Characteristics and description of tomato variety Fighter( Buyan)

Every gardener who grows tomatoes in his backyard farm wants to get a rich harvest at the end of the season without wasting time and effort. Tomato Fighter is a versatile variety, with good taste and minimal care.

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Fighter, he is also called Buyan - refers to early ripe, determinant tomato varieties. Tomato Buyan does not belong to the hybrid varieties, its seeds can be collected at the end of the season for planting next year. From germination to harvest - 100 days .

The plant is not tall according to its characteristics, reaches a height of up to half a meter and is mediumly dominant. High-yielding ovaries are formed every two leaves. Ripening fruit lasts until the first autumn frosts.

The shrub does not require a garter and a peacock.

The fighter is an early ripe variety, as described, has plum-like, glossy fruits with a weight of from 80 to 180 grams .The flesh is fleshy with a small amount of seeds.

Variety Tomato The fighter has fruits weighing 80-180 grams
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Differs in high yielding, with apt.meters can collect up to 10 kg .In the season of favorable summer and with good quality care, can be collected from one bush up to 8 kg .

Buyan can be grown under film cover and in open ground .Fruits well on light and highly fertile soil. It tolerates drought and cold with dignity, and is immune to various viral and fungal diseases.

The tomato received its name because of the fight against adverse weather conditions, while giving a rich and tasty harvest.

The variety is ideal for salting , due to its dense skin. It can be used fresh, stewed and dried. The fighter can be frozen, while maintaining all the beneficial properties and unforgettable taste.

Origin of the variety and region of growth, tomato subspecies

The fighter was bred by Siberian breeders in 2012 and is ideal for a constantly changing climate. Bred for cultivation in Siberia and the Urals, where the short and cool summer.

There are two subspecies: red Buyan and Yellow Buyan. The yellow variety differs only in the shape of the fruit, and the basic properties are the same.
Yellow Buyan

Advantages and

disadvantages The advantages include:

  1. frost and drought tolerance
  2. early maturing and short stature
  3. resistance to fungal diseases and viruses
  4. not require
  5. garter with dignity suffers change day and night temperature
  6. grows as open beds, andin greenhouses
  7. Ideal for conservation and fresh use


The variety is not intended for long-term fresh storage.

Sowing rules

Buyan varieties are grown in seedlings.

Seeds are sown in fertile soil in the last days of March .The prepared seed is placed in a tamped and moist soil to a depth of 2-3 cm, covered with a film and cleaned in a warm place.

With a short light day, seedlings increase the illumination with fitolamps. For rapid growth, the plant needs at least 15 hours of light. When two true sheets appear, the seedlings swoop into separate tanks.

In order not to damage the root system during transplantation, the seedlings are better to dive in peat pots .

Tomato Seeds Fighter

10 days before disembarking to a permanent place, the seedlings need to be hardened with .To do this, the container is cleaned in a cooler place. Young seedlings are watered as the top layer dries with warm, settled water. In the water, for the prevention of diseases, you can add a few granules of potassium permanganate.

Transplantation of tomatoes in open ground and care

. Hardened seedlings are planted on open beds after the earth warms up to 15 degrees .The optimal number of bushes: 8 per square.meter. The beds should be located on the south side and must be protected from drafts.

For good growth, plants are mulched with straw or peat. Mulch will retain moisture in the soil and reduce the appearance of weeds.

Grade unpretentious care. To obtain a generous harvest, you must follow the basic rules of care:

  • Watering - with warm, settled water. The best time is morning and after sunset.
  • Loosening and removing weeds .Weed grass should be regularly removed, as it carries with it all sorts of diseases. Loosening the soil is carried out after each irrigation, carefully, trying not to damage the root system.
  • Top dressing .Feed the plant 10 days after transplanting nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers. During the fruiting period, tomatoes are fed with potash fertilizers.
Watering should be carried out with warm, settled water.

A big mistake is made by gardeners without following these simple rules. Although the variety and unpretentious care, but, like any culture needs care.

Diseases and their pests

Variety Fighter( Buyan) is immune to many fungal and viral diseases. But with the failure of some rules of care, the variety may be subject to certain diseases.

  • Late blight is a common tomato disease. The disease occurs when excessive humidity and temperature changes. The disease affects the fruits and leaves. They become brown in color. You can fight this disease by spraying a bush with copper containing means.
    The required percentage of Bordeaux mixture, to prevent burns, is checked with a nail: when purchasing red, I add lime to the mixture.
  • Gray rot - formed on the fruit in the form of dark spots. The disease occurs due to lack of calcium and moisture. Help is to spray the plant with calcium nitrate.
  • Cracking fruits - is due to high humidity, excess fertilizer in the soil, lack of light, with strong gusts of wind and a large number of crops on one bush.
Cracking of the fruit of the Buyane can occur due to the high humidity of the
. Failure to comply with the rules of agricultural engineering - diseases can be much more.

Disease prevention is better than cure. To do this, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures:

  • Timely watering with warm water, in the morning or evening
  • Getting rid of weeds
  • Fertilizing plants with mineral fertilizers, the plant suffers both from lack of weed, and when there is an excess of

, Fighter( Buyan) has a good idea for the idea, Idea has the idea, ideal for the idea, ideal is ideal for the idea, the idea is the ideal for the idea, the idea is the ideal for the idea, the idea is the ideal for the idea.short sunny summer and long spring. Its beautiful and smooth fruit will decorate any holiday table. Tomatoes are good in brine, in salad and in dried form.

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