Chaise lounge from China


Old furniture after repair in the apartment, shabby clothes and other unnecessary things - it's no surprise that over the years many of us have turned into a real warehouse. This "philosophy" extends not only to the country house, but also to the site. On your favorite "six hundred" we find a huge amount of broken garden tools, buckets without handles and even plastic furniture with cracks.

Spring is the time of renewal. This means that it's time to think about the general cleaning at the cottage and getting rid of all unnecessary trash. First of all, it is necessary to replace plastic furniture, because telling neighbors about their excellent harvest or a new variety of roses is much more comfortable with a cool lemonade in the garden.

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In domestic online stores there are many varieties of chairs and deckchairs. However, today many summer residents prefer more compact and light models. For example, the famous Chair One weighs about 840 grams, but can withstand up to 145 kilograms.

Thin aluminum tubes, plastic connectors and a nylon seat are very fragile, but only at first glance. Many years of experience of the legendary companies DAC and Helinox do not allow doubting the reliability of the folding chair. In the kit there is a special cover, and in the assembled state the product takes up very little space.

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Chair One has only one drawback - the price. Not all summer residents are willing to spend almost , 00 rubles on a conventional folding chair. Fortunately, Chinese production covers all areas of suburban life, and exact copies of Helinox products have long been sold on the website of AliExpress.

Analog Chair One from China is distinguished by the absence of a logo on the back and, of course, by the price (1500 rubles). The size, the presence of a handbag in the kit and the carrying capacity - everything else corresponds to the original. Reviews note that the chair is easy to assemble, but there are small difficulties with pulling the nylon seat.

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As for strength, up to 110 kilograms the product stands up precisely - this is still the biggest weight, marked by buyers. The chair is ideal for summer gatherings, picnics, family trips to the river or fishing. For beach holidays reviews recommend to choose a model with an elongated backrest - they can also be ordered on AliExpress, but by 500-700 rubles more.

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