Characteristics and description of tomato variety Agata

Tomatoes are very healthy and tasty vegetables, without which it is impossible to imagine breakfast. Their fruits contain a huge amount of proteins, carbohydrates( starch, sugar, fiber), pectin, organic acids, minerals( calcium, magnesium, iron, iodine, phosphorus) and even one of the rare vitamins - group K. Today it is particularly popular.early grade of tomatoes Agata. It is delicious, perfectly amenable to all treatments( you can eat it raw, make juice, paste and even canned it) and gives a wonderful harvest. The cultivation of this variety of tomatoes, its characteristics and description will be discussed in more detail later.

Contents, the ripening period of which varies in the area of ​​ 100-115 days after the appearance of the first shoots.

This is a deterministic non-shtambovanny plant that reaches a height of 0.35-0.45 m. From one square meter of tomatoes, you can get a harvest of 2-4 kg.

To grow crops you can , both seedling and non-seedling .Although the first method is considered more productive. Then you can get the maximum yield, of course, if you follow some rules.

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Fruits of Agatha differ in roundness of the form. Have a bright red color and by weight can reach 100 grams .Vegetables are approximately the same size. They are not prone to cracking, so normally tolerate long-term transportation.

The average weight of the fruit of the variety is 100 grams.
Tomatoes Agata are universal, they can be grown both in greenhouse conditions and in open ground.

Advantages and disadvantages of the

variety The main advantages of the variety are:

  • good yield ;
  • safety during transportation;
  • versatility of using tomato: they can be eaten raw in salads, making juice and pasta, and canning
  • fruits have a pleasant taste, aroma, meatiness, juiciness and attractive appearance.

Planting Seeds

In order to get a good crop of tomatoes, it is recommended to choose fertile soil .Cucumbers, onions, pulses or carrots can be successful predecessors at the site.

Seeds of Tomato Agata

To prepare seedlings, it is recommended to sow seeds at the end of March and beginning of April of .Creating furrows should be no deeper than 20-30 mm.

Some gardeners are advised to prepare seeds before planting, thus protecting them from disease. To do this, they must be treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Then they are washed under the drain valve and dried.

Please note that those seeds that float in the water should not be used. They are bad and hardly germinate.

It is recommended to dive tomatoes after the appearance of two leaves .Literally half a month before planting bushes in open ground, it is important to temper them. To do this, the temperature in the greenhouse at night slightly decreases or the ventilation windows open for a while. At this time, the plants should be at least 45 days after the first shoots.

It is recommended to feed seedlings 2-3 times.

Transplanting seedlings to open ground

If planting is done in May, it should be done using

film. Transplanting seedlings to open ground May 15-20, must be made to under the film .At the same time, you need to be sure that there will be no frost. Otherwise, the plants may die.

If it is the second decade of June is , then you can do without film. Schematically planted bushes is at a distance of 50 * 50 cm. So for every square meter of land will have four plants, nothing more.

Agrotechnical cultivation of tomato

According to agrotechnical conditions it is recommended to irrigate cultivated plants regularly throughout the entire growth period.

In this case, you should not use cold water, warm water will be the best option.

It is recommended to feed plants several times over the entire growth period. But it is best if the soil is fertilized in the fall with with garden compost, ashes and eggshells. If desired, you can use and purchase fertilizers. In this case, the optimal mineral fertilizer complexes, for example, potash or phosphate.

Pastage Agatha bushes is very important , removing all the extra shoots, and if necessary, even the lower foliage to the ovary. It is necessary to control the soil moisture. It should not be too dry, but excess moisture can cause fungus.

Pasying and removing the lower leaves is very important for the bushes of this variety.

Diseases and their prevention

Early tomato varieties can be subjected to all sorts of diseases and they must be actively fought. Very often brown spots appear on the leaves, fruits and stalks themselves. This is a sign of late blight .At the same time, the yield of tomatoes is significantly reduced and they want to expect the best to taste. And in general, what could be the sick fruit.

As preventive measures against late blight, you can use Bordeaux liquid. She treats plants literally two weeks after planting bushes in open ground. To prepare a protective agent, it is necessary to dissolve 50 g of copper sulfate and quenched lime in ten liters of water.

Using such medicine for plants is not worth much to worry about, it is absolutely harmless to the human body.

Although, if desired, specialized stores sell chemicals to combat various diseases of cultivated plants, including early varieties of tomatoes.

Gardener's Feedback on Agat

Most gardeners speak positively of Tomato Agata.
  • Agronomist Vasya is very pleased with his crop of Agata tomatoes. They are all as on the selection of smooth, neat and beautiful ;
  • Sergey recommends growing tomatoes of this variety even to novice gardeners without the experience of .Practically it is not necessary to look after plants, they are resistant to the disease and give a good harvest;
  • Nina likes that it is not necessary to stick the tomatoes. After all, they rest with the leaves directly into the ground, independently supporting themselves;
  • Irina decided to experiment and left the bushes with tomatoes almost until November. There was no limit to her surprise, the fruits did not even turn black;
  • Maria claims that if you don’t stick the bushes, they begin to resemble a willow and become less prolific;
  • Dmitry is so fond of the Agatha variety that he even harvests the seeds for the next year.

To get a good crop of tomatoes Agatha is recommended to follow some rules. Water the plants in time, remove weeds, loosen the soil and, if necessary, feed it with a complex of fertilizers. There is no need to constantly monitor the tomatoes - a minimum of effort and you have tasty and beautiful fruits on your hands.

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