Beekeepers to help drinkers for bees from China


"Without water and not there, and not syudy." This replica of the song of the mid-30's is relevant not only for people, but also for insects. Thanks to a special drink from China, the beekeeper will be able to provide water to his "wards".

Often, the apiary is located near the garden, fields, pasture or meadow. It's sad, but there might not be water near it. And without water, a small insect organism can not function fully. Thermoregulation and metabolism are violated. Moreover, in winter, these "laborers" need special feeding. Sugar solution is ideal for these purposes.

Features of drinkers

In the spring without this equipment can not do. If they begin to waste their energy and time to search for life-giving moisture, this will lead to a decrease in their activity. The lion's share of its energy insects give to perform many vital processes. It is in the spring season that begins:

  • construction of honeycombs;
  • laying of eggs;
  • reproduction of the brood.
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Deficiency of moisture will lead to depletion of bees. Also, with the onset of cold and nasty weather, the honey plants begin to starve. Feeding for them is vitally important, and it can be done only with the help of drinkers. A special thread in each lid allows you to attach it to the neck of an ordinary bottle. The advantages of this product include the following:

  • The drinking bowl is made of environmentally friendly plastic that does not emit toxic substances;
  • The surface is perforated (32 holes), which means that insects will drink water in an organized and sufficient manner. As a result, refreshment can get the entire family at the same time;
  • dimensions of the tank: width cm, length cm, and height cm;
  • the material is not very thick, so the liquid will quickly warm up sufficiently;
  • Universal design suitable for different types of hives;
  • The white color of the tank allows you to control the degree of water pollution.
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It is noteworthy, but these drinkers from China have other practical features. They protect insects from drowning and getting wet. Among other things, the liquid in the tank for a long time will be clean, because it does not bathe the honeycombs.

Bees can not be drunk with cold water. Otherwise, their body is supercooled, and they perish, never reaching their hives.


For beekeepers, amateurs, this model of drinkers is the most successful option. A small apiary does not require bulky installations. Moreover, on AliExpress you can buy a whole set of drinkers at once, consisting of 5 copies. The cost of the goods is 142 rubles. for the party.But in online stores the picture is quite different. The price of one such item will be from 90 rubles. And for five pieces you have to pay 450 rubles. Therefore, it is more profitable to purchase a Chinese version of the drinkers.

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