How to hang a chandelier on a stretch ceiling yourself

How to hang a chandelier on a stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling as a unique element of decor, allows not only to achieve the highest quality of ceiling finishes, but also to realize even the most daring design decisions.

There are two varieties of suspended ceilings: glossy and matte with satin effect, whitewash. But in order for the ceiling to truly look stylish and unusual, it is recommended to correctly select lighting devices.


  • Is it possible to mount the lamp on a stretch ceiling
  • Installation Features
  • Necessary tools
  • Lamp selection
  • Ways of attaching a chandelier to a stretch ceiling
  • A step-by-step guide for each method of attaching the chandelier
  • Installing the chandelier with a hook
  • Installing the chandelier using the mounting plate
  • Installing the chandelier with a cross-shaped plank
  • How to decorate the place of attachment
  • Recommendations
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Is it possible to mount the lamp on a stretch ceiling

It is possible to fasten a lighting device to a ceiling made of PVC film, but only in full compliance with the specific requirements for power, appearance, etc. It is important to follow the rules for installing electrical appliances on the ceiling, otherwise damage (tearing) of the ceiling sheet is inevitable.

Lighting Requirements:

  • The chandelier must not spoil the ceiling during operation. Do not buy an appliance that exposes the PVC film to strong heat.
  • It is recommended to pay attention to the design features of the lamp.
  • It is more advisable to give preference to devices with energy-saving lamps that emit a minimum amount of heat during operation.
  • Alternatively, you can use halogen bulbs or incandescent lamps.
  • If the choice fell on the overhead chandelier, then precautionary measures are also required here. A thick metal plate should be used as the base of such a device so that there is no overheating and deformation of the PVC film.
  • An important point: the base of the device should not have sharp edges, so as not to cut the tension coating.

When using incandescent lamps, the distance from the appliance to the surface of the ceiling should be sufficient (the larger the better). The optimum power of the bulb is 40 watts.

It is important to know that a chandelier is able to complement the original interior and become a highlight of excellence, but it will also spoil it pretty much. When choosing a lighting device, you should pay attention to the texture of the film. For a white matte surface, standard room lighting requirements.

For a glossy surface, you should know that it is able to mirror all objects, in particular the chandelier (the number of lamps and shades doubles). For practical purposes, you should not choose lighting devices with a large horizontal surface where dust accumulates, dirt is very clearly visible on the varnish coating.

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Installation Features

When installing lighting fixtures on a ceiling made of PVC film, you should know some nuances:

  • The distance from the coating to the base surface with the internal arrangement of electrical appliances for halogen lamps should be 6 - 7 cm, and for incandescent lamps 9 - 12 cm.
  • The distance from the base surface to the coating for overhead lamps varies from 15 - 40 cm.
  • In order to avoid punching the coating of PVC - film, the contact of the canvas and the spotlight is not allowed.
  • Lighting devices with European marking “IP65” have a protective coating against dust and moisture, designed for installation in rooms with high humidity.
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Necessary tools

In order for the installation work to install fixtures and chandeliers on the tension coating to succeed, you will need the following tools and accessories:

  • set of electrical tools;
  • metal suspensions for drywall constructions;
  • special-purpose mounting knife for PVC film;
  • twine or marking line;
  • mounting rings made of plastic material;
  • measuring tape;
  • glue.

Lamp selection

Given the design features and installation method, all lighting devices for film coating are classified into:

  • Point mortise devices. Their popularity is quite high, this is due to practicality, ease of installation, operation, in them You can install both incandescent and halogen lamps of a modern sample (bright and at the same time economical). The optimum power of halogen lamps is 35 watts, and for incandescent lamps 60 watts.
  • Chandeliers as a classic lighting option. In the market of household electrical appliances, this group of products is presented in a fairly wide range, for every color and taste. Advantages of chandeliers: the possibility of varying the directions of light rays, practicality, gives the interior a genuine, refined effect.
  • Hidden LED lights. The main thing when using such devices is to know the measure so as not to spoil the overall impression of the room, the room. Hidden lighting combined with led strip gives a chic emotional effect, and in order for the effect to have a double power, a separate power supply and control panel are used. Such devices allow you to change not only the color, but also the intensity of its glow.

When installing the lamp on a stretch ceiling, it is recommended to determine in advance the place of attachment, which will be illuminated and how, and also in what conditions the appliance will function, while safety should be at first location. It is important to know that a lamp whose beams are projected downward illuminates an area of ​​1.5 to 2 square meters. m. This circumstance allows you to correctly calculate the number of electrical appliances for comfortable lighting.

It is important to know that the oversaturation of the ceiling by spotlights deprives the surface of attractiveness and can provoke various defects on the coating. To give the ceiling brightness and originality, you can apply a variety of decorative nozzles, all kinds of reflectors, diffusers.

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Ways of attaching a chandelier to a stretch ceiling

  1. With the help of a hook, a conventional pendant type chandelier is mounted.
  2. Using the mounting plate, a chandelier is installed, the kit of which includes this strip and studs for fixtures.
  3. With the help of a cross-shaped strap, large-sized devices are installed.

A step-by-step guide for each method of attaching the chandelier

Installing the chandelier with a hook

  1. Mounting on the main ceiling of the anchor hook.
  2. Adjusting the size of the hook for mounting at the level of the tension coating.
  3. A special thermal ring is glued, in which a hole is cut smaller than the diameter of the lamp cover.
  4. The chandelier is mounted on a hook.
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Installing the chandelier using the mounting plate

  1. For this type of fastening, you must first attach to the main ceiling a tab in the form of a wooden bar or plywood, resistant to moisture.
  2. The ceiling is stretched and mounted.
  3. The center of the bar is determined and a thermal ring is glued, in which a hole is cut a little less than the diameter of the base of the chandelier.
  4. The mounting plate is fixed to the bar.
  5. A lighting fixture is attached to the mounting plate.

Installing the chandelier with a cross-shaped plank

  1. The bookmark is made of moisture resistant plywood and the same overall dimensions as the chandelier. And in the center should be a hole for the wires.
  2. This manufactured bookmark is attached to the main ceiling.
  3. The film ceiling is stretched.
  4. In the canvas, one large hole is cut in the middle and four holes in the places of installation of the cross.
  5. Through four holes, the cruciform plate is attached to the tab.
  6. A fixture is mounted to the fortified bar.

How to decorate the place of attachment

In order for the mounting location to have a neat and complete look, you can use one of the proposed methods:

  • Using a polyurethane outlet, where the diameter of the decor should be larger than the installation site itself. The socket is attached to a good quality glue.
  • With a decorative sticker.


  • Given the characteristics of the material PVC - film, it is safer to use energy saving lamps.
  • It is more advisable to choose a device whose shades are directed downwards or diverge to the sides.
  • The cable and other installation components must be of high quality and reliable.
  • Observe safety precautions during installation.
  • Overhead lighting sources require a special approach, when heated, they can provoke the formation of defects on the coating.
  • When attaching electrical appliances it is recommended to use rubber gloves.
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