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The choice of a heater for a holiday home is a question that is often of interest to summer residents. An efficient heating system is gas heaters, which in the modern market are presented in a wide range.

Which gas heater should I choose?

In the process of choosing a heater for your holiday home, you need to determine the parameters of the room (dimensions, area and cubic capacity), the location of the installation, how often and for what purposes it will be used.

Gas summer heaters are recognized as the most efficient thermal radiators. They are able to provide a large space with heat. There are mobile models that can be used both indoors and outdoors (gazebos, terraces).

Some stationary models have the ability to connect two sources of gas supply: balloon liquefied and central gas. In the absence of one of the sources - there is always a spare option. This is a significant advantage of such gas heaters.

To determine which gas heater to choose for a summer residence, you can use the following recommendations:

  • Productive capacity. This indicator allows you to determine the choice of heater in proportion to the parameters of the room, which needs to be heated. To provide heat to small rooms up to 20 m2, it is enough to purchase a heater with a capacity of up to 3 kW. For large rooms, respectively, it is preferable to have power in excess of 3 kW.
  • Security systems. It is necessary to choose models with the presence of basic safety systems: control of flame burning, a mechanism for protecting gas leakage in case of a heater overturning, the system analysis of the oxygen level in the room (in case of a decrease in the oxygen content of the air, it automatically turns off the heater and cuts off the gas supply), availability thermostat.
  • Versatility. To eliminate the inconvenience and under any unusual circumstances not be without heat, a gas heater It is necessary to select with a possibility of a double variant of connection to the source of gas supply (cylinder / central highway).
  • Mobility. The possibility of using a heater both inside and outside the house makes its purpose and application more extensive and convenient.

Together with the parameters and basic requirements for the selection of gas heaters, there are safety standards for the premises where they are installed. Observing these norms, a person ensures the safety of people who are in a heated room.

Be sure to monitor:

  • The tightness of the connection of the gas hoses on the cylinder and on the heater. If a gas leak is detected, the leakage must be restored.
  • The presence of ventilation in a room with a mobile heater and traction in ventilation ducts on stationary versions.
  • Do not install flammable substances or materials against the hot air flow from the heater. This may cause a fire.
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Overview of gas heaters for cottages

The market of gas heating equipment offers several types of gas convectors and heaters. The review of gas heaters for a summer residence is necessary for definition of its necessary parameters and properties, and also a kind of a heater.


To date, there are the following types of gas heating equipment for cottages:

  • Thermal gun;
  • Gas convector;
  • Catalytic heater;
  • Infrared heater with ceramic burner;
  • Street heater;
  • A stove with a small gas cylinder.

Thermal gun for giving

Has a cylindrical shape with attached to the bottom of a rectangular solid stand. Inside the stand is the entire filling of the gas receiving system and security system. The power of heat guns allows heating of rooms up to 30 m2 and from 30 to 500 m2.

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Heat guns create hot air by means of a gas heat generator that has the ability to process gas into thermal energy. Its properties allow direct (not isolated flame of the burner) and indirect heating of the room. They have a closed system for removing combustion products. The generator automatics allows to react to gas supply interruptions and insufficient concentration of oxygen in the environment.

Pros and cons of gas heaters of this type:

  • The advantage of heat guns is their mobility. You can use them even in nature in a tent, or in a gazebo.
  • The disadvantage is the presence of exhaust fumes and a characteristic smell. They are not very pronounced, but they are not recommended for long in an enclosed space.

Gas convector for summer residence

Gas convector for cottages is the leader among heaters. In appearance, it almost does not differ from the battery of water heating. Sometimes it is placed under the window, as well as the battery. Its design allows using both types of gas connection (balloon liquefied and main). Switching between feed modes switches easily.
The working process of the gas convector is based on taking air from the street, heating it, and circulating inside the room. Combustion products are automatically output outside the house. This principle of operation allows you to quickly heat the air in the room and automatically maintain it. The range of temperatures is from 13 to 38 degrees Celsius.

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Catalytic heater

Works without fire, combustion products and without unnecessary noise.

As fuel, gas and gasoline can be used. The function of the heating element is performed by a catalytic panel consisting of fiberglass and platinum.

For holiday homes - one of the best options. They are reliable, ecological, have a high degree of fire safety and explosion safety. For small rooms up to 20 m2 the best heater can not be found.

Infrared heater with ceramic burner

itthe most expensive gas heaters. In numerous reviews of gas heaters for cottages, it is not recommended to use them widely in everyday life, since in principle the work involves an open burning of the flame. But, along with this, they are very reliable, economical, and durable.

The design allows you to mount an infrared heater on the ceiling, walls, floor.

Street heater for summer residence

It has the form of a street lamppost. It's easy to connect.

As a fuel, liquefied gas is used in cylinders.

It performs the function of temporarily heating the space around itself.

An ideal way to warm up while holding a barbecue and relaxing on the street or in the gazebo.

A stove with a small gas cylinder

This heater can be of different sizes and has many modifications. It is used for heating tents on rest or the space of a gazebo in a summer cottage. The parameters for selecting the heater output are calculated as 1 kW per 10 m2 of area.

When choosing a gas heater for a dacha, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​its application and the main functions. Preference, best of all, give manufacturers of well-known brands.

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