Narrow washer / dryer

Ironing was not learned until the washing machines, although they already know how to steaming and straighten clothes when washing and spinning. Drying is already present. It is kept warm air in the likeness of dishwashers. The heating elements and the fan are standing, the hot stream washes the laundry and takes the moisture out. Air intake occurs from the outside. A narrow washer-dryer is more expensive, with a purchase you only have to process the laundry with an iron or steamer, then put it in the closet. Conveniently!

Ariston Narrow Washing Machines and Dryers

When dealing with ARMXXD 1097, first of all take care of the correct loading:

  • for washing - 7 kg;
  • for drying - 5 kg.

About automatic determination of the weight of linen - not a word, grasp the scales. The machine will take care of woolen and silk things with the help of a special program, the baby squirrel will be rinsed until the last trace of the powder disappears. Equipment can not iron things, but can not knead. This is ensured by the slow rotation of the drum in different directions after the end of washing.

Drying in washing machines Ariston demonstrates three modes provided by special sensors:

  1. Under the iron leaves things slightly moist. Then lightly scald enough to clean the closet. Functions Under the steamer is not yet observed.
  2. In the closet makes things dry, not much worrying about the folds.
  3. On the hanger handles clothes delicately, so as not to overdo it.

The classiness of the machine leaves much to be desired, when compared with models without drying, it is not surprising because of the energy consumption. The low spin class C is explained by the possibility to dry the clothes without rotating the drum. This is a clear move towards energy savings. The maximum spin speed is 1000 revolutions per minute, which coincides with the recommendations of the experts - the linen does not rub, it remains moderately dry.

The best features are considered to be half load and optimization of dispensing of detergents according to sensor readings. This allows you to handle 3.5 kg of linen with high quality and minimal cost, as a result, to dry the batch. Narrow washing machine Hotpoint-Ariston clearly knows how to take care of the buyer.

After the object is delivered home, remove the four locking bolts and the rubber cap under the parts. The holes formed are covered with special plastic caps. Leveling error does not exceed two degrees. The Ariston Washer Dryer detects two front adjustable legs.

Then simply joins the inlet hose. Protection against leakage is not mentioned. The drain hose enters the sewage system at a height of 65 cm to a meter. Before the start of operation, a washing cycle without laundry, but with a powder, is performed to clean the working compartment of the appliance. The price of the product starts from 15,500 rubles.

Built-in narrow washer-dryer Ariston

The washer-dryer Ariston CAWD 129 shows a depth of 55 cm, with a height of 82 cm. A typical model for a tabletop. The difference from the already considered free-standing equipment:

  1. The number of revolutions is up to 1200.
  2. Drying class V.
  3. Possibility of embedding.

The device costs from 20,000 rubles( 4500 rubles more expensive).Obviously, the price is explained by the fact that it is allowed not to use drying in general, the class of extraction falls into group B. There are no special features in operation, we proceed to the installation.

First surprise: if the door is hung before transportation, it will be possible to build a washing machine right in the package. The door is recommended to hang on the left for easy operation. In washing machines, Ariston often opens not only the hatch, but the entire front panel. This helps to reduce the noise figure. Hinges and magnetic snaps come with rubber stops. As it was supposed, the built-in washing machine Ariston with a dryer has a template in the set for hanging the door, but they were too lazy to lay out the scheme on the website. Manufacturers of dishwashers advise to hang the door last, but with a washing equipment Ariston a different alignment is possible.

The conditions for using the template are given in the instructions for general use. Not to say that the method is convenient. The equipment has a base, traditionally mounted on metal hinges, the height of which( rather, the depth) is adjustable. To level the top edge with the table top, the legs are adjusted in the right direction. With legs just confusion. Included are extra legs, four pieces. Plus adjustment elements are not displayed on the front panel. You will have to repeatedly put the washing machine in place and get it back to set up correctly.

Do not forget that the device has three elements that are connected locally:

  1. Drain hose.
  2. inlet hose.
  3. Power cord.

Installation is carried out in the specified order. In the instruction about objects not a word, the installation procedure is explained by the instruction that comes in the kit. There is no document on the site. Usually, a special bellows is used for drainage with a branch pipe or a PVC tee, for example, for 50 mm. If necessary, additional money is paid for a rubber reducer, for example, 50x20 mm. For docking of the inlet hose, you will need a shut-off valve. It is better to turn to plumbers, although in a private cottage we admit an independent approach.

Electrical installation is carried out with PVA wire to the place of installation of the outlet. Do not place on the floor.50 cm off the floor to meet safety standards. In the area of ​​the outlet should not get moisture in the form of drops, splashes and drips. It will be necessary to equip the element with proper grounding, it is forbidden to cut the plug of the washing machine with a dryer for electrical connection.

Narrow washing machines with dryer AEG

The class of narrow ones offered on the company's website includes only the washing machine with dryer L61470WDBI.Depth of the order of 55 cm, built-in machine. These German narrow washing machines are analogous to Ariston CAWD 129. Price bites.45,000 rubles, not everyone will be able to pay for a washing machine with a dryer. What is the difference?

First, classiness. Only the power consumption falls into group B, the rest is pure A. The unit is noisy( 56 dB) and light( 68 kg).There are no divisions by the amount of linen for washing and drying. Search for instructions on the code on the site a little lame, the name was able to detect a document in English. Detailed technical specifications are given:

  • Total power 2 kW.
  • Consumption current 10 A.
  • Minimum pressure in the riser 0.5 bar.
  • Maximum pressure in the riser 8 bar.
  • Restrictions for loading laundry during drying:
  1. Cotton - 3 kg.
  2. Synthetics - 2 kg.
  • Turns the drum when spinning - a maximum of 1400.
  • Depth! According to the instructions is 63 cm.

Washing machines narrow AEG is not at all narrow? !Who to believe now, the site or instructions in English? We make a mistake compiled instructions. Perhaps the dimensions in the document are given for the case with the package, but the height is the same.

Included in the kit are:

  • three plastic plugs to seal the holes for the shipping bolts;
  • drain hose;
  • plastic bend for drain hose;
  • key to adjust the height of the legs.

embedding process described. For this model is similar. If you want to buy a narrow washing machine, specify the depth of the model!

In conclusion,

A narrow vertical washer-dryer is a rarity, we do not recommend searching. Separate rulers decayed, the product today is considered obsolete. If you wish, take a look at the Brandt website. They did not bother to Russify information, but provide an online store entirely in Russian.

Vertical narrow washing machines are common. Simply find the desired model on Yandex-Market. In the huge catalog there are no narrow or wide vertical models with drying. We recommend the reader to learn how to use the Yandex-catalog. All sites tend to get there, it is guaranteed to raise the rating. If the online store is worth something, after moderation and a six-month wait will fall into this holy of holies.

The authors believe that the best washer-dryer should belong to the LG conveyor. If only because the manufacturer accounts for the lion's share of sales in the segment.

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