How can I clean the iron

Iron cleaning is not an easy thing. The root of evil is in the sole: the iron quality of a modern iron is determined by it. It is not recommended to scrape sensitive surfaces. In addition, individual soles acquired useful qualities only because of the coatings. Let's talk about cleaning the iron, how to clean it so as not to spoil it.

Steam iron

Steam iron device

The steam iron device seems mysterious. In fact, everything is simple. Under the handle is a container with water, above the sole - a flat tank. Often constitute a single whole: the handle and the container, the sole and the tank. Reported channel, which summed up the pump for the forced injection of water. So technology is implemented steam blow.

In standby mode, liquid at a rate that depends on the settings enters the tank. The sole, of course, heated to 200 degrees, the water instantly goes into an aggregate state. The most intelligent irons demonstrate protection from leakage, if the owner likes to abuse the steam blow. In the latter case, the liquid mass penetrates at once, lowering the temperature of the sole. As a result, not all of the water goes into a different aggregative state, part of it drains onto clothing.

The sole carries a series of holes, a number depending on the model through which the steam leaves the heated tank. Cleaning is required, because people do not use, as a rule, distilled water. Inevitably formed scum. In addition, metal parts are oxidized, oxides are opaque. As a result, through time inside the tank and on the sole the pollution is formed. With the further use of steam on clothes, traces are formed, which does not contribute to a favorable impression of the owner's appearance.

Cleaning the iron

Plaque must be periodically removed. The soles are fragile, do not tolerate abrasives, you can not climb into the tank with a brush. What to do?

How to clean an iron

correctly Oxides and deposits are usually removed with acids. Used citric, acetic, less salt. It is assumed to take the solution concentration not higher than 5%.

  • Manufacturers working with steam recommend cleaning with acetic acid. The structure instead of water refuels in a tank. Then the development is carried out in a special mode Self-cleaning or just a duty version. After the procedure, you will need to wash the device with water. For irons, the Self-cleaning mode is implemented in a similar way to the steam blow. Just the water supply valve swings open to the full, the stock is drained through the tank and then through the sole. Before the procedure, the iron is supposed to be heated to the maximum temperature. Self-cleaning readiness is often signaled by a light bulb. Then the iron is disconnected from the outlet, placed horizontally( with the sole down) above the bath, where the Self-cleaning button is pressed. Gushing steam, then jets of water, indicate that the process was successful. If it does not work, press the Steam shot again and again, without waiting for the prescribed 3 - 5 seconds. The result will be similar.

If you tried to carry out cleaning according to the instructions, but there is no result, water does not want to flow out or the result is not noticeable, there are typical qualities of cheap irons. Use the steam boost button, repeat the procedure several times, then wash the iron with clean water, without heating the sole.

The method of cleaning iron

  • Popular methods do not shake the imagination, but they work. Take the pan, where the vinegar solution is poured exactly under the tank ceiling. If you are afraid of damaging the plastic body, do not pour the solution above the specified level. Modern polymers can withstand temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius without difficulty. Check on a small section if the hull keeps boiling. Carefully push the needle into the hole in the sole to measure the height of the tank. To this value, add 5 mm in case of high ceiling. Now we know how much vinegar to pour, it's time to start. By the way, table vinegar in plastic bottles contains almost the required concentration. Use.

Put the pan with the device on the gas, being careful not to damage the power cord. The solution is heated to boiling, cooled. Repeat several times. After the procedure, rinse the iron with water.

The advantage of the described national method: cracks down on the scale inside the iron and on the sole. Stinking synthetic pencils emit so much smoke when cleaning that they discourage repetition. This can be seen on YouTube, where the sole is cleaned with hydroperit pills. According to the author, the cost of medication is meager, sold in any pharmacy. The sole of the iron is heated to a high temperature, then through a rag it is carried out with a tablet of hydroperit.

Fire hazard method, smoke is coming out, medicine flashes. Be careful. After cleaning the sole of the iron is recommended to wipe with a soft cloth.

Natural pencils are expensive, not everyone wants to pay the cost of iron for cleaning. If you use chemical pencils, open the windows wide open. So as not to breathe too much. Carbamide pencils, the substance forms the basis of hydroperit tablets. Pencils, unlike tablets, do not burn, but the smoke goes strong.

Plus pharmacy in cheap. The tablet will cost about 6 rubles. If the sole of the iron is very dirty, you will need two tablets. Although synthetic pencils are also cheap. Note that manufacturers do not advertise the material. Synthetic pencil is easy to distinguish from the natural for the price. When it comes to cleaning, the difference will become apparent. Natural pencils almost do not smoke.

They told how to clean the iron at home, but the methods are not the only ones. It is permissible to use descaling agents for household appliances. If for dishwashers and washing machines have to choose, irons are not so capricious. Almost any tool will do. Use according to the instructions, or make a compress at night. It is permissible to clean the iron by putting it on polyethylene greased with the purchased product. You usually have to wait less. It takes an hour to clean the soleplate of an average operating time.

Iron Cleaning Method

Alternative Iron Cleaning Methods

  1. Some people try to clean the iron with salt. The substance is placed on a flat surface. Then it is necessary to stroke the salt with a heated sole for a short time. In all likelihood, ceramic soles will not withstand such treatment. Paraffin chips are added to the salt as a catalyst. The scheme of cleaning the sole of the iron does not change.
  2. To add shine to the product will help toothpaste. In addition to the obvious cleaning properties, it has some abrasiveness. Manages to scrub the pollution. It is advisable to use a sponge. The brush is too coarse for the soft sole of the iron( although the teeth are brushed).
  3. If the sole is covered with a thick layer of soot, we recommend to make a compress at night. Water wears away a stone. Overnight, soak the main layer. Use on polyethylene a descaler, in extreme cases, faerie for dishes. They say that boiling with office silicate glue saves from soot well. Dirt leaves flakes, as required.
  4. Try to fight with a tube of PVA and a piece of soap( 72%).You will need a pan and water. Crumble soap, add PVA, dilute with water. In such a solution, the iron is boiled, and as it is evaporated, the stock is replenished. Take boiled water, less salt there. After the procedure, boil an additional iron in a solution of vinegar, as shown above.

How to obtain solutions for cleaning iron

Acetic acid at a concentration of 70% is diluted with water in the ratio of 1:10.It is permissible to take 13 parts of water. Table vinegar is used similarly. The acid concentration is 5%.

Dry citric acid in crystals is taken by weight. For example, to get a 5% solution, for 1 gram of substance, take 20 ml of water. Plus - the solution can be cleaned inside the iron. Pencils are intended only for the sole.

We hope the information was helpful.

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