Malfunctions of the Atlant two-compartment refrigerator

Users who have long been operating Atlant double-chamber refrigerators know that their service life depends on proper use and installation. If you are faced with technical problems, you can determine the cause of the failure yourself, and then decide whether to call a specialist.

Content of the material:

  • 1Typical malfunctions of the Atlant refrigerator
    • 1.1Noisy operation of the refrigerator
    • 1.2Problems with lighting in the camera
    • 1.3Fighting an unpleasant odor
    • 1.4Red light is on
  • 2Serious malfunctions of the Atlant two-compressor refrigerator
    • 2.1The refrigerating chamber does not work
    • 2.2Do not freeze the freezer
    • 2.3Fault code F5
    • 2.4The body is beating with current

Typical malfunctions of the Atlant refrigerator

The malfunctions of the Atlant two-compartment refrigerator can be a serious problem requiring the intervention of the master. But there are other problems that the user can handle on his own. Let us consider each of them in detail.

Minor damage:

  • increased noise level during operation;
  • absence of light in the chamber;
  • unpleasant odor in the compartment.

Noisy operation of the refrigerator

According to the manufacturer, the noise from the operation of the equipment does not exceed 55 dB, which is equal to the human voice. If you notice that the refrigeration equipment (CW) is working louder than usual, it produces incomprehensible noises, then check:

  1. Arrangement of dishes on the shelves. When the department is overloaded with pots and ducklings, the dishes utter a rattling sound when touched. To eliminate the cause of noise, it is enough to place the dishes far apart.
  2. XO installation. The body must not stand close to the furniture or the wall, otherwise the sounds will be amplified when the motor is running.
  3. Relay mounts. Check that the thermal relay is normal to the housing.
  4. Shock absorber mounts that damp engine vibration. Tighten the mountings so that the shock absorbers fulfill their function.

Problems with lighting in the camera

When the refrigerator door is opened, the light does not light, while the products are normally cooled, the compressor is running. It is necessary to replace the light bulb in the compartment. To do this, disconnect the technician from the network, unscrew the plafond mounts. Unscrew the burnt bulb and install a new one.

Fighting an unpleasant odor

This problem is not a breakdown. In time, remove stale food, defrost and wash the refrigerator. After washing, give the machine several hours to dry.

Red light is on

When a light bulb blinks on the panel, it indicates a violation in the refrigerator compartment. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the temperature in the chamber, check the thermostat. Look at how tightly the door closes, if there are any cracks through which warm air passes. If the door seal is worn out, you can replace it with your own hands.

You just loaded the products into the compartment, how did the red light come on? This is normal, because the indicator responds to the temperature rise in the camera. As soon as the products cool down, the indication goes out.

But if in a few hours the bulb continues to burn, the cause is a breakdown.

Serious malfunctions of the Atlant two-compressor refrigerator

We will analyze the faults of the Atlant refrigerator with 2 compressors:

  • one of the chambers in the refrigerator does not work;
  • on the scoreboard is illuminated the fault code F5;
  • the CW body is shocked.

Paying attention to the work of the refrigerator, you will be able to determine the cause of the failure.

The refrigerating chamber does not work

If you notice that the refrigerator compartment does not freeze, immediately check the tightness of the door and the position of the thermostat. The latter should not be at the maximum temperature, it is sufficient to set it to division,.

Does the temperature in the office still go down? Perhaps it's a breakdown:

  1. The fan. If it does not rotate to disperse the cold on the camera, the blades are covered with snow - you need to unfreeze the technique for a day. The fan should start, and if not, then you need to install a new part.
  2. Evaporator heater. The defrost system works so that the heater helps thaw the frost after cooling. Droplets of moisture flow into the drain hole and are removed from the system. But when the heater breaks, snow and ice settle on the evaporator, the rear wall of the chamber, the fan. It is necessary to replace the heater.
  3. The regulator of the freezer compartment. At the same time, the walls of the freezer are covered with snow, the temperature is lower than the set temperature. All because the module "thinks" the temperature is insufficient, so all the cold goes to the freezer.
  4. Refrigerant leaks. To resume work, you need to call a master who will eliminate the leak and refuel the system with gas.
  5. The temperature regulator or air sensor in the upper chamber. After cooling the freezer, switching to the refrigerating compartment does not take place. Defective items are replaced.

Do not freeze the freezer

Since we do not look at the freezer in the freezer, we do not immediately find a breakdown. Why the freezer compartment breaks down:

  1. The freezer engine broke. You can see that it tries to start for a few seconds, then stalls. As in the refrigerating department its motor, there cooling is normal. A new part is required.
  2. If the freezer does not work, there is no additional indication, probably the reason in the control module. Replace or flush the control board.

There could also be a breakdown in the thermostat or air sensor. They do not give signals to the board, so cooling does not come. If you leave the refrigerant, you can not always identify the problem, so it's better to contact a specialist.

Fault code F5

A similar code is displayed during the voltage rise in the network. To verify this, look in the instruction and check what voltage is the norm for your model. The voltage level can be measured with a voltmeter.

In such cases, you can wait until the normal electricity supply resumes. Experts recommend installing stabilizers of the network in order to keep the equipment in working order.

The body is beating with current

When you touch the body, you feel a small discharge? Inspected all the wiring of a two-compressor refrigerator, a power cord. Somewhere bare wires are in contact with the hull, and this problem must be rectified immediately.

How to repair the refrigerator Atlant, see the video:

If you encounter such problems, do not experiment. It is better to call a repair specialist.

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