasons, if it were not for the dishwasher "Mile". Even the above-mentioned breakdowns concern machines of this brand 1 time from 5 thousand cases. The main reason for washing in cold water is a breakdown of the thermistor.

Thermistor or temperature sensor - the Achilles' heel of these dishwashers; for all their quality, the sensors are the first to fail. An experienced master will not check the heater or the board until he is sure of the good condition of the sensor.

Replacement of the thermistor is possible at home, and the cost of the part is so small that you will be able to save considerably on the service. The main thing is to do everything correctly:

  • Armed with a set of screwdrivers, a tester and pliers.
  • Disable the PMM from all communications.
  • Get out of the tank for dirty dishes.
  • Remove the lower sprinkler, remove the drain filter, remove the mesh and unscrew the two fasteners that were under it.
  • Turn the technique upside down and twist the side brackets.
  • Remove the water drainage pipe from the plastic block in which the heater is located, and lift the bottom of the dishwasher.
  • The sensor is located in the housing of the heating block.
  • Remove the wires from the sensor.
  • Strip the contacts and measure the resistance of the thermistor by the tester.
  • If the sensor is blown, remove it and replace it with a new one.

Water does not warm up

  • Assemble the machine in reverse order.

The machine does not turn on

If the equipment does not turn on, it means that it does not receive electricity - the indicators do not light on the panel, although the machine is plugged in, and the "ON" button has been pressed for a long time. The main cause of such a malfunction may be the burnout of the trigger key contacts, but for the MME "Mila" this is a rare situation.

The machine does not turn on

If the button is to blame for the failure of the work, it is necessary to check and replace if necessary. Do this:

  1. Open the hatch.
  2. Unscrew the fasteners on the ends and inside the door.
  3. Disassemble the door.
  4. Unscrew and disconnect the board chips.
  5. Take the tester to measure the resistance level of the push button contacts.

You can try to clean the contacts of the key with a liquid that is used to clean the cards from the PCB, then check the resistance again. If the fault is present, you need to replace the button.

Important! If you yourself will solder the parts of the board, be careful not to damage the tracks. If the board burns, it will require replacement - and it can cost up to half the cost of the entire machine.

The dishwasher reports an error code and does not start

Machines "Mile as well as analogues of other firms, are able to conduct independent diagnostics. Typically, the machine itself fails and reports it using the alphanumeric code on the scoreboard, so that the user immediately navigated the problem. Usually these are the codes:

  • F01, F02 - failure of the temperature sensor;
  • F11, F12 - problems of water filling;
  • F13, F14 - failure of the pressure switch.

The dishwasher reports an error code and does not start

When the system issues any of the listed errors, the machine stops working until the problem is resolved. Your task is to find out the error in time, decode the code and take steps to eliminate the malfunction, due to which the code has been displayed. It is better to use the services of a master to fix the device for sure.

In this article we briefly acquainted you with the main possible breakdowns of dishwashers "Mile their causes and methods of elimination. Do not run the problem, and the technology will thank you for years of service.

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