Detailed description and characteristics of the variety of tomato shuttle

A wide selection of early ripe tomatoes is presented on the seed market. One of them is, , a variety selected for the Russian climate, Shuttle , a characteristic and description of which is presented below. Endurance and unpretentiousness of this variety is great for gardeners who are not burdened with experience. The first informational acquaintance determines the choice: whether to try or not.


  • Tomato shuttle
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    • Description
    • Reviews
    • Pros and cons
    • varieties How to cultivate tomatoes
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    • Conditions for landing
    • planting time
    • Where to put the race and a primer is needed
    • difference growing in a greenhouse and open field
  • Seedlings
    • Seeding Shuttle to seedlings
    • How to prepare seeds
    • Selection of capacity for planting
    • How to care for seedlings Shuttle
    • Step-by-step picks
    • transplanting rows in open ground circuit
    • sowing
  • Care
    • As watering fertilizing tomato plant
    • main pests and diseases
    • Harvesting
  • Conclusion

Tomato shuttle

To begin to examine the characteristics of grades and descriptions, its positive and negative features.

Characteristic varieties

Fruits are smooth, glossy. The shape of an elongated oval, with a small pointed tip .In a mature state, the color comes to a dark red tone with an orange tint.

The flesh is fleshy, divided by three seed chambers with a small filling of grains.

Shuttle - early ripe high-yielding variety of tomato

It is covered with dense skin( without hardness), which has a positive effect on the transportation of fruits and good storage. Prevents cracking of fruits. Weight when grown in open field varies from forty-five to seventy grams. Greenhouse performance is slightly higher.

Excellently proven in all types of canning, especially in small containers .Also used fresh: whole( like children for the shape and size) and in salads( unobtrusive, sweetish taste with a slight sour note).

The harvest of ripe tomatoes begins in the first summer month.

Fruiting is able to continue until frost. For such medium-sized tomatoes, the yield is high: is at least five kilograms per square meter. And with proper care, you can collect all eight.


A determinant( undersized) early-ripening variety with an early onset of fruiting.

The distinctive property of cold resistance allows you to land early in open ground, to get a harvest in the cool summer period. The variety is resistant to late blight.

Tomatoes are versatile, they are suitable for salads, side dishes, soups and sauces

The plant is represented by a bush with a low( up to 55 centimeters) strong stem. Compact with weak branching, does not require garter, formation and pinching. Suitable for growing in limited areas.

Inflorescences begin to appear after the seventh leaf. The term of fruiting comes in the third month of the first shoots.


Many sayings of people who wish to grow a canoe speak for the consistency of the stated qualities. The compactness of a bush of an average green massif does not require either staking or tying. showed itself well in the Urals and in the West Siberian region .Inflorescences alternate with two leaves. High yield is present on the open ground by prolonged fruiting. The elasticity of the fruit has confirmed good performance when canning whole fruits in small jars( up to one liter).

Regrets were caused only by the confirmed fact of a weakly pronounced taste in the preparation of salads.

Pros and cons of the variety

Like all crops grown, there are positive and negative points.


  • Early ripening of fruits.
  • Long-term storage without processing.
  • The small size of the fruit contributes to the ease of winter preparations in small containers.
  • Ease of growing, in the absence of favorable conditions.
Tomato Shuttle has a good yield


  • Weakly saturated flavor .
  • The taste of does not dominate when used in processed form.

How to cultivate tomatoes

The cultivation is done by seedling, from seeds. Usually, the plant is planted in open ground since late spring, without a very long delay in the process( until early June).When planting seedlings in the soil, a small amount of wood ash is added directly under the roots.


Now you need to figure out, observing what conditions it will turn out to grow a good urajay tomatoes.

Conditions for planting

Cultivate tomato Shuttle by seedling method

The cultivar should be raised through seedlings. Tomatoes varieties Shuttle not demanding to care. General guidelines are still provided for growing this crop.

. Planting dates.

