Iron device

The iron heats up spiral, how to adjust the temperature? Not suitable power components, transformers, gear and accessories, which is crammed with appliances. Exotic regulator can not be called. Bimetallic strip that accompanies the kitchen since the release of the first heating appliances that make life easier mistress. Iron apparatus differs little in terms of the electric oil heaters. We would say the difference is limited PETN design, double radiator, in iron single. The oil heater element form close habitual, familiar from advertising washing machines each. In iron electric scheme resembles a flat-Tan (back of the bottom of the horseshoe privaltsovana spiral). iron device intersects with other appliances, it is curious to observe familiar with the topic of repair.

iron stuffing

iron design

It would seem that the total iron in the device, and a coffee maker for cappuccino? Boiler! Similar in appearance powerful contours, the resemblance is obvious. Whence comes, perhaps, irons makes the neighboring plant. The coffee makers carob type pressurized 15-25 atm. Battery ahead autumn receiving test pressure for half an hour.

Conditions required to selling water through the coffee tablet dense, compressed cup horn wrapped amateur strong (not intoxicating) beverages. Same with getting the couple, a different temperature. Inside stands a real compressor. Lang does not turn called pump pump, due to high pressure. In irons liquid flows slowly into the tank, and tightly against the sole, becomes steam. In this situation of no pressure within speech.

The only assumption external similarity tanks irons and coffee makers expressed. In what appears the similarity? Boiler maker is formed by two identical halves almost flat, fastened to the perimeter of the rubber gasket plurality of bolts. Sturdy construction can easily withstand huge pressure indented transverse stiffeners. At the same powerful iron welded to the half sole, it creates an impression of strength and power. But... it is not clear why it is necessary. Recall, on the bottom there is a lot of small holes will not allow the pressure to rise, in principle.


iron capacity - flat tank, stuck to the sole. Can not be separated, cleaning the device turns into hard labor. If the water is not filtered, inside kopyatsya salt coating, rust.

Ironing turns into a mysterious occupation, is difficult to say at what point will a dirty stain on clothes.

  1. First, filter the water before ironing.
  2. Second, boil in a kettle.
  3. Third, re-filtered.

The sequence of actions will reduce the likelihood of staining. We do not recommend to filter twice, if it were not for sure that electric perfectly clean. Avoid use in the iron to produce steam mineral water. Disaster strikes. Mineral water contains salts, from which the liquid is carefully trying to clean tools, mechanical and chemical. iron device does not provide protection against limescale. In advanced encouraged to use tablets or periodically wash the special rod. The ads often speak about the magnesium, I doubt that the principle of action reminiscent of the heater element anode. When the latter is formed very much sediment.

cord iron

Like a couple of words about the supplement water sprinkler. Iron parameters take into account human needs. It has long been observed that if the clothes with water to irrigate, to cope with the folds becomes much easier. It based on this technology, spurting jets of water on the course. How does the iron in this case? There is next to the steam button is driving the pump. The water hits the tank, goes on a thin hose to the spout, from which is injected in the direction of movement.

How does an ordinary iron

And now the operation of a typical electrical circuit of the iron:

  1. Fork switched outlet.
  2. Exhibited the desired mode.
  3. According TENu current begins to flow, generating heat in accordance with the law of Joule.
  4. By sole attached bimetallic spiral controlling temperature.
  5. It reaches a predetermined point, an iron off.
  6. Some time is pressing, bimetallic plate after the heating process starts again.


Clearly, the system has inertia, or any variety of irons would be unable to work. In a further bimetallic plate hysteresis, it works to shut off at a temperature of at inclusion. It allows the iron off iron 30-60 seconds. This effect acts as a basis of wireless technology, discussed below.

The principle of action repeats iron boiler. The hot tank water is thrown, the steam obtained. The rate of production is controlled, the button that sends a different section of the nipple into a predetermined position. More passes, more steam is generated. Clearly, if you put the iron on its heel, the process will stop immediately. Basically convenient. How is steam? There is a separate button that controls the pump. Instantly tank takes a lot of water (one click), injected complementing slowly flowing down under gravity.

This results in a greater steam pressure of the boiler grows outwardly bursting hot jet, smoothing wrinkles, killing microbes refreshing.

Clearly, too often impossible to use the steam, temperature of the soleplate drops without further controlled in simple models irons. If you overdo it, you will get wet stains on clothes. True trouble, which intelligent devices is eliminated by various methods.

The cleaning mode is in a similar style:

  • To start temperature of the soleplate is brought to a maximum.
  • Creating favorable conditions for the development of a large amount of steam.
  • The power turns off.
  • Steam regulator is opened to the full over the sink.
  • Water begins to flow in the active tank.

Not all of the liquid forms a vapor, the water begins to rapidly drain from the holes. Self-cleaning occurs. Clearly, if you do not perform the procedure on a regular basis, the next steam can repeat what was said, the mud will pour out on the laundry. Deeper cleaning requires the use of citric acid. Excellent removes dirt from the soles. For example, a pan, which is filled with a solution that did not get the plastic of the housing. Then the iron is boiled in a liquid, washed with water by using steam blow. The process is repeated in a circle.

Cordless irons

the wireless apparatus characterized by having iron temperature control system. The sole is heated evenly, as far as required, the indicator flashes. Clearly, the magic a bit ordinary bimetallic strip pull task. Similarly, when the unit cools down, the other light lets you know: it's time to warm up the instrument. Inside stands a spiral. The heat accumulating tank walls. Another reason why it is best to do thicker. Better heat stored therefore advantageous temperature conditions, for more steam as possible.

Cordless irons are advantageously mutually different cycles ironing. We Tefal - like 4 seconds charging, 25 ironing seconds. Time is most housewives, all were satisfied. Technical characteristics of the different parts of irons. Panasonic gives the cycle is longer, Tefal offers two types of soles, a non-stick. It is clear, more expensive. Curious looks technology catalytic splitting of fats.

Finally, the principle of operation of a cordless type of the iron is cyclically energy accumulation tank walls and base, followed by using. Characteristics are in conflict. Increase the heat capacity of iron is accompanied by increased weight, it impairs performance class of devices. However, when battery life 2kg not look terrible.

We finished discussing how the iron. Hopefully, the review turned out not dull, informative. It is important to know how the device works, then it becomes clear what to expect!

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