Is it worth buying and installing a sectional garage door?

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Sectional garage doors today are among the most optimal options for the arrangement of such buildings. They have their differences, which, in the end, will be reflected in the price. Therefore, it is worth to get acquainted with this product more closely.

Structural features

Sectional garage doors - a sheet made of metal, consisting of sections. In the design there are guide rails, due to which the various elements are connected. The movement of the gate goes from the top to the top when opening up to the ceiling space, and vice versa when closing. During this process, the mechanism raises each section - the subsequent element hides behind the previous one.

Sectional garage doors consist of:

  • linen - has two steel sheets, between which there is a polyurethane foam, which acts as a heat insulator;
  • guide steel profile with brackets and hangers - the first provide a raising and lowering of the gate, and the second their fixation in the extreme upper position;
  • spring system - it contributes to balancing the blade, and also provides manual control of the gate.

The construction of the gate is quite simple, therefore there will be no complications in operation. But the main convenience is automatic control. That is, the owner does not need to constantly leave the car to open and close the gate, and this significantly shortens the time.


Choosing a garage gate is a responsible event, because not only the walls protect the car from unwanted weather and human impact. Therefore, before buying a design, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the available selection of products.

Sectional garage doors can be:

  1. Made of sandwich panels. This version in its design has an additional layer of sealant to provide protection against freezing. The thickness of the panels directly affects the level of protection against burglary and energy efficiency. The sandwich panel consists of two sheets of steel, between which is a polyurethane foam. This type of gate has a fairly wide range, both in size and in texture with color.
  2. Made of a panoramic canvas. In this embodiment, an extruded aluminum profile is used in the production. In the canvas there are translucent inserts.
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Sectional garage doors can also be combined. Such models combine in themselves and sandwich panels, and panoramic canvases.

Also there is another classification - by type of management. Gates can be fully automatic, on remote or manual control. The first type has an electric drive mechanism in its design, the second type can be remote (using the remote control or mobile phone) or stationary control, but the third type will require physical efforts in order to open garage.


The more automated the system is, the more expensive it will cost. It is also important to pay attention to the company manufacturer, because the more famous the brand, the higher the price.

Advantages of sectional door installation

Gates garage lift sectional gaining popularity. And there are reasons for this. Some buyers may at first scare off a somewhat high price, but if you become acquainted with the advantages of such installations, it becomes clear that money will not be wasted.

Among the strengths, it is worth paying attention to the following points:

  • due to lifting the canvas in the ceiling space, save a lot of useful space;
  • this installation provides a good sound and noise insulation, so that the garage can be used not only to store the car, but as an auxiliary room;
  • Modern models have high protection against hacking;
  • simplicity and safety of operation;
  • if properly installed, the gate will provide a high level of thermal insulation and sealing the room.

To date, manufacturers offer a wide color palette and choice on the textural design. As for the price, it is directly related to the size of the canvas and the firm.

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Size and price

The garage opening is sized so that a certain vehicle can get inside. Accordingly, the gates are also chosen for these dimensions. Usually these are standard sizes - width m, height - 2 m. If desired, and the possibilities can be selected individual sizes. In addition, some manufacturers in advance offer a size grid, which lists the most popular and popular sizes.

The dimensions of sectional doors to the garage are selected according to certain parameters and recommendations:

  1. It is worth thinking about the future, that is, if the family now has a car, then in the future it can change to an SUV or even a family-type van. Also, there will not be one car in the family, but two or more at once. In this case it is better to buy a gate with dimensions of 3 x m.
  2. The depth of installation depends on the type of gate. For example, if the structure has an electric drive, then it will need extra space, which is why the depth is more than 3 meters. The mechanism located in the ceiling space will also require space, and therefore will affect the height of the gate. The upper jumper should not be lower, m. Only in this case, the lifting gates will move freely. For automatic gates, it is required at 1 m on the sides of the opening, so on the walls in these places it is better not to conduct any communications.
  3. The size of the gate is also affected by the angle of rotation and the slope on the access road.

The dimensions of the gates are chosen depending on the size of the garage. But it also happens that you have to be upset, and this applies not only to the walls, but also to the gate itself. Therefore, it is worth thinking about this moment at the stage of building a garage and maybe even making a "stock" for expanding the car park of the family. Also, do not forget that parking can be necessary and maneuver, and this will also require space.

There are general recommendations regarding the size of the garage doors in relation to the dimensions of the machine:

  • sedan, hatchback - 2500 x 2100 mm;
  • minivan - 2700 x 2500 mm;
  • Pick-up - 3000 х 2500 mm;
  • minivan - from 3090 x 2520 to 3225 x 3220 mm.
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Experts recommend the entry to do at 60 mm (and even better at 120 mm) more in width, and 30 mm (and even better at 60 mm) in height more than the dimensions of the existing car.

You can buy sectional garage gates, both in specialized stores and on sites. With regard to the cost of the size, it is something like this:

  • the minimum size (1870 x 2500 mm) - about 600 dollars;
  • the average size (2540 x 3000 mm) - about 720 dollars;
  • the maximum size (3040 x 5000 mm) - about 1195 dollars.

Sectional doors can also be ordered by individual measurements. Also, the final cost is affected by the final equipment, for example, whether there are lock locks or not.

It will be extremely difficult to install sectional doors into the garage with your own hands. But many firms offer such services. And if you order the product and with it the installation, you can get a good discount.

To date, the most popular firms are Alutech (Belarus), DoorHan (Czech Republic), Ryterna (Lithuania), Vishnyovsky (Poland) and Normann (Germany). These companies have a fairly wide range.

As can be seen from all of the above, when buying sectional doors in the garage, the size and price are completely interconnected. Therefore, first you need to solve the problem with the dimensions of the premises, and then under it to select the parameters of the design.

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