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In our time, we are so used to our gadgets that without them - "as hands-free especially without a phone. Often there are times when you need to go to the country, and the battery is discharged, and it is not possible to charge it at the dacha, because of the lack of electricity. Fortunately, there are Energy Banks (Power Bank), through which it is possible to "feed" your phone, navigator or other electronics anywhere, whether it's a bus or a summer residence. On the site of Chinese goods "Aliexpress" is presented such a portable device at a price of 1900 rubles 94 kopecks to 2 218 rubles 16 kopecks, depending on the chosen method of delivery (different speed) and getting into "promotional days" at a discount of 23% of the cost goods.

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Characteristics of the device:

  • Battery capacity - 20 000 mAh 77Wh;
  • battery type - lithium-polymer battery;
  • weight - 33, gr.


  • portable battery - 1 pc;
  • USB cable 1 pc.

According to the seller - 20 000 mAh is the actual capacity of a portable charger, but due to losses in the system, cables and connectors, in fact the battery capacity is approximately 1, 00 mAh. The device has 2 USB output ports, it is theoretically possible to charge 2 phones or a tablet simultaneously, the main thing is that there is enough charge. Also in the package is an instruction manual, but, unfortunately, in Chinese.

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The Svyaznoy website presents such a portable device, but its price is , 99 rubles exactly, and at a stock (which is not specified) the price will be , 90 rubles.

Characteristics of the device:

  • Battery capacity - 10 000 mAh;
  • power supply voltage - 5 V;
  • the strength of the track is 2 100 mA;
  • weight - 207 g;
  • the material of the body is plastic.

The price on this site is higher by about , 00 rubles, and the capacity is 2 times less. But on the site of Chinese goods they stated immediately - in fact the capacity is less by , 00 mAh, and in "Svyaznoy" such information is not indicated, although "loss" of capacity in any case is available.

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In conclusion, it can be said that such a thing is necessary and very convenient to operate, and if you have not purchased the Energy Bank, you must buy it. However, such things are better to buy in specialized stores, for example - computer centers, because the declared characteristics of Chinese manufacturers often do not coincide with reality, and even "1, 00 mAh" can simply not be enough for charging a phone with a battery capacity of 2 000 mAh.

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