25 best varieties and varieties of garlic

Garlic - an essential hot seasoning in cooking. It has a spicy taste and rich aroma, healthy properties. Cultivation of garlic is a simple process, is therefore available at every site. A description of the most popular varieties and varieties can be found in this review.


  • varietal diversity garlic
  • most popular varieties
      • Victorio
      • Elenovsky
      • Gulliver
      • Sochi 56
      • Ershovsky
    • Winter
      • Ljubasha
      • Dobrynia
      • Sophia
      • Alcor
      • Dubkovsky
    • arrows
      • Gribovsky anniversary
      • Gribovsky 60
      • Skiff
      • Krupnozubkovy Kiseleva
      • Herman
    • Non-Shooting
      • Aleysky
      • Moscow
      • Abrek
      • Odessa 13
      • Gafuriysky
    • Best Major Grades
      • Alekseevsky( giant)
      • Komsomolets
      • Petrovsky
      • Degtyarsky
      • Orlovsky
  • Conclusion

Variety of garlic

However, not everyone knows that there are more than 70 varieties of garlic! This means that you can choose according to your taste, focusing on the conditions of a particular plot with its soil, climatic features, location. Moreover, the

growing experience suggests that you should not limit the selection to one or two varieties. It is worth trying a few, and after leaving the ones you like.

More than 70 varieties of spring and winter garlic are known.
This variety makes sense, since some ripen earlier and can be added to dishes in the beginning - middle of summer, used for canning. And others ripen later, but they are better stored.

The most popular varieties of

Since the variety variety is large, this article describes the popular, popular varieties.


Spring garlic differs from winter by different planting periods( spring is planted in spring, and winter in late autumn), and yield is less productive than spring crops, unlike winter.

To visually recognize spring garlic, you need to pay attention to the following signs:

  • spring garlic without a central stem , around which are cloves;
  • themselves teeth in the form of a spiral - the closer to the center, the smaller they are;
  • cloves can vary among themselves in size and shape ;
  • spring garlic without arrows .

Popular varieties of spring garlic:


Spring Garlic Victorio

Mid-season, high-yielding type. Arrows are missing, resistant to pests and fungal diseases .The bulbs have a flat-rounded shape, the color of scales - yellow-white.


Spring garlic variety Elenovsky

Mid-season, productive, rounded heads. Outside, the color of scales is whitish, and inside on the teeth themselves - pinkish .Demonstrates resistance to all diseases typical of plants.


Spring garlic variety Gulliver

Considered to be of average late. Harvest gives good, releases arrows. Onion - round, slightly flat. The color of scales - light, white. Little prone to disease and pests.

Sochi 56

Spring garlic variety Sochi 56

Mid-season, gives a stable and high-quality harvest. The shape of the head is slightly flat, rounded. The color of the scales can be white or purple, and on the teeth themselves - pink with a purple hue. Resistant to diseases.


Spring garlic variety Yershovsky

Refers to mid-season, bulbs are round, slightly flat. Does not give the shooter, the harvest is excellent. Disease resistant.

Winter crops

Winter garlic is characterized by the following features by which it can be visually recognized:

  • in the center of the head is the core , around which are cloves;
  • teeth are arranged in a circle , in one row;
  • cloves identical ;
  • crop gives a higher;
  • in winter crops - sprout arrows, , on which tiny onion are then formed.

The best-selling varieties of winter garlic are:


Winter garlic variety Lyubasha

Endures severe frosts and arid summer. Considered to be rather high - the stem is up to 120 ; see The bulb is round, slightly flat. The color of scales is light with streaks of violet tones, resistant to diseases. Perfectly stored. It has a bright spicy taste and is suitable for canning.


Winter garlic variety Dobrynya

Yield variety, but less frost resistant than Lyubasha. The heads are large, not too sharp, so it’s good to eat fresh. Maturing term - late. Dobrynya is well kept and little prone to disease.


Winter garlic variety Sofiyevskiy

Perfectly tolerates severe frosts, but in the summer it is demanding of heat and light. Not too high - about 70 cm. Bulb large - 100 gr with large teeth. Scale color is soft purple. Resistant to nematode, taste moderately spicy.


Winter garlic variety Alcor

High-yielding, well kept. The onion color is pinkish, and the teeth themselves are closer to gray. Damage by yellow dwarfism.


Winter garlic variety Dubkovsky

High-yielding, with good storage performance. The stalk is of medium height, the bulb is not large, rarely weighs more than 50 gr. Stored superbly, the taste is spicy.

In winter, it is necessary to cut the arrows at the base, otherwise the head will be shallow. The arrows should not be broken, so as not to damage the bulb.


Garlic, which produces arrows, tastes sharper, more fruitful than varieties without arrows, and is better preserved. Among the shooters, the most prominent are:

Gribovsky jubilee

Spraying garlic variety Gribovsky jubilee

Medium-sized winter varietyThe color of the scales is reddish-purple. Disease resistance - at a high level, is stored well.

Gribovsky 60

Sprouted Garlic Variety Gribovsky 60

Yielding fast-ripening, resistant to freezing and drought. Medium sized bulb, well kept. Not damaged by bacteria and viruses.


Split garlic variety Skiff

Frost-resistant variety, resistant to diseases of this plant. The color of scales is gray with streaks of purple, and the teeth themselves are creamy.

Large-tooth Kiseleva

Sparkling garlic variety Skif

Early, head is over average, about 80 grams, taste is pleasant, spicy. Diseases not exposed, shelf life - long.


Garlic variety Hermann

The bulb is round, cone-shaped, the color of scales is whitish-lilac, and the cloves are cream. Stored for up to 8 months, resistant to fungal and bacterial infections.


Of the non-flipped, the following are popular:


Variety of garlic Alei

Mid-season, round, flat bulb, stored until spring.


Garlic variety Moscow

Mid-season, beautifully stored, not too sharp, the color of scales - light, white teeth.


Garlic Grade Abrek

Looks like Moscow, but is a bit bigger.

Odessa 13

Variety of garlic Odessa 13

There are summer and winter, color scales are white, sometimes with stripes of purple tones, is remarkably stored.


Garlic Gafurii Variety

Onion, medium size, up to 40 g, round, flat. Resistant to rot, but sometimes susceptible to powdery mildew.

The best large grades

The following varieties are known for the large-headed varieties:

Alekseevsky( giant)

Garlic Alekseevsky( giant)

Onion reaches 250 grams. At the same time, is disease resistant and is stored for a long time.


Garlic Komsomolets

Arrowed, winter, mid-season, flat bulb, taste spicy.


Petrovsky Garlic

Similar to Komsomolets, is disease resistant.


Garlic Degtyarsky

Spring, without arrows, taste moderately spicy.


Garlic Oryol

Spring, does not release arrows, bulb over 100 gr.


This is not all varieties of garlic that are worthy of attention. And should not be afraid to try the new selection of - among them there are a lot of good varieties!

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