Review of washing machines Bauknecht

Washing machine Bauknecht - a sample of reliable household appliances under the sign of German quality. Despite modest popularity in the Russian Federation, the machines of this brand have all the advantages that are characteristic for European-made machinery. Where are the SMA "Bauknecht" manufactured, how are they arranged, what are the most popular models - you will learn from the review.

Content of the material:

  • 1Where do the machines "Bauknecht"
  • 2How is the washing machine
    • 2.1Zen Technology
    • 2.2Green Intelligence, Dynamic Intelligence
    • 2.3EcoStyle
    • 2.4SmartSelect
    • 2.5EcoTank and EcoBall Technologies
    • 2.610-year warranty on the ProSilent engine
    • 2.7SKS100 - technology description
  • 3How to choose a Bauknecht model: customer reviews
    • 3.1Model WCMC 64523

Where do the machines "Bauknecht"

Where do the machines

Few people know that the brand Bauknecht is part of the Whirlpool concern. But this is today, but before the company had its own way of becoming. The way to success the company has been piercing through years of persistent development and innovation:

  • 1919 - foundation of the company in Germany by the 27-year-old Gottlob Bauchnecht.
  • 1955 - the production of washing machines equipped with a centrifuge. The first machine was two-section: in one compartment was washing clothes, in the second - squeezing. It is noteworthy that our country saw such machines only 25 years later.
  • 1976 - German company moves to shareholders.
  • 80th years - release of economic and modern washing machines.

The company prefers not to disseminate information about where the equipment is manufactured. The documentation and reference information on the site indicates that the producing country is Germany. But the manufacturer is considered to be the state where the legal address and headquarters of the company are located. This does not exclude that production capacities can be located in any other country in the world. The true origin of the technology of this brand can only be guessed, and you will have to make your choice based on feedback from users. They will be discussed further on.

How is the washing machine

The Bauknecht washing machine is designed to meet the needs of the user and take care of the environment. The second not less important parameter is economy; The latest models have the highest energy efficiency class - A +++. Let us consider in more detail which technologies in the Baiknecht SMA simplify operation.

Zen Technology

Zen - delicate care of clothes, due to the quiet operation of an innovative asynchronous motor with direct drive. The emphasis on silent washing with minimal energy consumption.Zen Technology

Green Intelligence, Dynamic Intelligence

The technology assumes in the design of the AGR humidity and temperature sensors that help save time and energy. The manufacturer guarantees a saving of 45 minutes even on full load and a reduction in water volume by 50%. The sensors determine the degree of loading of the drum with laundry and continuously monitor the washing process, adjusting the weight of the laundry to the volume of water and energy costs. This positively affects the environment with high quality washing.


The line of machines with this technology combines a thoughtful and pleasant design with full functionality. The EcoStyle models embody the latest innovative developments aimed at care of linen and care of nature.EcoStyle


Intuitive to each user interface allows you to choose the wash mode, focusing on the type or color of the fabric. The machine sets the wash parameters, or the user selects the options and drum rotation speed when it is pressed. The user does not have to guess how to use the stylalki - everything is clear, accessible and simple.

EcoTank and EcoBall Technologies

The developments exclude the removal of washing aids that did not have time to dissolve, which positively affects the consumption of the powder. In the device of frontal models there is a "smart" dispenser, which reduces the cost of funds threefold. The machine calculates the dosage of the powder, taking into account the type of fabric, its contamination and the type of the product.

10-year warranty on the ProSilent engine

The brushless and brushless motor reduces vibrations and noise during the operation of the device. Motors with direct drive at times more efficient than conventional collector engines. They give the opportunity to squeeze at a speed of 1400 rpm of the drum per minute, providing the highest washing and spinning classes.10-year warranty on the ProSilent engine

SKS100 - technology description

In washing-drying machines there is a connecting device that is almost invisible. A special shelf is put out of it, you can put a laundry basket or household chemicals on it. The drum volume is increased to 9 kg, and the drying in it is effective, delicate, while consuming a little electricity.

How to choose a Bauknecht model: customer reviews

To help you find the right machine for your needs, we suggest studying customer reviews of the most popular model. They will share their experience.

Model WCMC 64523

Model WCMC 64523


It can be seen right away that the German stylalka is high-quality, steep. Erases, rinses, twists remarkably. There is a minus - at an average spin speed there is a vibration. Consulted with a familiar master, said - "not marriage." The machine does not jump - it just trembles, which means it's not scary. From the last - he washed the change from football, set the pressing to 1200. I forgot the cup with tea on the typewriter, it stayed in place when the washing was over, that is, everything is OK. When draining the operation of the pump is well audible, but the machine is in the bathroom, so it does not bother me. There used to be a vertical "Whirlpool the noise was about the same.


Good washing-up, wash by 12 points! The guarantee is not for a year, as many, but immediately at 3. So far no defects, minuses, or shortcomings have been detected. If you are used to paying for a brand, then choose a good one, like Bauknecht.


I bought this model back in the late 90s. Surprisingly, it still works. Never repaired. One trouble happened - the side wall rusted. But in the bathroom I have a weak ventilation and a crazy humidity, I can not afford to put the desiccant on, I guess it's my own fault. If I take a new one, I'll buy also Bauknecht, but already with the bells and whistles.


I always knew that German technology is "something". Machine a couple of months, but I'm already happy with everything. When I lived with my parents, we had a "Ski" - LG. Advised to take the same, but the seller in the store insisted on a more expensive model, although he suggested still take the same, but with a vertical load. I'm not interested without a "window". So, "Elji" jumped on the spin, but this one stands to herself, trembling slightly. A full three-year warranty is encouraging. The price, of course, is not low, but the money was, so I do not regret it.

Now you know everything about the production, features and design of the AGC Bauknecht. It remains only to choose a suitable model and make a purchase. We wish you a successful choice.

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