Russian washing machines - overview

In our time, almost everyone has a washing machine. Often, preference is given to washing machines produced in Europe or Asia.

Most citizens recall Soviet high quality washing machines with a long service life. But can a Russian-made washing machine boast the same characteristics?

Together with you we will understand this question, and we will make a brief review of the Russian imps.

Content of the material:

  • 1The difference between the Russian assembly and production
  • 2Features of Russian
  • 3Overview of washers

The difference between the Russian assembly and production

On the territory of Russia, they have been collecting washing machines since the times of the Soviet Union. Few people have not heard about the activator wipes "Baby "Fairy "Ob". In those days, even cars were produced semi-automatic.

The first automatic Russian model is the washing machine "Vyatka-automaton or rather "Vyatka-12 which was released on February 23 in 1981.

For example, the washing-machine "Vyatka Maria V 1056" is a model of economy class with standard dimensions: 85x60x54 cm. The capacity of the machine is 5 kg. Loading the laundry will not be a problem for the user, since the diameter of the loading hatch is 30 cm, and it opens 180 degrees.

Electronic control system greatly facilitates the process of using the stylalki. The machine erases things qualitatively. The energy consumption and spin class are A and C. The maximum speed of spinning the drum is 1000 rpm. At the same time, Russian manufacturers of washing machines took care of full protection against water leaks.

The difference between the Russian assembly and production

Important! Even Vyatka-automaton is difficult to call domestic, as the assembly completely corresponds to the scheme of Ariston machines.

Features of Russian

Russian machines have a great demand in the market of household appliances. Consumers are most interested in models with such technical characteristics:

  • front loading of clothes;
  • compact for installation in any small room;
  • large capacity hatch;
  • possibility to save electricity and water when turning on the styralka.

Russians, in contrast to Europeans, prefer frontal type washing machines. It is on the production of such models that producers are oriented.

Most models with a vertical load of the Russian assembly are found among the "Ariston" spinners.

A lot of companies also start from the needs of the audience, so it focuses on the production of SMA with non-standard sizes. These include the stylalki:

  • With a depth of 50-55 cm. Such are found among the models Beko, Atlant, Ariston, Candy.
  • Full-size cars - there are in the model range of manufacturers Atlant, Ariston, Candy, LG.
  • Narrow washers with a depth of 39 to 49 cm. The most demanded among users is the washer with a depth of 40 cm.
  • Very narrow models with a depth of 33-36 cm. Such narrow machines can be found at manufacturers Beko, Atlant, Ariston, Candy, Indesit.

In narrow washers there is not a large capacity for a laundry tank, but cars from Russia do not have this problem. For example, the Candy model at a depth of 33 cm is designed for loading, kg of dry things. Models with a depth of 40 cm can hold up to 7 kg of laundry.

Overview of washers

The Russian AGR assembly is based on technical characteristics. Consider some models that are popular. Below is an overview of Russian SM:

  • Indesit IWUB 4085.Inexpensive washing machine is 33 cm deep. The model can easily fit in a dwelling with limited space. At a capacity of 4 kg, the maximum spin speed reaches 800 rpm. The model guarantees high-quality washing and long service. The manufacturer took care of partial protection against leaks.

Overview of washers

  • Hotpoint-Ariston VMUF 501 B is a front-end model. Narrow washer with a capacity of 5 kg and a spin speed of 1000 rpm. The main advantage of SMA is the anti-allergy function. Model of economy class.

Overview of washers

  • Bosch WLG 24260 OE - machine with side load of laundry in 5 kg. The depth of the styrene is 40 cm, the maximum spin speed is up to 1200 rpm. A 3D AquaSpar system is provided for wetting the laundry. The model consumes a small amount of water.

Overview of washers

  • Ocean WFO-860S8 - Stiralka with the top loading of linen. The convenience of this model provides electronic control, and the main advantage is the water level display. It is possible to add things even after turning on the washer.
    Overall dimensions: 91х52х53 cm.

Overview of washers

Among the Russian-made washers it is quite possible to find machines that will meet all your needs, do not take up much space, do not break down after the first wash.

In this case, you can find a model with excellent performance at a low cost. A huge range of domestic washing machines with a lot of programs, additional options and protection functions is so beckoning consumers.

But it's best to stop the choice on the manufacturers, who use original spare parts when assembling.

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