Why does the washing machine stop during washing? How to fix a breakdown?

The washing machine is a faithful and reliable assistant. We are so used to it that breaking it becomes a big problem. The washing machine stopped with water, although it was washing a minute ago. What to do? Stopping it during operation can be associated with both mechanical breakdowns and failure of electronic control modules.


  1. Overload
  2. Imbalance
  3. Clogged water inlet or outlet
  4. Engine failure
  5. Heating element malfunction
  6. The problem with the sensors
  7. Problem with control unit
  8. What to do if the machine stops while washing
  9. Video instruction


Each washing machine model is designed for a specific weight. Exceeding it may cause damage. Therefore, some manufacturers install a protection system that triggers and stops the machine when overloaded.

To avoid such cases, carefully read the maximum weight at which operation is possible and try not to overload the unit. If this happened - the machine stopped, it is necessary to drain the water and get some of the laundry, after disconnecting the unit from the network.


Improper loading of laundry can cause the washing machine to stop. It is no less harmful than overload. Things accumulate from one side of the drum, causing imbalance and vibration. To avoid malfunctions, a special sensor is provided. It is triggered by strong vibration and the drum stops there. Remember this when laying clothes, and if the machine stops, eliminate this drawback.

Clogged water inlet or outlet

One of the reasons why the washing machine stops rinsing can be a regular blockage. In this case, the automation is triggered, the drum stops at this. This happens when spinning or rinsing.

Clogging may occur in the drain pump, hose, but most often the filter is clogged. Carefully inspect the hose for kinks or foreign objects inside it. If everything is in order, then the problem is in the filter. It must be removed and cleaned. You can do it yourself. It is located at the bottom of the washing machine. It is necessary to remove the panel, drain the water from the hose and remove the filter. Usually it accumulates hair, pile, dirt. It must be cleaned and reinserted. More on cleaning rules, we’ll talk here.

Washing machine breakdown

Engine failure

The engine is an important unit. He drives the drum. But it is not eternal and can break at any moment. In this case, the wash cycle can stop at any stage. If washing has just begun, the washing machine draws water, but it stops there.

Such a failure is indicated by the fact that all systems are working, but the drum does not rotate. If the engine breaks down, contact qualified personnel. They will test it, repair it or completely replace it.

Heating element malfunction

Ten is one of the important nodes. When it breaks down, a normal washing cycle is impossible, since it will not be possible to observe the temperature regime. In this case, your assistant may stop during the washing process.

A stop at the beginning of the washing process occurs when the machine cannot heat the water. This reason can be identified if the washing is carried out at high temperature, but the hatch glass remains cold.

To replace the ten, you must turn off the machine from the network, drain the water and unscrew the back cover. Next, you need to carefully disconnect the power, ground, sensor wires. The nut on the screw must be loosened - unscrew by 4-6 turns and press in the screw. After that, helping yourself with two screwdrivers, ten can be removed.

Ten washing machines

Do not rush to buy a new heating element. It is quite possible that the wires just moved away, and the ten itself is in order. To do this, you need to check it. Take a normal ohmmeter and take a measurement. Infinite resistance indicates breakdown tena.

You should buy a heating element of the same model and labeling. It must be installed in the reverse order of dismantling. It is imperative to ensure that it enters without distortions, tighten the nuts with effort, but do not overtighten, and then connect the wires. After that, try a test wash with a high temperature. If the washing proceeds normally, the machine does not stop, then the problem is fixed.

The problem with the sensors

If the machine starts to wash and stops for no apparent reason, there may be a problem with the sensors. They are used to monitor processes and the status of work. The main ones are:

  • water level sensor;
  • linen balance sensor;
  • speed control sensor;
  • temperature sensor.

If the sensor fails or does not work correctly, it transmits inaccurate information to the control unit. The machine cannot understand what the current water level is, what temperature, speed and other parameters. This leads to the fact that the machine stops during rinsing or at any stage of washing.

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Problem with control unit

Voltage drops, humidity, vibration - all this can cause a breakdown of the control unit. This is the brain of a washing machine. It collects information from sensors and, depending on the result, controls the units of the unit. With incorrect operation, most often the washing machine stops rinsing or spinning.

If the electronics fail, the machine may behave unpredictably and stop at any time during washing. Such a malfunction is rather complicated. Service centers have special equipment with which you can test the unit and identify a malfunction. If it cannot be fixed, the module will need to be replaced.

What to do if the machine stops while washing

Manufacturers try to simplify the operation as much as possible. If the machine stops during washing, pay attention to the display. Usually there is indicated an error code that tells about the cause of the breakdown. In the instruction manual you can read what this or that error means.

If the machine draws water and stops in the middle of the washing process, and you do not know the reason, then you must try to turn it off from the network. After, after a few minutes, turn it back on. It is quite possible that there was a malfunction in program management and thus you will eliminate it.

Video instruction

Your machine may stop during washing. Before you find the cause, you must drain the water. This video clearly shows what needs to be done if the machine stops with water.

Automatic machine is not an expensive thing. Sometimes it breaks down or may stop during washing. The reason may be a banal violation of the operating rules, or a breakdown of an important unit. If you find the cause, you can try to eliminate it yourself. But if you are not confident in your abilities - call the master.

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