Proper fit and care for viburnum buldenezh

Kalina Buldenezh is grown at dachas by gardeners, used by designers to design plots. The decorative snowball was bred by a Frenchman named Lemoine four centuries ago .In Russia, the beauty came at the behest of the reigning Catherine II.At first, the bushes of the plant could be seen in the greenhouses and parks of the imperial family. Later, the nobility began planting viburnum their gardens. They looked unique. The branches were covered with snow balls. The description of this ornamental plant is given below.

Cultivate an exquisite plant not for producing fruits, it does not give them. But at the time of flowering striking beauty.

"Snow Globe" is a kind of common viburnum, which takes its place in the honeysuckle family. Its height can be almost 3,5 m , diameter one and a half.


  • How does the plant, description of the type
  • Selecting a location for planting
  • Care Viburnum Buldenezh
    • fertilizing in spring and autumn
    • Pruning
  • Pests
  • method of reproduction
    • Seed
    • layering
  • Varieties of decorative Viburnum
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How does the plant, description of the type

Bush hasheavily branched branches. Gardeners, pruning them, give the plant the shape of a semicircle .From this blooming buds become more beautiful and tender. Inflorescences in the form of a ball and on a dwarf tree look great.

The leaves of such a garden viburnum are large and bright, have notches, and the veins create an interesting pattern. They covered all the shoots. Looking at the plant, it seems that it is in a festive green dress.

Kalina Buldenezh in bloom

Inflorescences in the form of a ball are formed on young branches. The diameter of each is 15 cm .From one bud out a few petals. Stamens in them. Therefore, the plant does not produce fruit.

By winter, the leaves fall, but viburnum looks spectacular without them, since the relief is created artificially.

Blooming buds have a light green tint, then become creamy and pinkish. Having opened, become a snow-white lump. Because of the huge number of inflorescences shoots bend down. Such beauty can be observed for more than a month - up to 35 days , flowering begins in May or June.

Perfectly look as separate bushes, the whole landing from them, and standard trees.

Now, plants that are grown in the suburban region, grow to more than 6 meters in height and live more than 5 decades.

Choosing a place to plant

For single bushes, you can choose a place on a well-groomed green lawn. They look great near the gazebo, pond, benches.

The viburnum will amaze with its color in group plantings. The elegance of the plant will give a neighborhood with other cultures - barberry, spiraea , forming a darker foliage below.

The snow globe will not disappear even in poor soil, in the area where there is little light, but the inflorescences will be small and in small quantities. To the bushes or trees pleased exquisite snow-white buds, find a more moist place with soil acidity not exceeding 6.5.It is better to plant at the lake, fountain or well. Do it well in spring and autumn.

Standard form of Kalina Buldenezh

In a fertile land they dig a hole 40x40 , in poor land - to 60 .Peat is laid, 30 grams of nitrogen and potassium, up to 50 phosphorus are buried, deepening the plant to 5 cm.

Sowing in the spring, are cut to one third the length, in the autumn a year later.

Shrubs are placed on the 1.5– 2 m one from another .It is necessary to take into account that the neck of the root was 3 centimeters below the surface of the soil. The ground under the viburnum is well moistened and covered with rotted leaves or peat.

Care of viburnum Buldenezh

The plant will surprise with elegance, lush flowering, only if you care for it diligently and with love. And the care consists :

  • in feed with various fertilizers;
  • in regular loosening ;
  • in rejuvenating branches;
  • protection against diseases and pests;
  • in normal watering ;
  • in crown formation .

Top dressing in spring and autumn

Feed bushes or trees before swelling of buds and before starting to drop foliage. Phosphorus and potassium are taken as autumn fertilizer in 30–40 g per square meter and grams 50 nitrogen .In autumn, only the first substance is needed, and the dose used should be 2 times less.

Spreading is spread on the surface of the soil, after which it is dug, watered and mulched.


