Which washing machine is better?

When trying to compare the frequency of requests in search engines for a month to repair a selected washing machine, I want to doubt the soundness of reasoning. If Miele equipment is sold 10 times less than LG, and the reliability of the equipment is the same, what ratio will it show among the requests for brand repair? Right!1 to 10.Technique LG is not worse, just bought more. Any equipment is broken regardless of which washing machine is better.

Sellers of washing machines

According to a press release for 2011, LG has been the leader in sales of washing machines for a number of years, so there is often a request for repair. Information of the analytical review of the market by the M-video store for the second half of 2013:

  1. LG takes the first place with 26% of sales from the total number of models of washing machines.
  2. On the second, as expected, Indesit with the Hotpoint-Ariston trademark with 24% of sales of the total.
  3. The third place went to Samsung, scoring 12% in total sales.
  4. The rest fell to other firms that were lagging far behind.
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When after the above figures on reliability, Miele is placed in the first place, they have sold an order of magnitude less washing machines than LG, according to Yandex statistics, we are only skeptically smiling.

Now let's look at the query frequency for 2012, the month of May:

  1. LG - 2926.
  2. Indesit( all brands) - 3026, Ariston - 834.
  3. Samsung - 543.

Although statistics are clumsy from different periods, we see that Samsung remained the leader. Why the conclusions are not applicable in practice, they have already said. It is required to collect data on all sales, not only M-Video, and get data on the departures of all the masters, even with a black income. Unthinkable task. It is much easier to request information from the quality department of a particular company. In addition, remember, between expensive and reliable products there is a lot of low-end models, which even in the first approximation are incorrect to compare in terms of reliability and quality.

How to evaluate whether a good washing machine or a bad one

It is permissible to make conclusions about the operating time with statistics. Answering which washing machine tank is better, we say - steel! Costs more. Cheap washing machines are equipped with a plastic tank. Plastic, however, is harmless. For an accurate answer, you will need to consider the question from the point of view of chemistry. Whether, for example, washing powder can overcome formaldehyde and other harmful compounds emitted by products of the chemical industry. Solve the issue without question:

  • Help with the exact name of the material of the tank of the selected brand;
  • The release of harmful substances during depolymerization is evaluated, the amount, chemical formula;
  • The ability of a powder to destroy harmful compounds at the washing temperature is considered.

Finally, an additional criterion. We take into consideration a number of expensive washing machines and look at the composition of the tank. We go to the Yandex market and begin to inspect the model price of 25,000 rubles and above. A simple way: under the ruler of properties, click "all properties", put a daw of the tank material - stainless steel. In the category up to 20,000 rubles, there was no front-loading washing machine with a metal tank.

There are 56 brands in all price categories, the only one is equipped with metal-plastic. The conclusion is obvious: the steel tank of the washing machine is good, otherwise the item would not be put into expensive models.

Steel tank is durable, does not emit harmful compounds, durable. If you are going to buy a washing machine, do a brief study. In the absence of the required amount, we check products with the Fuzzy Logic function. Such carefully and efficiently washed. Perhaps the user needs a washing machine without plumbing to give. Suitable activator models with vertical loading. They are economical, water with powder can be used repeatedly. Normal Oka for 3000 rubles refers to the voiced type, but without spinning. Created, for example, ultrasonic washing machines in the form of a "boiler", fit into a backpack. The cost is not exorbitant.

Dimensions of washing machines automatic

As for dimensions, even a small washing machine has a DWD-CV701 PC with front loading not less than 60 cm. There is a miracle of 13,000 rubles, when it is pressed, it works quietly, it is built in anywhere - a wall, furniture. Dimensions 60x60x30 cm, in the last place is the depth. This is an extremely small device that allows you to load in as much as 3 kg of clothing. With its own weight of the product 17 kg - excellent performance.

Unable to call the model economical with a flow rate of 36 liters per cycle, but the process lasts 29 minutes.6 programs and door lock, child protection. It's great. Included water filter optional. It is not too clear how to mount communications inside the wall. Installation in the wall in practice does not look as attractive as in the commercial.

Together with the smallest washing machine, the machine goes with an excellent instruction, which describes in detail the modes, the subtleties of operation and the program.

Useful features of washing machines

The question now is whether to buy a front-mounted machine with a dryer for clothes. We are skeptical about the option:

  • As a rule, the amount of linen for drying is half the volume for washing, this is inconvenient. In the absence of space for hanging things and a humid climate, a washer-dryer would be a good solution.

Please note that the aspect is sometimes incorrectly described in the descriptions on the dealer website. For example, the amount of laundry for drying coincides with the wash. This is impossible. So, it is necessary to study the instructions for the product, where everything is described in detail. The power consumption of machines with drying often belongs to class B. This is normal. LG plans to launch a giant with a load of about 17 kg and a drying capacity of 9, but the cost of the product in the energy class A + is terrible to imagine.

The situation in Russia with washing machines

There is definitely no Russian manufacturers among the leaders of today, the conveyor belongs to Italy.

They say that in Russia, with the release of washing machines, things are not going well. This is true. Yesterday's Russian brand Vyatka is now bought by Kandy from Italy. This happened in 2005, already by 2008 the washing machine Vyatka was released in the amount of 300.000 copies. Today, Vesta’s equipment has turned into a true European one. In models, Maria B1056 has a Fuzzy Logic function. Fast washing is carried out in 29 minutes, daily - in an hour. When loading 5 kg the product looks attractive. The market is extremely difficult to find. There are instructions on the site, and the price can not be found. The feeling that the equipment is out of production.

It turns out that Vyatka has its own chain of stores scattered throughout the country. Information about points of sale is easy to find right on the site. Outside the network, buy only used products for an extremely low price. Vyatka has many models, but the only one in stock! Bianca already has a name with a pronounced Italian sound. Spin a little limp, otherwise great technique with a load of 5 kg. There is a dosing function for washing powder and Fuzzy Logic water.


Readers may have heard about the washing machine semiautomatic. This technique is known. But to buy a washing machine semi-automatic drum-type will not work. The term refers to activator models with two compartments for washing and spinning. As a result, a person is forced to do some of the work independently. When the laundry has been washed, it will be necessary to transfer it to the second compartment with a centrifuge for pressing.

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