Description and characteristic of a grade of cucumbers Parisian gherkin

Cucumber Paris gherkin fascinates by its name alone .After all, small and neat cucumbers like everyone. This species, despite the relatively recent dates of occurrence, confidently holds the leading position in the agricultural market. The fruits have gained such popularity due to its excellent yield and excellent taste of vegetables.


  • Description and characteristics of cucumber Paris gherkin
  • merits and varieties disadvantages
  • Features planting and cultivation in the open ground
    • to
    • soil Requirements Planting seeds of cucumber
  • Care
    • Feeding
    • Watering
    • Diseases
  • Harvesting

Description and characteristics of cucumber Paris gherkin

maina feature of the variety is the small fruit sizes, which range from 10 to 12 cm .The bush itself is of medium size, delicate green color. According to the description, the fruits are crunchy and sweet with a pronounced aroma.

The plant needs pollination. This variety is best grown in open areas of the soil where bees do not have limited access to them.
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Growing in greenhouses is also quite acceptable , only for this it is necessary either to keep the greenhouse open( so that the bees can get inside) or to artificially pollinate the plants.

Varietal variety resistant to drought .Breeders have positioned the Paris gherkin as very resistant to various diseases, especially such as: kladosporioz, mosaic virus.

The harvest is started 40-45 days after planting. The fruits of this variety do not contain bitterness .

With proper and timely care, 4-5 kg ​​of juicy crispy fruits are collected from one square meter, and they weigh 80 to 90 grams in weight.

This variety is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation .And although the producers of this variety indicate the acceptability of growing crops in the Central regions of our country, but the reviews of gardeners and gardeners indicate the possibility of growth of this variety in more severe climatic regions.

The main feature of the variety is the small size of the fruit, which varies from 10 to 12 cm

The advantages and disadvantages of the

variety The Paris gherkin has a number of advantages, such as:

  • high yield;
  • excellent taste of the fruit;
  • resistance to various diseases;
  • drought tolerance and unpretentiousness in care;
  • the possibility of growing, both in open ground and in the greenhouse;
  • versatility of use. Vegetables are sweet, juicy and fragrant suitable for fresh consumption and for canning;
  • accuracy and identity of the fruit gives them an excellent presentation;
  • long shelf life and excellent transportable capacity.
grade Advantages: high yields and lack of bitterness, drought tolerance and simplicity in care

Features planting and cultivation in the open ground to the soil requirements

data cucumbers can be grown in the ground as the seed and seedling method .But both methods require fertile soil with good breathable and permeable capabilities.

For this, areas with plants must be regularly loosened and watered.

Excellent predecessors of cucumbers are tomatoes, potatoes and legumes.

To provide yourself and your loved ones with an excellent harvest, you need to take care of the plot since autumn.

For this, the soil on which planting of cucumbers is planned is cleaned thoroughly in the fall, then fertilizer is applied( is perfect for humus, mullein or chicken droppings ) and only then dug up.

Soil needs fertile, water and breathable

Planting cucumber seeds

It is best to buy already prepared glazed seeds. They are already processed by disinfectants and growth promoters. Such seeds give almost 100% germination.

If you got the usual seeds, then you need to disinfect them yourself, keeping the potassium permanganate solution in solution. To accelerate germination, you can also germinate the seeds yourself.

Important to remember! In open ground, seeds are planted only after excluding the possibility of night frosts.

Seeds can be planted in the greenhouse as early as the beginning of May. In open soil - in the middle or at the end of May( depending on climatic conditions and weather).

Growing vegetables by seedlings will speed up the harvest by two weeks. To get seedlings seeds are planted in plastic cups, or special peat.

The seedlings are transferred to the open ground when three or four true leaves appear on them.

If it is preferable to plant a seed crop, then do it in a prepared loose soil to a depth of 2 cm.

Up to 6 holes of can be placed on one square meter.3-4 seeds are planted in each well, if all the seeds are sprouting, they should be carefully thinned.

The seeds are planted in the greenhouse at the beginning of May, in open soil - in the middle or at the end of May.


The beds should be regularly cleaned from weeds, loosen.

Top dressing

To increase the yield, you can feed it during the growth of the plant. For these purposes, is best suited slurry or urea solution .But this can be done no more than once every two weeks.


Watering should be regular and timely .It takes place in the evening with separated water at room temperature.

Do not allow stagnation of water, it is fraught with rotting of the root system. But excessive drying of the soil is also fraught with negative consequences: the leaves and stems can simply wither.

Some experienced gardeners point out one common mistake in growing a crop: improper watering.

They claim that must be watered only at the root of the plant so that water does not fall on the leaves of .But there are those who recommend a drip irrigation system.

Watered in the evening with distilled water at room temperature


This varietal variety positions itself as superstable to various diseases.

But if the plant is still damaged by such common diseases as anthracnose, white or gray rot, powdery mildew, and bacteriosis , it is necessary to treat them with special chemicals that exist in each specialized store.


Harvesting is done as the fruits of ripen. This should be done very carefully so as not to damage the bush.

Cucumbers Paris gherkin, according to the characteristics, is very unpretentious and easy to care .

By adhering to the above recommendations, you can effortlessly ensure for yourself and your loved ones an excellent harvest of juicy and crunchy, fragrant fruits.

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