Seedlings in a year or two need to form a crown. Then the bushes will be neat and lush. To do this, leave no more than four pairs of buds that are at the base. So do, until you get the desired type of plant. Tu viburnum that does not bloom, cut to the root, leaving the stem at a level of up to 30 cm.

For 2 years there is an escape height of a trunk somewhere in the meter .It is left as a plant stem, and the rest is pruned.

Form a crown after the bushes ottsvetut and begin to lay new buds. You can thin out branches until autumn.

Plant pests

Kalina Buldenezh is not afraid of frost. If the ends of the branches are frozen, which is not more than 12 cm , they are simply cut off by .On flowering, this is not displayed. Bushes and trees should be sheltered only in the northern areas of middle latitudes. Wrap only fork, laurel, black, evergreen. In this way they are protected from freezing. But mostly these varieties are grown in the south.

Some summer residents have a question why this refined plant adorns not so many sites.

At the end of spring, insects settle in the leaves of viburnum. Appearing aphid contributes to their twisting, beetles gnaw the plate, leaving only streaks. This will not happen if we detect pests on time and start fighting them.

Sometimes a single treatment cannot cope with insects. Then spray the bushes again. For this purpose, a sprayer with a long boom is better suited.

In some botanical parks, in order not to engage in the use of chemicals , special types of plants are planted to maintain the natural balance and attract entomophages of - insects that destroy parasites.

Chlorophos 0.2% is purchased at dachas for the extermination of the bark beetle . To get rid of the comma-shaped flap, which likes to settle in the trunk and branches of viburnum, spraying is performed using Karbofos. On sale for this purpose you can find a 0.1% solution.

On the leaves, often develops powdery mildew or spotting. To prevent this from happening, the plant is repeatedly processed with infusions made from onions, tobacco or garlic.

Reproduction methods

You can multiply viburnum Buldenege in several ways.


For seed reproduction of , stratification of the planting material is necessary within six months - seven months of .It will germinate no earlier than August.

Initially, the root is strengthened, and the kidney does not develop. The yield of the seed lobes should be expected by the spring .Then the covers will be shed. By winter, cover with leaves or peat.

Seeds will germinate faster if maintained, changing temperature. At first they should be warm with 18–20С , then for three months they should be placed in a cold place. Resorting to reproduction in this way, shoots can be expected in one year. And only by the third viburnum will begin to develop rapidly. And bloom after five.

The vegetative reproduction method is more suitable for the cultivation of ornamental plant species, since it is almost impossible to obtain seeds.

layering With layering from a bush, comes in this way:

  • near the plant forms a hole up to 15 cm deep;
  • lower shoot is detached by bending, pinning;
  • sprinkle earth or peat from above;
  • soil is constantly moistened.

If you do this in spring, before winter shoots should root. And only through , 2 years of are removed by , separating them from the bush to another place.

Sprouted cuttings of viburnum Buldenezh

This method is suitable if viburnum is already growing in the country.

Breeding is done using cuttings that have one internode. Prepare them in June, cutting the bushes. Shoots are left to 1 cm .Put in the humus. Store in a greenhouse, covered with a film, which is removed only for watering. In such a humid environment, the cuttings remain until spring. For rearing do a special bed-school. When the bushes take root, you can begin to transplant to a permanent place in the ground.

There is another way of reproduction of decorative viburnum, when using seedlings with roots .It should be borne in mind that the crown of a tree or bush has a considerable width. The distance between them is set at 2 m. The root neck is 5 centimeters deep. Sealing the ground is well watered.

Varieties of decorative viburnum

A plant with a stem shape looks quite interesting. Krona is formed around the shoot at a height of at least one and a half meters, leaving branches in 30 cm .Thin out it after 7 years, and cut only the seedlings at the bottom of the tree.

In the south of Russia, grow laureline as borders and hedges. On the slopes of the mountains you can see thickets of fork. Delicious black fruit has gorda, which is found in deciduous forests.

Buldeen has the most beautiful flowers. It takes root even in Siberia. You can admire the white buds of a plant only by creating suitable conditions.

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