. Seeds are sown with from late February to mid-March. This is the most suitable time for the preparation of planting material( seedlings) for open cultivation with an early ripening period.

Where to plant the Shuttle and what kind of soil is needed

The place where the tomato bed will grow, is prepared in the fall. The place is chosen with good lighting, ventilated, but under the condition that there are no drafts .The plot is used after growing greens( parsley, dill), climbing crops( cucumbers, zucchini), root crops( carrots), or cabbage on it.

Avoid neighborhoods with potatoes, peppers, and eggplants.

The difference of cultivation in the greenhouse and in the open ground

Cultivation of tomato Shuttle in the greenhouse all year round

The conditions of cultivation in the greenhouse contribute to the growth of the bush with the enlarged .

If it is possible to grow greenhouse varieties with large fruits, it makes no sense to occupy the area for planting a well-growing soil species.


The main objective of the seedling method obtained early production. Practicing and sowing seeds in the street at a later period of time.

Sowing Shuttle for seedling

Sowing tomato Shuttle for seedling in a plastic container

Preparation begins with the substrate. For its preparation, sand with black soil is used in equal parts. Then mixed in the wilted humus doubled. The seeds are slightly submerged in the prepared soil, spilled with a small peat layer, and moistened with .Over the tank with the landings, the film is stretched. The container is placed in a warm place. After a week, the first shoots will appear.

How to prepare seed

For disinfection of seed, 10 is used for soaking for 1 minute in soaked hydrogen peroxide( slightly above body temperature).

Selection of capacity for planting

Here there are no restrictions on the use or prohibition of the use of any materials used in the production of containers.

Suitable paper, peat and plastic pots.

How to care for seedlings Shuttle

Tomato seedlings sprouts

Mandatory is a regular airing of the miniature room and the monitoring of the moisture condition of the soil .When drying the surface is sprayed from the spray. Before the emergence of shoots, the temperature regime is maintained up to 24 degrees of heat. The next step is to remove the film over the sprouts, the degree column is lowered to the mark in the region of 16 at plus during the day, and at 13+ at night. Watering is carried out with soft water.

Step-by-step picking of seedlings

Conducted in individual containers( if planted in a common container) with simultaneous removal of unformed shoots. The first selection at the stage of the expanded cotyledon .Repeatedly with 3 - 4 main leaves.

Planting of seedlings in open ground

Pre-hardening is carried out at +8 - +10 degrees outside the window. Duration up to one and a half hours. Warming the earth to a dozen degrees indicates the possibility of placing tomatoes on a permanent place .

Seeding Scheme

Seedlings plant up to four bushes per square meter with a distance between plants of up to forty centimeters.

Planted planting of tomato seedlings


The need is preserved in weeding, loosening, watering and feeding the planted crops.

How to water the plant

Watering tomatoes is needed in 6-7 days; watering is more frequent in the heat.

From the moment the bushes are planted on the street, watering is carried out in working mode once a week with moistening a quarter meter deep. With the formation and ripening of fruits, the volume of watering increases: for four plants three dozen liters.

Feeding tomatoes

Comprehensive fertilizer is used for the first time when planting seedlings. Further feeding is carried out at intervals of a week. Both organic and minerals are added. Each instance absorbs up to one liter of fertilizer.

Major pests and diseases

Late blight resistance does not guarantee safety from other common diseases. Damage is possible with tomato anthracnose and powdery mildew. Most diseases come from fallen leaves and weeds. Keeping beds clean is an effective preventative measure.

Pests are dangerous: Colorado potato beetle, melon aphid, bear and spider mite. Soap solution will come to the rescue. In severe lesions, insecticides are used.


If successful weather conditions appear ripe tomatoes first three months from germination. Ripening occurs alternately, which provokes the ripening of the last in the fall. Good yield is possible in the absence of a warm summer.


To check on their own experience ease of care and the declared yield is able to anyone. After all, this variety is able to please homemade tomatoes not only in the garden on the site, but also in the city, on the balcony.

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