Description and characteristics of tomato variety Demidov

Demidov tomatoes are very popular among gardeners, primarily due to their taste and characteristics. According to the description, these tomatoes are unpretentious in care, they are well cultivated in the open field, give a high yield, and are resistant to various diseases.


  • description and characterization of tomato Demidov
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Soil
  • Sowing seeds
  • seedlings Planting tomatoes Growing
  • Fighting against diseases and pests

description and characterization of tomato variety Demidov Demidov

launched recently, at the beginning of this century. Despite the artificial origin, this variety began to quickly use its reputation among gardeners. Due to the fact that he did not interbreed with other varieties, it is quite possible to take seeds from the fruit for future planting.

Tomatoes Demidov middle-ripe, determinant form , height 60-65 cm, have stem bush. The leaves on it are dark green, externally resembling potato ones, large in size. This plant perfectly fastens the buds in any weather. The first inflorescences are formed above the 6th leaf, then repeat after 2-3 leaves.

Plant Demidov non-hybrid type, unique, it has no analogues marked F1.

These tomato gardeners prefer to grow in the beds, because of their resistance to any vagaries of the weather. Crop harvest up to 10 kg per 1 m2 100-110 days after planting seedlings.

Grade fruit weight about 80-190 grams

Round shape, the fruits have a pink color, with a noticeable ribbed surface. They taste juicy and fragrant, with a sweetish aftertaste, can save their marketable qualities for a long time. fetus weight ranges from 80 to 190 grams .

This variety is not suitable for preservation, therefore it is recommended to use fresh fruit. It is recommended to grow in the regions of central Russia, as well as the Urals and Western Siberia.

The advantages and disadvantages of

The variety was bred by Russian breeders and took a worthy place among a number of similar types of tomatoes. This is noticeable by the following advantages:

  • Excellent, juicy, sweetish taste;
  • Flesh is juicy, fleshy;
  • Disease Resistance ;
  • Ovary formation under adverse weather conditions;
  • Large collection of fruits from 1 m2

The disadvantages include the appearance of cracks on fruits and the possible appearance of vertex rotting on them.


Tomato Demidov needs a fertile, well-lit patch of soil.
Tomatoes prefer fertile soil, preferably on a southern slope.

Favorable ancestors can be legumes, onions, cabbage. It is not recommended to plant tomatoes for 2 years in a row on one ridge, as well as after potatoes, due to their common diseases.

It is advisable to introduce organic fertilizers in the fall when digging, and if manure was applied to the precursors, then “organic matter” should not be applied at all. To decontaminate the soil, make a Bordeaux liquid into it.

Sowing seeds

If the purchased seeds have not been processed, then before planting, this must be done independently. For what it is necessary to wrap them in a gauze bag and drop the in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 30-40 minutes .

After that, slightly dry, then spread out on a damp napkin, cotton cloth, or gauze. Put in a plastic bag and in a warm place, periodically checking their humidity. Usually seeds hatch on the 4th, 5th day. They need to be planted in early March .

Tomato seed Demidov

Before planting seeds in special containers in the form of jars, pots, containers, you need to prepare the ground:

  • Pour drainage at the bottom of the tanks( claydite, eggshell, etc.);
  • Pour into the containers moistened nutrient mixture;
  • Make 2 indentations in each jar;
  • Put on 2 seeds( the second in case the first does not rise);
  • Cover the ground from above so that its layer is less than 1 cm;
  • Cover containers with glass or film. After the sprouts hatch, remove the shelter and place the container in the lit place.

At the beginning of seedling cultivation, it is necessary to observe the heat and light conditions, as well as periodically water the seedlings. The temperature should be 22-24 degrees .Then, after the first shoots, it is reduced to 17-19 degrees .

Land is usually sold with all nutrients, so there is no need to feed the seedlings.

In order for seedlings not to stretch, for its normal development, you need 12 hours of daylight .To create such illumination, artificial lighting is required.

In order for Demidov's seedlings not to stretch out, it is necessary to think out artificial lighting

. Planting seedlings

Planting seedlings depending on the weather. Usually, seedlings of the mid-season variety are transported to the ground at the beginning of May under the film and at the beginning of June in the range .

Before planting, the seedlings are hardened. For this, for 4-5 days, it is carried out into the air. Begin from 2 hours, and gradually, increasing the time, adjusted to 6 hours.

Planted plants in pre-prepared holes, which are made on the ridge according to the classical scheme 50 × 60 cm .Then plentifully water, but at the same time not to overdo it: tomatoes do not like dampness.

Cultivation of tomatoes

When you grow a tomato, it means care for them.

They need to be regularly:

  • watering with warm water ( heated in a barrel);
  • to loosen the ground around the bushes so that the soil is airy;
  • spud 2-3 times per season, thereby stimulating the growth of the stem;
  • duly timed to avoid thickening of the bush.
Hilling is necessary to spend 2-3 times per season.

You should also not forget to pick off the lower leaves for accelerated growth. Of course, to make mineral complex fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers should be applied with care so that there is no oversaturation of nitrogen that promotes the formation of green mass in the plant.

When forming a bush in the mid-ripening variety Demidov, you can leave two branches, not forgetting to “pinch” their tops after flowering.

Fighting Diseases and Pests

From diseases, a tomato can be exposed to with vertex rot , which results in the appearance of brown spots on the top of the fruit. For processing use drugs "Brexil Sa", "Gumifid" and "Megafol".

To effectively combat harmful insects, plants are treated with insecticides.

Despite some shortcomings, Demidov tomatoes are in demand among gardeners for their qualities. It is an excellent grade of tomatoes, and use it not only for the use, but also for rural business.

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