How to disassemble the iron

Surprised, but the problem is how to disassemble the iron, it is the most difficult for repairs. The manufacturer is trying to impose on the official service. The dismantling of the USSR iron was difficult occupation. What to say about the current diversity. The Soviet model was quite rude from the aesthetic point of view, the master is free to not worry about the appearance, beautiful modern models, find such a fragile body. Plastic parts as purposely made of polymer varieties exhibiting minimal flexibility, is easily broken.

We believe the steps are done, again, to give work to service centers. The average man - used to count every penny, we want to do with their hands. So today's topic: how to disassemble the iron.

disassemble the iron

We begin, perhaps, promised the Soviet iron. Outset little to do with steam. We list the details that make up the iron with a seal of quality in the form of a star inscribed in the Pentagon:

  1. Back cover.
  2. Temperature regulator.
  3. Power cable.
  4. Sole.
  5. The handle is often integral with the housing.
iron Dismantling

tool kit

Inside the power block, heater sole, thermostat and thermal fuse. The model UL-84, which we see in the photo, in the rear portion of the sole cover quick access to TENu. See the cover with an inverted iron. Admire power contacts PETN. In the background you can see the gentleman's set for the opening of household appliances. Let us explain. The green case a plurality of tips along with typical TORX can be seen improbable form head. Set purchased in Moscow at the expense of the order of 800 - 1000 rubles. Included adapter. Today, the bits are much cheaper due to competition for dealers.

The heads are not suitable reversible screwdriver, you'll see here. Through tyutelka adapter on the nose includes an internal magnet. In case you can see the gray 6 slots for full-time head screwdriver. Cost pleasure to handle the hundreds of rubles, not more than 400. Why obmusolivat tool for a long time? Each video begins with the dismantling of the iron complaining of non-standard screw heads. Meanwhile every man just to get a gentleman's set, allowing to promote a spaceship. And drive readers may have purchased with interchangeable heads. Acquiring the set of non-standard tips!

Gib and contacts

Gib and contacts

Removing the back cover (photo number 2), see: obviously no power bolts. It is seen:

  • clamping bar with two screws;
  • contacts, leaving the relay, a coil is broken bimetallic plate, adjustable handle regimes.

Clearly, the input must be sought from the temperature controller. Carefully pry the handle two screwdrivers on the sides, with a terrible crash fly. Regulator held by two steel spring-loaded clamps, clinging to the gutter. There is nothing criminal. Look at the photos, it looks terrible if it works not just for half a century. Give such a guarantee Philips, Vitek, Tefal, Braun, Bosch? Draw your own conclusions. See two security screws, unscrew immediately!

We reveal temperature regulator cap

We reveal temperature regulator cap

To remove the sole analyze the terminal block shown the second photo. The last image we see an adjustable bimetallic plate. To protect against improper dressing regulator in the assembly holes marked asymmetry of shape. Disassembly is complete. unit power is 1 kW, the coil resistance should be 50 ohms. It is performed at any position of the thermostat until the contacts are closed.

Of course, when bimetallic plate adjust then necessary. Use pliers plus skillful hands. Bending the metal, for the temperature change relays. Unplug the heater, dismantling the contacts in the photo number 2. Check the resistance of the short-circuit relay. Great - clean contacts, grind.

inspection of contacts

inspection of contacts

Decompose imported steam iron

We avoid the claim that disassemble the iron Tefal simply cite typical methods.

  1. The first screw fancy to the nose, the second - in the steam blow buttons sprinkler (sometimes under steam control knob). The screws are placed on the back. Sometimes it can be found under the back cover.
  2. Nasal screw sometimes replaced teeth. In the steam boost button, the spray must be finding, unscrew the bolt. Rear screw often visible to the naked eye, showing the fifth photo.
    Screw you need to unscrew

    Screw you need to unscrew

  3. Remove the steam boost button sprinkler iron difficult. Often on the sides of the teeth included in the oblong slots of the handle. Carefully inspect the button, preferably through a magnifying glass under the light. Pry teeth (usually two) screw drivers, drag over. The button should go.
  4. Front screw hidden decorative panel disposed above / below the front sprinkler water. Difficulty - pour the water, press the corresponding button. From the sprayer forward hit a trickle of water.
  5. Each button drives the pump built into the tank. The piston can be removed. The need for careful disassembly occurs, the pump runs, does not perform the function.
  6. Steam flow regulator is removed or not removed - defined design model, meaning D: changes the orifice channel water injection. It affects steam.
  7. Regulator temperature is almost always removed, gently retighten the bottom. It is better to do one, with two screwdrivers.

The device of the modern iron

Modern three-tiered irons, a typical composition:

  1. Handle is integral with the tank.
  2. The housing, which protects the tank from a hot soleplate.
  3. Outsole with a water heater, holes, to let off steam.

Assembly structurally united. Disassemble parts without failure is often not possible. Handle glued to the tank, the body is a single piece of plastic welding process boiler and soles generally find it difficult to identify.

Under the hull compartment worth of electronic components. Thermostat submitted bimetallic plate. Near visible thermal fuse, usually molded by a heat-resistant fabric on the tank wall, or right next to TENu. Accordingly, the setting element may be, for example, 140 degrees or above. Determined implementation of the scheme of protection against overheating, iron model. Check thermal fuse can be on the bracket at eloquent inscriptions on the body, resulting in allowable current (optional), the tripping temperature.

Thermal change similarly. To disassemble the iron wire Braun Freestyle, will need to push the lead back in the electronics. According to the advice given above, first remove the back screws and then bow. Finally, remove located in the steam boost button, the sprinkler. Cord, the electronic part held with plastic teeth. Handle the tank is almost the sole one. However, in the bow, we note a couple of security screws. Proceed according to circumstances.

Design, we believe, was the basis for a cordless iron. Power contacts are made detachable. You can shoot, put the soles with a tank, a handle on the place at will. Without disassembly. Although any cordless irons work cycles: n seconds tyrannized stand, m seconds irons underwear - in no timers (alarm LEDs are). He worked as a manager of a bimetallic plate. The sole circuit included green light created by the second upper contact position for red. Follow the instructions of traffic lights. Green - so it is possible. Red? It is time to put an iron to gain strength.

The models with a built-in battery, of course, weigh more. Not everyone can be called quality of dignity. But autonomous operation lasts longer. As for the conventional expensive cordless irons, the loop is something like 24 - 5. Ironing time five times longer holiday. Disassemble the cordless iron is no more difficult wire.

Add wireless irons are not uncommon: Tefal, Philips. Recently on the market, Panasonic came. This news in America Tefal unpopular. Panasonic boasts a convenient portable box. Forgot inspect sold Russia, overseas Japanese most ergonomic iron among wireless models. Released an Indian, even buy on e-bay complicated.

By the way, wait a little about the Buddha's birthplace think too badly. He lives a good part of the world's population, a large salary software.

We hope to teach the reader how to disassemble the iron. Led typical methods are used everywhere. Create a universal instruction is impossible to sort out how many models. One manufacturer specific instances can be strikingly different from the rest, represented by the market. Farewell, we are waiting for comments, see photos, evaluate, compare, learn to disassemble the iron hands.

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