Characteristics and description of tomato variety Evpator F1

Tomato is a thermophilic plant. In the climatic conditions of Russia is not easy to get a bountiful harvest of this nightshade. But there are new varieties that abundantly bear fruit in greenhouses. One of them is tomato Evpator, and below we will tell about its merits and give a description and description of the variety.


  • Characteristic features and tomato Eupator F1
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • History selection
  • Planting Seeds
  • Transplanting in greenhouse
  • Instructions for planting
  • Care
  • Growth conditions
  • bush Formation
  • Features fruiting
  • Diseases and pests

Characteristic features and tomato Eupator F1

Tomato Evpator is an hybrid indeterminant stem F1 grade. The bush is not limited in growth. This unique plant is in demand by gardeners, farmers. Height up to 140 - 180 cm.

Recommended for cultivation in greenhouses, greenhouses. Can be grown in open ground. But high yields can be achieved only with a closed type of planting.

This is the medium early tomato .From planting seeds to the first fruits - 100–110 days .Resistant to diseases, pests. Does not tolerate strong winds. Suitable for cultivation on an industrial scale.

Average fruit weight of the variety - 150 grams

In greenhouse conditions, high-yielding - from 1 m2 it is possible to get up to 40 kg tomato. The color of the tomatoes is red. Form - rounded, slightly elongated. The peel is smooth, even. The average weight of 150 grams .Suitable for fresh consumption, preservation.

This variety is ideal for those who love tomato juice or prepare tomato paste for the winter.

Tomatoes are self-pollinated plants, that is, the process takes place without the participation of insects. On one flower there are female, male reproductive organs. In order for pollination to occur naturally, in the greenhouses, the greenhouses must be vented. The air flow helps in this. Sometimes they resort to manual pollination.

In hybrid varieties, it is impossible to independently prepare seeds. They do not retain varietal characteristics in the 2nd generation. They need to be bought every year in specialized stores.

Advantages and disadvantages of

Advantages of the variety:

  • high yield ;
  • simultaneous ripening of fruits ;
  • disease resistance;
  • average size of tomatoes;
  • short ripening period ;
  • taste good.


  • often need to trim ;
  • needs to be tied to a peg;
  • can not independently prepare the seeds for planting.
The disadvantages include the need for binding garters of the

variety. History of

selection. It is the work of Russian breeders. He was taken out by the workers of the agrofirm "Gavrish".In 2008, he was registered as a new variety.

Since this tomato is intended for greenhouses, it can be grown anywhere in Russia.

The yield of the does not depend on the locality of the .With proper care, he will be pleased with a large number of fruits in any region.

. Seed planting.

. Seed planting is done by 45 days before planting in indoor ground. In central Russia in March. Timing depends on the region.

The soil must be selected light, nutrient .It is recommended to treat with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, boiling water. This will get rid of the fit-breakers.

Tomato seeds Eupator F1

The soil should be at room temperature. It is recommended to keep it in a warm room for 1-2 weeks before planting. seeds do not need treatment. If desired, you can put them in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Then rinse with water.

Seeds are planted as follows:

  • make a groove 1 cm deep ;
  • in it one by one put seeds. Distance - 2 - 3 cm. Fill up with earth. The distance between the grooves - 3-4 cm;
  • box is covered with a film on top. Put in a warm place;
  • picking( transplanting) into separate pots - after the appearance of 2 true leaves;
  • top dressing - 1 time with complex fertilizers;

Transplantation in the greenhouse

Before planting in the greenhouse, seedlings need to harden .To do this, it is periodically brought to a permanent place of growth. It is necessary to carry out crop rotation. Tomatoes can not be planted every year in the same place.

Tomatoes can not be planted in areas where other nightshade grew in the past season. For example, pepper, potatoes. This can lead to infection of seedlings.

Transplantation into the greenhouse is carried out when the danger of frost has passed. For central Russia - beginning of June .

The transfer of seedlings into the greenhouse is carried out in early June.

Instructions for planting

  1. The earth is being dug up. Depth - not less than 20 cm.
  2. Tomatoes are planted in rows. The distance is 60 cm.
  3. The soil must be hydrated.
  4. Digging holes. Make a fertilizer. In the greenhouse, the distance between the bushes should be at least 25 cm.
  5. Place the root of the plant in the hole. Fall asleep ground.


Top dressing - 1.5 weeks after planting complex fertilizers, ammonium nitrate. Based on 1 tablespoon of the drug for 1 bucket of water. Under 1 bush - 0.7 liters of fluid.

The second dressing is 1.5 weeks after the first .For this use chicken droppings.

  • Watering - as needed.
  • Loosening - after each watering.
  • The greenhouse should be aired during flowering.
  • The air temperature should be 24-28 degrees.

Fruiting until frost , so at the end of summer the top of the stem should be removed. This is done to ensure that the plant ceases to grow the leaves, and all the power put on the ripening of fruits. The flowers appeared at this time do not give a harvest.

Variety Eupator bears fruit until frost

Further care is:

  • pasynkovanii;
  • tying to the peg.

The last 2 procedures are performed as the bush grows.

Growing Conditions

Watering should be abundant, but not frequent .The ground under the bush should always be wet. In the greenhouse - no more than once a week. Purified, warm water. Water should not touch the foliage.

Pastage is produced in the morning, in the evening .So wounds heal faster. Most fruits can be obtained with a growth of 1 stem. For this you need to remove all stepchildren.

Evpator is not limited in growth. Tall Requires garters to the peg. Under the weight of tomatoes, the stem may break off.


  • potash;
  • nitric;
  • phosphate preparations.
As a top dressing, you can use a complex fertilizer for tomatoes

Picking - after the seedlings have 2 true sheets.

Shaping the bush

The Eupator is a strongly branchy tomato. For the fruits to be in the sun, and not in the shade of the leaves, the bush needs to be formed. For this variety is characterized by the formation of a large number of stepsons. They must be removed regularly.

Tomato is formed into one stem .This means that you want to leave 1 stalk. All the rest is removed. The top of the plant can be removed. After these procedures, it will not be strongly branched, stretched.

Fruiting features

The first tomatoes get 110 days after germination. From one bush you can get up to 6 kg tomatoes.

Taste - a little sour. Good for conservation. The small size allows you to salt them in general. When pouring hot water do not crack. Well tolerated transportation. Long stored. Great for growing in farms.

Gives a big harvest only with proper adherence to the rules of agricultural engineering.
Tomato Evpator yields a large crop only under the conditions of

agricultural practices. Diseases and pests

is considered to be resistant to diseases .But it can hit:

  1. fomoz;
  2. dry blotch;
  3. caterpillar scoop;
  4. whitefly.

In order to “cure” a bush, you need:

  • to pluck affected tomatoes;
  • reduce watering;
  • reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer.

For prophylaxis, is sprayed with copper preparations. This is done 3 times, before the formation of fruits. At defeat of a bush it is necessary to use fungicides, insecticides.

Tomato Evpator is an excellent hybrid variety, both for home use and for sale. It has a good presentation and is easy to store. He is invulnerable to many diseases. It has good taste.

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