The refrigerator does not freeze

When the household refrigerator stops freezing, you need to understand as soon as possible the cause of such a malfunction. Immediately, the problem can not be noticed, because the motor-compressor works perfectly well. But soon you will start to get the spoiled products, therefore the technician should be rescued.

In this article we will analyze the main causes of the failure of the refrigerator, which lead to poor cooling in the chambers.

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The refrigerator works, but does not freeze: what to take

Users who recently purchased new equipment are often asked the question: "Why does not my new refrigerator suddenly freeze?" The reason is to transport the equipment to a new location. Must pass at least 1-2 days, until the motor starts to normally pump up the cold to cool the food.

If you just loaded the shelves with products, the motor can run for an hour or more without pauses while the cold air is pumping.

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Some people face such a problem: the refrigerator weakly freezes, while the compressor is hot. What causes a similar failure? The most common cause is a malfunction of thermal protection, which protects the motor from overheating. Before repairing the equipment, follow simple steps:

  • De-energize it;
  • remove all products and perform defrosting.

If the compressor works after defrosting, but it is heated, it is better to turn off the refrigerator and call a repairman.

The two-chamber refrigerator buzzes and gurgles at work? These are normal phenomena if the noise level does not exceed the established standard.

The upper chamber does not freeze: causes and self-repair

Why does the freezer freezes well, and the rest of the refrigerator is warm? There can be many reasons. Consider simple malfunctions that you can eliminate yourself:

  • Check the tightness of the door to the cabinet. Perhaps, the department is overcrowded and something is preventing it from closing. It happens that the rubber seal is worn or dirty. Make a replacement easily with your own hands.
  • Check the temperature setting. When the room is hot and bad ventilation, and in the compartment the thermostat is installed at full capacity, the engine will not be able to cope with the load. If the technique with one motor, the cold will pass into the lower chamber, which will become very cold. And in the upper compartment it will be warm.

  • Does the fan rotate? If its blades are overgrown with ice and do not rotate, then it is not surprising that cold air does not enter the compartment. Defrost the refrigerator or replace the fan motor.

But if your actions did not lead to the desired result, then there was a serious breakdown. We will give examples of problems, but in some cases without the help of a master you can not do.

  1. The fridge engine works, but does not freeze. At the same time, the light in the compartment is on. This happens when the compressor wears out: it lacks the power to pressurize the cooling tube. In refrigerators of a twin-engine type, it is possible that the engine of the refrigerating compartment burns, and the freezer engine continues to work. You may notice oil streaks at the bottom of the case. The compressor is being replaced or repaired.
  2. Refrigerant output in the closed part of the refrigerator. One can notice a swelling of one of the walls, ice and snow build up inside the chamber. The master opens the sealed part, finds the place of breakage and eliminates the leak. Then it runs the system freon. Sometimes an evaporator is required.
  3. Leakage of gas through microcracks in a steel casing. As a result of the clogging of the drainage system, droplets of moisture fall on the contour, which leads to corrosion. The refrigerant begins to flow. The pruning and soldering of the damaged part is carried out, refilling with freon.
  4. Gas outlet due to chamber depressurization. The wall of the chamber is damaged or punctured. You can eliminate the problem by closing the puncture and restoring the tightness.
  5. Start relay malfunction.It is the relay that allows the engine to be turned on and off. The parts are being replaced.
  6. The problem with the temperature regulator. When it breaks, the module can not "understand" what the temperature in the compartment is. Therefore, the motor does not start or runs without stopping.
  7. Blockage of capillary tube or filter dryer. Because of the obstacle Freon does not pass through the entire cooling system, as a result, one of the chambers does not freeze. The system is cleaned and the refrigerant is charged.

As you can see, there are a lot of possible problems - you can not understand yourself. Precisely determine the place of breakdown will help diagnose the technique. Similar problems occur as a result of improper use of the refrigerator or wear of parts. Therefore, follow the instructions, conduct periodic maintenance to preserve the normal operation of the refrigerator.

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