Which ceiling is better to make in the kitchen: photo, material choice

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During the repair work, many property owners are trying to find the answer to the question: what ceiling is best done in the kitchen? First of all, you need to pay attention to the harmony of all elements of the room. In the kitchen, the ceiling should be combined with flooring and wall material. There is high humidity in this room, traces of grease and dirt can remain on the building envelopes. It is necessary to carefully choose materials for the manufacture of the coating. Such products should be well cleaned of dirt, be resistant to moisture and sudden temperature jumps.

Combined ceiling in the kitchen

Material selection nuances

In today's market you can find a huge number of products that can be used to decorate the kitchen ceiling. These include:

  • rack type constructions;
  • tension;
  • decorative panels.

In addition to these options, the surface can be painted or wallpaper. The most budgetary option is the careful leveling of the base and subsequent painting. In this case, an environmentally friendly plaster mortar and putty is used. Subsequently, whitewashing or water-based paint is applied to the leveled base. This decoration option allows you to visually expand the usable space, which is considered a significant plus for small kitchens.

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The disadvantage of surface plastering is the complexity of the process. To obtain a perfectly even and smooth base, you need not only to apply the solution, but also to clean the surface, and this takes a lot of time. There are other methods of arranging the ceiling.

Plastered ceiling

The main methods of ceiling installation

To obtain a high-quality and reliable ceiling in the kitchen, you can use the following materials:

  • metal profile and plasterboard sheets;
  • decorative panels made of plastic;
  • polyvinyl chloride film or fabric for the installation of a false ceiling;
  • paint of the right color;
  • wallpaper;
  • special tile.

When choosing any of the suitable materials, study its technical characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Pay attention to the resistance of products to moisture and sudden temperature changes. Consider all existing options.

Beautiful ceiling in the kitchen


Particularly popular among users are single-level and multi-level plasterboard ceilings. This material with a perfectly flat surface allows you to hide all defects of the base. Under a multi-level design, you can successfully mask wiring or hide utilities. There are a huge number of design decisions regarding the shape of the ceiling. LED sheets can be inserted into the drywall sheets. Such lighting elements not only look beautiful, but also allow you to divide the room into several functional zones.

If the user has decided to choose multi-level structures for the manufacture of the ceiling, then he must carefully study the technical characteristics of drywall. For operation in this room, it is advisable to select moisture-resistant products. Such materials do not change linear dimensions and their original shape after exposure to moisture, well cleaned from contamination. Layered structures are preferably used in high rooms.

Drywall Ceiling

Plastic decorative panels

This finishing option is recommended for rooms with insufficient ventilation. Such products do not need special care, their surface is well cleaned from contamination with standard detergents. Installation of PVC panels can be performed even by an inexperienced builder. Plastic decorative panels are the best option for beginners.

The products in question enter the construction market in various colors, which allows the selection of material for a specific, existing style of the room. In high rooms, you can make a beautiful design, which consists of several levels. Each of the tiers is performed with a gap of 7-10 centimeters.

When finishing the surface with decorative panels made of polyvinyl chloride, choose products that do not deform as a result of sudden changes in temperature. Such materials must have quality certificates that state that the product does not emit toxic substances during exposure to elevated temperatures.

Plastic decorative panels

Surface painting

Going through the various options for the ceiling in the kitchen, many users prefer painting the surface, because everyone can do such a job without the slightest skill. For the kitchen, it is better to choose environmentally friendly washable dyes. The workflow occurs in the following sequence:

  • Level the base, clean it from dirt and dust.
  • Cracks and bumps on the surface are repaired with putty.
  • Let the solution dry, take sandpaper with fine grain and wipe all the irregularities on the base.
  • Using a paint brush or roller, apply a deep penetration primer. When the solution dries, repeat the operation again.
  • We carry out coloring. In places adjoining the walls we pass with a brush, on the remaining surface the paint is applied with a roller.

In some cases, yellow spots may appear on the coating. To prevent this from happening, alkyd dye is applied to the defective areas.

Painted ceiling

Using ceiling tiles

Many users do not know what ceiling to do in the kitchen with their own hands. One of the simplest materials is ceiling tile. For laying such products do not need special skills, the work is carried out using a simple building tool. To finish the ceiling, you must have at hand:

  • a sufficient number of expanded polystyrene tiles;
  • glue;
  • building tape;
  • stationery knife with interchangeable blades;
  • notched trowel.

The tile allows you to hide cracks and small irregularities on the base, but with significant differences in height, the surface must be leveled with plaster. When laying the material with a notched trowel, glue is smeared, then the tile is pressed tightly.

It is advisable to use products with a laminated surface, they are better cleaned from contamination. If stains cannot be removed, then the individual parts are replaced with new ones or the ceiling is painted. The ceiling is finished with tiles in small kitchens with a good hood. To prevent possible deformations, lighting devices are placed at a distance of 20 centimeters from the coating.

Ceiling tile in the kitchen


A similar way to decorate the ceiling has a number of advantages compared to other options:

  • low cost of material;
  • the ability to mask small cracks and elevations on the base;
  • moisture resistance of the coating, easy and quick cleaning of the surface from all kinds of contaminants;
  • up to 10 layers of paint can be applied to high-quality wallpapers, which often allows you to refresh the interior and bring to life the most daring design ideas;
  • a huge selection of texture, pattern and color of rolled materials;
  • high speed of work.

Each property owner can make his kitchen room cozy, the main thing is to develop a ceiling design in advance. Pay special attention to the type of glue, because each composition is selected for specific wallpaper. With the wrong choice of solution, the quality of the gluing deteriorates.

Wallpaper on the ceiling in the kitchen

Stretch ceiling

Fabric or film stretch ceilings are especially popular. This beautiful coating is mounted quickly, but certain skills and a special tool are necessary for its construction. The advantages of suspended ceilings include:

  • the ability to mask bumps and other defects on the base surface;
  • lack of preparatory work, the film is stretched along a special frame on an unprepared base;
  • allows you to hide various engineering communications;
  • the coating does not need special care;
  • the film does not leak moisture;
  • stretch ceiling has a long period of operation;
  • the ability to choose a huge number of colors and shades, an option using a photo;

Dense and durable material retains water in itself, which prevents flooding from the neighbors from above.

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