The dishwasher Bosch does not drain the water

The dishwasher worked in the usual mode for many months, but suddenly stopped in the middle or at the end of the cycle and refused to drain the water. Do not be in a hurry to despair and look after new equipment. The reason can be in a simple malfunction that you can eliminate yourself. In the article we will consider why the dishwasher "Bosch" does not drain the water and what to do about it.

Content of the material:

  • 1The reasons for the accumulation of water in the pan
  • 2Bosch PMM Repair

The reasons for the accumulation of water in the pan

Why does not water drain into the sink? There are several options for the development of events. The simplest ones are clogging or clamping the drain hose. Check if it is flat - maybe it's bent or turned into something.

The sewer could be blocked in the place of connection with the drain hose.

One of the reasons for the lack of draining the water from the dishwasher is the clogging in the pipe

Other causes of water stagnation in PMM Bosch:

  1. The drainage filter is clogged. Remains of food, small debris get into the filter during washing. It is desirable after each cycle to inspect the part for blockage.Debriefing and cleaning the drainage filter from food residues in the dishwasher will help to solve the problem
  2. The branch pipe, the siphon was clogged. It is necessary to check all parts of the sink.
  3. The pump is broken, or the impeller has wedged it. Despite the fact that the dishwasher is equipped with a filter, fine particles penetrate deep into the technique, blocking the work of the parts.
  4. Pressostat sends incorrect readings. The level sensor is responsible for the amount of water in the hopper. If the pressure switch fails, the board "does not know" that there is water left in the chamber and does not start the pump.
  5. Defective control unit. He directs the work of all the mechanisms in the car. The triac of the pump may be out of order. Then the pump does not receive a signal to turn on and drain the water.

If there is a malfunction, the machine may displayDTC E24, E25or "END".

We'll figure out what to do if there is water left in the dishwasher.

Bosch PMM Repair

Begin testing from the drain hose and drain. Disconnect the hose, take a deep container and lower it into it. Start the drain mode. If the water flows freely, then the cause is a clogging of the sewage system. You can clean it with special powders or call plumbing.

How to drain water from the bunker? Through the drain hose, as described above, either substitute the container and drain the remainder by tilting the dishwasher. Automatic drainage is carried out in each model in different ways, the steps are described in the instructions. Here are a few options:

  • turn the "ratchet" switch and open the drain valve;
  • in the PMV series of the SRV, SGV series, you need to reset the programs and close the denser door of the camera;
  • for models SMV, SPV triggered three-second pressing the "Start" key.

Then open the hopper door and unscrew the drain filter in the pan. Rinse it under pressure from the tap, further clean the brush with a brush.

Next, inspect the pump impeller. How to do it:

  1. Behind the filter is a drain pump. In this hole often there is water - pour it out with a sponge.Water stagnation in the Bosch dishwasher drain pump may cause a breakdown
  2. If there are bolts, unscrew them.
  3. Pull the cover to the side and onto yourself.
  4. Remove the damper and inspect the impeller. Have noticed, that on it threads, hair which block operation of the mechanism have been wound up? Then put on gloves and clean the impeller.

If the problem was not noticed immediately, the drain pump worked for a long time, trying to pump out the water. As a result, the part could burn.

How to check and replace the pump:

  1. Open the door of the camera and remove all the baskets for the dishes.
  2. Turn the PMM on the back.
  3. Remove the bottom panel.
  4. A drain pump is attached to the circulation unit on the side.
  5. Disconnect the pump from the pump.Before completing the cleaning and repair work, do not forget to turn off the electricity
  6. Unscrew the fixing screw.
  7. Scroll the part counter-clockwise.

Now inspect the pump for blockage. The electronic part is diagnosed by a multimeter. If you notice a problem, then it is better to install a new part.

Does the pump work as expected? Examine the pressure switch - in the dishwasher firm "Bosch" it is also attached to the engine. It looks like a plastic box with a tube and a pressure tank.How to replace the pressure switch in the dishwasher, read the article.

The most unpleasant failure is the failure of the control module. A breakdown can occur for various reasons: a sudden voltage jump, moisture ingress, a short circuit. The entire block can not fail, but its individual elements. Then the fee can be repaired, but it should only be done by a specialist.

How to get to the electronic unit:

  • open the entire bunker door;
  • unscrew the screws on the inside from the inside;
  • close the door and remove the outer panel;
  • disconnect the wiring from the control board;

Disconnect the wiring from the control board in the dishwasher to avoid shorting

  • inspect the unit for damage.

Now you can contact the master. You should know that replacing the module is not always cheaper than buying new equipment, especially if the dishwasher has already served 10 years. But if you choose spare parts, buy only the original components with which the dishwasher will work for many more years.

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