Replacing the thermostat in the refrigerator

A frequent malfunction is the failure of the thermostat or thermostat. The replacement of the thermostat in the refrigerator can be done independently - a step-by-step guide is presented below.

Thermostat operation principle

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  • 1Thermostat operation principle
    • 1.1Where is the thermostat
  • 2Signs of breakage
  • 3How to replace the thermostat

Thermostat operation principle

Immediately make a reservation that the thermostat has automatic control, while the thermostat is manual. This also distinguishes two details, but the principle of operation is similar: both control the temperature in the refrigerator compartment.

A capillary tube filled with refrigerant is attached to the thermostat housing. As soon as the temperature in the compartment begins to rise, the pressure rises in the tube, which causes the starting relay to operate. This is how the compressor starts and stops.

Thermostat operation principle

The spring plays an important role in the thermoregulator design. The tension and relaxation of the spring due to manual switching allows you to change the temperature in the chamber. This is how the temperature regulator in refrigerators with manual control is arranged, for example, "Atlant "Indesit "Biryusa".

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In modern refrigeration equipment ("Stinol "Nord "Veko") are built-in electronic thermostats. They consist of sensors and a control module. The replacement of an electronic sensor with a new one requires special knowledge, so we advise you to call a master.

Where is the thermostat

The part can be placed inside and outside the case. With the internal arrangement, the regulator is located behind the plastic box, on the wall of the compartment. For replacement, the control knob is removed, and then the protection panel.

Where is the thermostat

With the external location - the thermostat is located mainly above the door. Orientation is on the temperature switch.

Signs of breakage

There are several external signs on which you can guess about the problems with the thermostat:

  • the refrigerator does not freeze;
  • the motor runs without stopping;
  • on the walls of the chamber, snow and ice are growing.

You can carry out the verification yourself. To do this, unplug the equipment from the mains, perform defrosting. Then set the regulator to full power and connect the refrigerator. Put a thermometer in the camera. If after 2 hours the thermometer showed 6-7 degrees, then everything is in order. If not, repairs are required.

For what reasons can snowball grow in the department? The thermostat is defective, and the module does not receive a signal about the temperature in the chamber, so cooling does not stop.

Signs of breakage

We will tell you how to replace the thermostat yourself. After all, the price of one part is much lower than the cost of a full repair in the service center.

How to replace the thermostat

Before proceeding with the repair, disconnect the refrigerator from the mains, release the shelves from the products and perform defrosting. Take a flat and a crosshead screwdriver, pliers.

Do not forget to purchase a thermostat for your refrigerator model. How much is the item, you can find out in the online store.

  1. Open the camera door.
  2. Remove the temperature knob by using a flat-blade screwdriver.How to replace the thermostat
  3. Behind it is the thermostat shaft.
  4. Loosen the shaft nut with pliers and unscrew it.
  5. Unscrew the body mounting bolt.
  6. Pull the case downward, detached from the wall.How to replace the thermostat
  7. On the inside you will see a thermostat.
  8. Pull the part out of the way and remember the wiring connectors. You can take a picture of them in order to continue to make the correct connection.
  9. Disconnect the wiring from the thermostat, loosening the latches on some of them.
  10. Before removing the part, check that the capillary, which is attached to it, normally exits the housing.
  11. Remove the bushing with the capillary from the old thermostat and place it in a new one.

Replacement is carried out in the reverse order.

That's how you can independently cope with the repair and replacement of the temperature regulator. You can photograph or shoot all your actions, which will help in the future to quickly collect the equipment back.

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