Description and characteristics of tomato varieties Pink cheeks

The pink cheeks tomato variety has appeared on the market not so long ago, but it has already become popular. Its taste according to the description is so stunning that the tasting will surprise even the experienced gardener. Fleshy fruits are beautiful not only in taste characteristics, but also by external data.

Table of Contents grade. Fruits of pink or red shade appear after 110-115 days after planting seeds. Bushes reach a height of 80-90 cm. The variety is not standard or hybrid.

Pink cheeks can be grown both in open ground and in greenhouse conditions.

Annual plant is sufficiently resistant to fusarium and verticillary wilt. Medium early variety was bred by breeders in Russia. To date, tomatoes are successfully grown in Ukraine, Russia and Moldova.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

If the tomato's taste characteristics are satisfactory, then you can collect seeds for planting with large fruits. Tomatoes perfectly retain their shape, which is very convenient for transportation.

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The average fruit weight of a variety is 200-300 grams

The main advantages of the variety include:

  • versatility of cultivation( open ground and greenhouses);
  • resistance to most diseases ;
  • lock;
  • high yield level ;
  • great taste.

There are no deficiencies in pink-cheeked tomatoes. They grow well and delight in the harvest in greenhouse conditions and open ground near Moscow, in the central part of Russia and in the North-West.

If you take care and care for plants, following all the rules and recommendations, you can grow a rich crop of pink tomatoes.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

Before planting, the seeds must be treated with manganese. After that, it is important to rinse them under running water and sprinkle with earth. Compliance with these conditions will allow the plants to harden and subsequently avoid the appearance of many diseases.

As soon as sprouts with two leaves appear, it is necessary to make an dive with .Do not over-humidify the air too much, which will adversely affect seedlings. A high degree of moisture provokes the appearance of dark shades rot on shoots.

Tomato Seeds Pink cheeks
If you are too much pulling out seedlings, prikopat their root system as far as possible during transplantation.

After the sprout appears, you will need:

  1. Transplant into the soil containing coconut. Leave the container with seedlings in a warm place and wait for the growth of the root system.
  2. Thoroughly control the irrigation time of the .In no case can not pour tomatoes.
  3. Every 3 weeks until the transplantation into the open ground, carry out fertilizing with the use of universal type fertilizers and nitrogenous substances. More frequent feeding is prohibited, as the flowers of annual plants will later turn black.
  4. For 6-8 days before transplanting into open ground, it is necessary to to harden young growth. To do this, containers with seedlings are taken out on the veranda or on the balcony.

Transplantation of tomatoes in open ground

It is recommended to transplant seedlings in open ground after 60-70 days after the appearance of the first shoots.

If plants are transplanted into greenhouse conditions, then the process of their transfer can be assigned on the first day of May .If the transplant is made in open ground, then it is better to postpone the to 20 May numbers. until the threat of unexpected frosts is over.

Transplant seedlings into open ground after May 20,

To prevent infection of annual plants, it is recommended to consider crop rotation. It is desirable that before the tomatoes land plot occupied by growing: onion

  • ;
  • carrots;
  • cabbage;
  • pea;
  • Cucumber.
If potatoes were grown on the plot, then it is better to wait a couple of years to plant the tomatoes.

For growing tomatoes Pink cheeks is ideal light soil mixture , consisting of:

  • land;
  • humus;
  • mineral fertilizers;
  • compost.

Prepare the ground for the as follows:

  1. In the end of March and early April, we dig the ground.
  2. We pour humus.
  3. Add a small portion of mineral fertilizers.
  4. We pour mixed humus, compost, soil and fertilizers into each well.
  5. It is also worth sprinkling the soil with potassium sulfate, ash and superphosphate.
  6. When properly prepared, tomatoes with will easily take root and quickly grow the roots of .

Considering the special reaction of the variety Pink cheeks to unexpected frosts, it is necessary to adhere to the planting technology. Its essence consists in planting seedlings obliquely .

Such a requirement allows you to protect plants from frost and provide an opportunity to build a new root system. Inclined planting method will ensure that the seedlings successfully survive the frosty days.

In cold weather, the underground part of the stepsons will remain intact, and will continue to grow. Stems at the same time will give new roots. Frozen parts of a tomato can be removed with a knife. The harvest after frosts appears somewhat later ( for 7-12 days).

Grade care after transplanting

For variety bushes, it is necessary to carry out the correct garter and

formation. Proper formation and careful garter to the support will allow you to grow a heavy crop of tomatoes. To get the desired result of sowing you will need to adhere to the basic rules, namely:

  • Schemes of planting bushes 40x50 cm .Plant density should not exceed 4-5 pieces per square meter.
  • Formation of in one or two small stalks of .
  • Timeliness of watering and feeding plants. It is recommended to make watering with warm water. Top dressing is carried out 3 times per season. In cases where the bushes grow greens, and there are no blooms, you should feed the tomatoes using a phosphorus-potassium mixture.
  • Careful pasynkovaniya.
  • Loosening the soil after watering.
In spite of the heat-loving nature of the pink cheeks, in case of strong heat, tomatoes cannot be tied up, or even completely discard the existing ovaries.

In this case, it is advisable to use solution of boric acid .It will not only help the fruit to fasten faster, but also prevent the occurrence of phytophthora.

Spraying the flowers and leaflets with boric acid should be strictly followed the ratio of 20 grams to 20 liters of water. Before mixing the acid it is necessary to dissolve it in a cup with hot water. The resulting mixture can be poured into a bucket and mixed. After spraying you can see how the number of buds will grow.

A solution of boric acid will help the fruit to quickly get tied up

Problems with growing plants can occur in cases where:

  • the land contains a large amount of fresh organic matter;
  • distance between bushes less than 45 cm;
  • landing site is in the shade;
  • soil is too wet;
  • soil is very dry.

Diseases and their prevention

Tomatoes Pink cheeks are practically not susceptible to .Only in rare cases can plants have a disease with fusarium or late blight.

To prevent the harmful effects of pests on tomatoes, an insecticide must be used.

Gardeners reviews about pink cheeks


The last time on the advice of a friend planted a tomato Pink cheeks. I like to grow new items. The variety is very popular due to its resistance to diseases and frosts .I will plant more.


Growing tomatoes Pink cheeks are not the first time. I like their high yield, unsurpassed taste and rich pink color.


Growing tomatoes for sale. I like the pink cheeks very much. It is not only very tasty, but also perfectly retains its shape when transporting , which is important for me as a seller.

Margarita Semenovna

Bought on the market several new varieties of tomatoes. Most liked tomatoes Pink cheeks. Their juiciness, sweetness and gorgeous appearance deserve the best praise.


Bought a tomato with pink cheeks to the cottage. After the end of the season, I can note its high yield and extraordinary sweetness of fruits. Next year I’ll definitely buy some more seeds.

According to reviews of experienced gardeners, a stable, rich harvest can be noted. The most important thing is to ensure proper care, timely watering and loosening the soil. The grade Pink cheeks can be grown up both for personal consumption, and for sale.

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