Clean the washing machine with citric acid

Even cheap washing machines dispense air conditioners thoroughly. This option is noted in the budget models of Samsung for 12,000 rubles. At the same time, there is not the slightest sign of some smart sensors. Before you clean the washing machine with citric acid, let's see what, in fact, you have to clean!

What kind of washing machine to choose

The instructions for the washing machine INDESIT IWSD 7105 indicated that excess detergent does not guarantee increased cleanliness of the laundry, on the contrary - contributes to the formation of plaque. It happens for a simple reason: simultaneously with the ingress of the powder into the water, it is heated. An excess of synthetic agents does not increase the protection of equipment. Powder for hand washing forms a mass of foam and is not recommended for use. According to experts, the use of improper powder will worsen the result of washing, in addition, it is capable of disabling equipment. Special mention of the dosing rinse!

The amount of liquid rinse should not be poured above the measuring grid in the tray.

It is allowed to pour excess powder, but it is separately stated about the air conditioner: do not exceed the maximum amount. This is not the only "dangerous" substance. The same is said about bleach, which is allowed to be loaded into the powder tray of the INDESIT IWSD 7105 washing machine. It turns out that the manufacturer does not indicate explicitly why the action is prohibited, but constantly makes remarks in the instructions. Prone to believe that a violation of the norms leads to the formation of scale on the heating elements, causing the deposition of excess detergent on the walls of the tank. Cleaning the washing machine with citric acid will definitely not help with the last contaminating factor.

Extracted underwear has a bad smell of rot? Tried all the ways of dispensing detergents and sin on the manufacturer of the powder? Most likely, the reason is the thick sediments of the conditioner rinse at the bottom of the tank. Similar cases are described on the forums. We have to remove the drum and clean the tank by hand. This is a long and unpleasant procedure, unsafe for old washing machines. It is easy to damage the tank, rapidly losing strength after 8 years of good work. We recommend that you carefully read the instructions for use in dispensing detergents.

In the case of a washing machine, citric and acetic acids are bad, unlike electric kettles. In the first lower temperatures, there is an abundance of rubber elements. The loading compartment of the frontal machines is covered by a rubber gasket. Any of these acids cause the rapid aging of rubber, which is highly undesirable. We will recommend to study the insides of the tank more closely. For washing machines with a vertical load, the complexity is not so urgent. However, do not forget about the drain hose, often made of rubber. For these reasons, cleaning with a citric acid washing machine does not look the best way out.

Do not recommend using other tools for cleaning electric kettles. Choose cleaning products for dishwashers. Now they do not add harmful orthophosphoric acid and other aggressive components. Do not forget, cleaning products remove rust and plaque, but can damage the protective layer of metal, especially plastic. For example, in the case of automobile gas tanks, orthophosphoric acid, while scouring rust, with deep corrosion can make a hole in the wall. Therefore, the substance is actively removed from the means for removing scale.

Means for cleaning washing machines, as a rule, are struggling with bloom. Citric acid is not capable of this! The result of the struggle depends on the regularity of the procedure. Descaler 3 in 1 from Indesit is recommended to be used once every three months. This is enough to prevent the overgrowing of the washing machine with filth. The package contains ten bags, which means that the pack is enough for 2.5 years. It is worth Descaler 3 in 1 for cleaning washing machines 600 rubles. It is difficult to find a drum washing machine, which costs less than 8,000 rubles, and to spend an additional 2,400 rubles on its maintenance for 10 years is not expensive.

We strongly do not recommend cleaning the washing machine with citric acid, other foreign matter. The advice also applies to dishwashers. Trying to save a pittance, we gain the chance of serious spending on new equipment. This is especially true for dishwashers, which are one and a half times more expensive than washing, if we take the segment. This is not an electric kettle for 1000 rubles.

Do not confuse with the described class of substances the means for protecting washing machines from scum like Calgon. These are different products:

  1. Cleaning products for washing machines are used in a special cycle. Some manufacturers of home appliances even indicate a special set of parameters to achieve the goal. Read the instructions carefully. The same applies to dishwashers, where cleaning is given more serious importance, although the working chamber, unlike the washing tank, is always in sight. But there is an extensive network of internal pipes and heating elements, spiral or flow. Special cycle does not mean any, it is necessary to read the instructions. Cleaning agents are struggling with the already existing factor - scale, salt deposits and detergents. A separate cycle is required, because it is often too aggressive to contact with the clothing of a person. Purifiers are also designed to combat powder - you cannot put two substances in the tank at the same time!
  2. Protective equipment is the exact opposite of cleansing. Designed to initially eliminate the formation of scale or the deposition of various contaminants. Each time, starting the work cycle, the owner of the washing machine fills Calgon or falls asleep from the formation of scale. Dispensing funds - a separate question. In areas with soft water, descaling often becomes unnecessary. And chemicals for cleaning is still required to apply.


Clean & Care washing machines for Electrolux washing and dishwashers are packaged in sachets. The content is supposed to be poured directly into the drum, then start the standard program with a temperature of 40 ºС without rinsing and prewash. Depending on the level of water hardness, the powder is used 2-4 times a year. To determine the salt content, it is permissible to purchase a special test strip. Like those that go along with dishwashers. The test costs a little more than 100 rubles, but allows an unbiased assessment of the quality of water from the tap. This will help with cleaning the washing machine, with the dosing of softening salt.

Of course, when cleaning the drum is empty. The tool is safe for humans, if you follow the instructions.

Using the tool solves three tasks at the same time:

  1. Descaling.
  2. Dissolving grease and detergents.
  3. Destruction of microbes.

Unlike Descaler 3 in 1 Clean & Care from Electrolux does not fight with fat. It is recommended that you first degrease it before placing it in the dishwasher. Note that Descaler 3 in 1 is often mistakenly attributed to Merloni. It's funny, but on the official websites of companies about the means for cleaning washing machines do not say a word. It's hard to find these descailers on sale.

Clean the washing machine with possibly skilled hands. If there is confidence that the bottom of the tank is already covered with a layer of old powder, and the chemical cleaning process does not work, it is time to take up a screwdriver and a wrench. Of course, periodically it is useful to wipe the drum and the door, the control panel and the table with a soft cloth and a cleaning agent suitable for plastic. The board is prescribed in each instruction.

The drain pump filter in most washing machines is self-cleaning, in others it will have to be periodically washed by hand. Usually, the part is located in the lower part of the front panel behind a special door or a removable plastic facade. A clogged filter can cause the drain pump to fail. Cleaning is done every 1 - 2 months. It is recommended after each wash to wipe the space under the cuff of the entrance hatch of the washing machine - a rubber gasket visible behind the glass. Wipe with extreme caution so as not to stretch the product and not to cause more harm to the washing machine than good.

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