15 best varieties of cherry plum for the Moscow region and the middle band

More recently, growing cherry plum in places with a changeable climate seemed just a myth, but now it is not only possible, but necessary. has the highest frost resistance, the Seedling Rocket, and , the largest fruits of the cherry plum Tabernacle. Early, ready for harvest in late July - early August: Vetraz, Monomakh, Nesmeyana. Averages that ripen to the beginning - mid-August: Kuban comet, Chuk, Anastasia, Sarmatka, Karminna Zhukova, Apricot, Late Comet, Peach. Experienced gardeners recommend growing in the Moscow region varieties of Scythian gold, Skoroplodnuyu, Maru and Kolonovidnuyu. A description of the best varieties of cherry plum or Russian plum can be found below.


  • most large-fruited varieties of cherry plum, description
    • tent
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    • Huck
    • Monomakh
  • most frost-resistant varieties of cherry plum for the center and the middle band
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    • Vladimir comet
    • seedling Rockets
    • Timiryazevskaya
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  • samoplodnye grade Russian plum
    • Kuban Comet
    • traveler
    • Mara
  • The best varieties for growing in summer cottages in the suburbs of
    • Colony-shaped
    • Ruby
    • Scythian gold
    • Skoroplodnaya

The most large-fruited varieties of cherry plum, description of

The taste of many fruits depends on the size of the fruit, the same goes for plum. Large-fruited varieties are very popular, the best of them are considered to be :


Cherry plum Tent

A small tree, it quickly reaches height and begins to bear fruit already 4-5 years of life. Crohn rounded, dense, growing in a downward direction. Fruits are large, their weight can reach 40 grams .The flesh is sweet and sour, yellow, these fruits can be eaten fresh and used for blanks. The average yield of a single tree is 35 kilograms .Early ripening period, frost resistance is high, in addition to the winter cold of the kidney also tolerate spring frosts. The disadvantages include self-infertility and medium resistance to the absence of moisture.


Cherry plum. Found

. The variety is of medium maturity, the tree grows to medium size, the crown is thick, round, slightly flat. Fruit weight reaches 35-37 grams , the flesh is rich yellow, the taste is pleasant, refreshing, sweet-sour. The first harvest of a tree can bring already in 3 years, and after some time from one tree it will be possible to collect up to 40 kilograms of delicious fruits. The variety tolerates both winter and spring temperature fluctuations, drought resistance is average. Pollination occurs with the help of other varieties that bloom in the same period as the Found.


Cherry plum Huck

Variety, fruiting in average terms. The tree grows very quickly, but at the same time it reaches a medium height, the crown is thick, slightly lowered, rounded. Fruits weigh up to 35 grams , the color of the flesh is dark yellow, the taste is sour-sweet, the bone is separated with difficulty .The purpose of such cherry plum allows you to use it in any form. Winter hardiness of the variety is good, the same applies to the yield, which pleases with high stability. Pollination cross with other trees growing near cherry plum.


Cherry plum Monomah

Fruits of this variety are inferior in size to other varieties and weigh only 25-30 grams of in , but distinctive feature is excellent taste, juiciness and easy separation of the bone. Also such plum has an unusual shape, reminiscent of Monomakh's cap and a rich, purple skin color. The crop ripens in early terms, the tree bears fruit annually and in large quantities.

The most frost-resistant varieties of cherry plum for the central and middle zone

In order to grow cherry plum in Central Russia, you need to carefully consider the frost resistance of the variety. Trees should not only relive the winter cold, but also spring frosts, because the main threat of an unstable climate lies in them. The varieties have the best performance: Tsarskaya, Rocket Seedling, Vladimir Comet and others.

Gift to St. Petersburg

Cherry Plush Gift to St. Petersburg

The variety has good resistance not only to cold weather, but to unstable climatic conditions, heavy rainfall and frosts. The tree is of medium size, with a wide, dense crown of large size, the first fruits are already on the 4th year of life. Annual yield. Fruits of a light orange color, slightly elongated in their weight reach only 20 grams .The taste is sweet and sour, the fruits also tolerate transportation and can be used for various types of preservation.

Vladimirskaya comet

Cherry plum Vladimirskaya comet

This variety was bred relatively recently, but already surpasses many old subspecies in all indicators. A medium-sized tree has a wide, but at the same time rare crown. Large-sized fruits, round-oval in shape with a pointed end, burgundy skin color, a slight waxy coating of .The flesh is rich, dark orange with a sweet and sour taste. The purpose of such cherry plum is universal. The tree quickly enters fruiting and also quickly increases productivity, it is possible to collect ripe cherry plum in the middle of July. Frost resistance is very high, the same applies to the self-cultivation of the variety.

