Description and characteristics of sweet pepper varieties Ivanhoe

There are many varieties of sweet peppers, but not all of them can boast of excellent taste and a rich harvest. But pepper Ivanhoe belongs to this unique type of that every gardener can be proud of.


  • as the first sprouts appear, 115 days pass and it is already possible to collect its first juicy red fruits.

    The thickness of the pulp of this variety can reach about 7 mm, and the weight of 1 pepper becomes almost 150 g.

    This sweet pepper is very popular because it has an excellent presentation and is characterized by high yield, since more than 70 centners of fruit are harvested from 1 hectare.

    According to the characteristics, this variety needs careful maintenance of the .

    It needs to be watered regularly, to loosen the soil, and also to ensure that the soil is not too cold, because he is from Africa and loves warmth.

    If you use very cold water for irrigation, it can also adversely affect pepper and it will stop growing.

    Ivanhoe has an excellent presentation and is characterized by high yields.

    The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

    Pepper Ivanhoe has many advantages and only one drawback, which is that does not tolerate the bad weather

    As for the advantages of , they are hardly considered, and the most basic among them are the following:

    • you can get a good harvest very early;
    • this variety is not afraid of a thick landing;
    • it distributes a pleasant scent;
    • has a great taste;
    • is wonderfully stored and transports transportation;
    • is very resistant to many diseases, especially mosaic and Alternaria;
    • its feature is that it is possible to eat already and not fully ripe fruits, which have a yellow color.
    The variety does not tolerate bad weather, therefore it is desirable to grow it in the greenhouse.

    . Planting seeds

    . It is very important to choose the right place for growing Ivanhoe pepper. Of course, the place must be fertile, without weeds and protected from sudden gusts of wind.

    It would be wise to select a plot where cucumbers, onions or legumes were grown in previous years.

    To prevent the crop from being subjected to numerous pest attacks, the must be replaced every year with .

    This variety likes moisture, because if the area is loamy, it is better to dilute this soil with peat or humus. In addition, sawdust and sand are added to the clay soil.

    Also takes care, costs and seeds. They are placed in a solution of potassium permanganate for 20 minutes, then washed and sown in the soil.

    Since pepper does not like transplants, seeds should be sown in separate cups .The first shoots should appear within 20 days.

    The variety does not like transplants; seeds should be sown in separate cups.

    When warm days come outside, the grown seedlings are planted in open ground. There must be a distance of 50 cm between the rows, and куст see

    between bushes. In no case should one plant hot pepper next to it, since pollination can occur.

    Seedlings are planted so that it is at the same level as in the cup. Do it in the evening and be sure to water the wells.

    Watering and feeding

    In general, with regard to watering, you need to do this, following a certain pattern. Be sure to water the pepper:

    • 5 days after disembarking in open ground;
    • 10 days before harvest;
    • immediately after harvest.

    Do not forget about the feeding , which should be carried out in a period when there is a stable air temperature of about 20 degrees.

    During this period, you can use growth promoters. For example, means Energen will be effective.

    If you loosen the soil, the roots of the plant will receive air in the right amount.

    Watering pepper 5 days after planting in open ground, 10 days before and immediately after harvesting


    As long as Ivanhoe grows on your windowsill, you will not know the problems with it,should be prepared to fight pests.

    Although these are 1 of the most resistant varieties in front of diseases and pests, they still love to eat such a delicacy of spider mites and aphids.

    The danger of aphids is that it:

    • drinks juices from leaves, inflorescences and the stem;
    • provokes leaf twisting and dropping;
    • underdevelopment of fruits.

    Favorable conditions for the appearance of aphids are a temperature of about 25 degrees and a humidity of about 80%.

    The whole horror lies in the fact that these parasites give about 20 generations per season, so they can easily destroy your harvest.

    To prevent this from occurring, uses the following products in the fight against aphids:

    • soap solution;
    • tobacco tincture;
    • ash.
    Aphid on pepper leaves

    For the preparation of a soap solution , 5 st.l.powder or soap and spray the plant under running water.

    It will wash away under the pressure of the gum on the ground and it will not climb on the pepper by itself. Only ants can bring it back.

    Tobacco tincture will be effective, but it is not recommended to be used 7 days before harvest.

    1 glass of tobacco leaves should be brewed in 5 liters of water and infused for 24 hours, then the broth is filtered and sprayed on the plant.

    In order to get rid of aphids using wood ash, you need to insist a glass of this agent in 5 liters of water for 12 hours, and then treat the plant.

    As for the spider mite , it appears on pepper in the second half of June. About his presence says the web, which envelops the plant.

    He, like aphid, drinks juice from plants. Because of the pest, the leaves curl and fall off, and the plant can completely die.

    As it is difficult to get rid of the tick, it is better to use such means as Actellic or Fitoverm .

    Spider mite on pepper

    Reviews gardeners

    Natalie, 45 years old : “Ivanhoe is one of the most fragrant and tasty varieties of pepper. I freeze and preserve it and add it to different dishes. Tastier than he I have not seen pepper. I recommend everyone to plant this pepper at the dacha. ”

    Vasily, 52 years old :“ I don’t recognize any chemical treatments and I believe that the pepper fruits absorb all the harmful substances that then get into our bodies with vegetables,and there are so many chemicals in our lives. This variety is very resistant to various diseases, and for several years now I have been collecting just an excellent rich and tasty crop of Ivanhoe pepper without any treatments. I recommend this variety to everyone, you won’t have any problems with it. ”

    Lyudmila, 47 years old :“ At first my friendship with this variety was not bad, but then I realized that I myself was to blame becausewellAnd Ivanhoe doesn’t like cold soil and water, so I slowed down the process of plant growth with these actions. But then, when I read how to properly care for him, everything went like clockwork and I gathered a rich harvest. ”

    Nikolay, 60 years old : “I have a very small area and I can not plant a lot of vegetables, because I need to adhere to a certain distance between the bushes. With this variety, I can economically use the land, because even with dense planting it bears excellent fruits. Ivanhoe is an ideal option for a small territory. ”

    Dmitry, 56 years old :“ I don’t want to bore you with long stories about growing this variety, so I’ll say short and clear. High yield, ease of care, charming taste. My grade is grade 5+. ”

    As you can see, many truckers simply admire Ivanhoe's pepper , so if you think which variety to plant on the site, you should definitely take a good look at Ivanhoe.

    He will not give you problems and you will easily gather a rich harvest that will delight you and your loved ones.

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