Seedling Rocket

Alycha Seedling Rocket

The variety is extremely resistant to frost, the tree of medium size can withstand temperatures down to -35 degrees. The crown of a tree is thick, spreading. Fruits are large, grow to 30 grams , red, round shape with pointed ends .The yield of the variety is top notch.


Alycha Timiryazevskaya

The variety got its name in honor of the scientific institute in which it was bred. The tree grows to a height of no more than 3 meters, the crown is spreading, in its form resembles a cone, foliage is very rare. Fruits are small, egg-shaped, covered with a thin skin of light red color. The flesh is very tasty and juicy, friable, fibrous, the bone is separated without difficulty. From one tree it is possible to collect up to 30 kilograms of fruits of , while it does not require complex care, tolerates frost well and is not affected by fungal diseases.

Self-fertile varieties of Russian plum

It is extremely inconvenient to grow varieties of cherry plum, which require additional pollination. This creates unnecessary trouble or it is necessary to plant several varieties of the same crop in one area, which is extremely inconvenient for small farms and those gardeners who want to collect a variety of fruits. The following self-propelled varieties of proved to be the best:

Kuban comet

Alycha Kuban comet

Perfect for cultivation on farms, a tree of low growth annually brings abundant crops up to 40 kilograms. Fruits with reddish, ruddy peel and yellow pulp weigh up to 28 grams , taste kilo-sweet , suitable for fresh consumption and for various types of processing. The bones are very difficult to separate. The variety does not require additional pollination, frost is well tolerated by both wood and flower buds. The tree requires timely watering.


Cherry plum Traveler

Acts as a pollinator for other varieties, but at the same time annually produces a crop of up to 40 kilograms .The tree of average height with an ordinary crown enters fruiting for 3 years of life, the ripening time is average. Fruits of the Traveler can reach the mass of 30 grams , the flesh is colored in dark yellow, a light banana flavor is typical of this variety. Frost resistance is high, as well as drought resistance.


Alycha Mara

A self-propelled variety perfectly suitable for growing in the middle of Russia, tolerates frost well and is immune to many diseases. A tree that grows up to 2-3 meters carries on itself a beautiful crown, resembling a ball, therefore it is necessary to carry out regular pruning. Fruits ripen in early July and can hang without falling off until early August. The skin color is saturated, yellow-orange, the skin is slightly lighter. The taste is pleasant, fibrous, very sweet, this variety is perfect for cooking jam and jams.

The best varieties for growing in suburban areas in the suburbs of

In order to grow plum in the suburbs, you need to choose the right varieties that can endure the changeable climate, but at the same time will be easy to maintain. Most often at cottages near Moscow there are :


Cherry plum Kolonovidnaya

Perhaps the most unusual and compact variety of cherry plum. The tree grows in height up to 3 meters, while the diameter of the crown does not exceed 1.5 meters. The variety is not afraid of frost and recovers very quickly after freezing, while other species begin to languish and slowly die. The fruits are very large, their weight can reach 40 grams , the skin is rich red in color with a slight waxy coating, is not afraid of heavy precipitation and is not prone to cracking. The flesh is tasty, juicy, fibrous.


Cherry plum Ruby

A low tree does not require difficult maintenance and perfectly adapts to any weather conditions. The variety does not suffer from sudden changes in temperature and at the same time produces bright maroon fruits with dark yellow, honey-colored flesh. There is no sourness in the taste of cherry plum ripening in the middle of summer, which attracts lovers of sweet fruit.

Scythian gold

Cherry plum Scythian gold

The variety was bred in 2005 and is a tree that grows to a height of not more than 3 meters with a crown that resembles a wide cone. Large fruits are distinguished by the rich, golden color of the skin of the .The flesh is very sweet, juicy and tender. The tree is not afraid of an abrupt change of cold for heat and vice versa, does not require long-term attention to itself, and the Scythian Gold variety bears fruit very early and annually. The size of harvested crops is average, it needs additional pollination.


Cherry plum Skoroplodna

A variety of Chinese selection. The tree is small, already for 2-3 years of life can bring the first harvest of reddish fruits of medium size. The pulp is very pleasant, tender and tasty, the bone is easily separated by , because of which such fruits are well suited for fresh consumption. It is resistant to frost and gusty winds, requires planting a nearby pollinator tree.

The achievements of modern breeding allow to grow cherry plum not only in the southern regions, but also in the Central part of Russia .If desired, each gardener can try to grow a tree with excellent and tasty fruits in his plot.

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