How to clean your washing machine from smell, dirt and scale

Bringing your washing machine to the appearance of an unpleasant odor is easy, and it is much more difficult to clean it and eliminate the consequences. Nevertheless, everything is real: it is enough to take measures for cleaning and in the future to follow the rules of operation.

Next, we will look at how to clean the automatic washing machine from odor, dirt and scale, and what detergents to choose.

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washing machine Many housewives, having detected an unpleasant smell, simply start the machine in idle mode with the addition of rinse aid or citric acid. This will solve the problem if it is not running.

If there is a question about cleaning the machine from dirt, one idle wash will not be enough. It is necessary to wash the following elements with your own hands:

  • Rubber hatch gasket.
  • Drum.
  • Water drain filter.
  • Hose for draining water and nozzles.
  • AGR body.
  • Powder Intake.
  • TEN( heating element).

Cleaning the drain filter

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On how to clean the drain filter, written in almost every user manual. But if the instruction to the SM is completely lost, we will list the sequence of actions in detail:

  1. Find the location of the filter: it is located in the front lower part of the washer behind a small flap.
  2. Having found the filter cover, unscrew it to the left.
  3. Remove the filter and wash it under the tap.

Important! Before cleaning the filter, lay a cloth on which the waste water from the tank will spill.

  1. Before you install the filter back, inspect the "nest", which also could collect garbage.
  2. Clean all parts and screw in the filter.

Repeat this operation every 3 months and the drain system will always be in order.

Cleaning the cuff

Cleaning the smellless washing machine always involves cleaning the rubber seal. Rubber perfectly absorbs odors, and without constant cleaning the pollution process runs 2 times faster.

Choosing a cuff cleaner, stop your attention on two simplest options:

  1. Solution of copper sulfate.
  2. "Domestos", diluted in water.

If there are visible traces of dirt on the gum, take regular soda and rub the stains with it, leaving the machine for 10-20 minutes. Then wipe the soda with a sponge, wash the gum and wipe dry.

Warning! In order not to “accumulate” the smell on the cuff, make it a rule to wipe it after each wash. Do not close the door immediately after washing - give it time to air.

Cleaning the case of the

Perhaps this is the simplest thing you can do if you have planned a complete cleaning of the washing machine, both odor and dirt. The main thing - to choose the right cleaning agent.

If there is a little dirt, just wipe the machine with a damp sponge, then wipe dry.

If you find difficult stains, make an ordinary soap solution. If there is a special spray for cleaning windows and mirrors, it is also suitable for cleaning the glass of the hatch in the frontal CMA.

Cleaning the powder tray.

The detergent drawer is cleaned separately from the machine - for this you need to remove it.

After taking the intake, soak it in an aqueous solution of citric acid - it will relieve rust. When the cuvette is soaked, you can additionally clean it with a sponge or technical brush, rinse and wipe dry.

The place where the powder intake is located also needs cleaning. If there is dirt that is hard to clean, use soda.

Cleaning hoses

Understanding how to clean a washing machine from the smell, you can not ignore the side hoses and drain water. To do this, they must be disconnected: on the one hand, from the washer body( prepare a container for draining water), on the other hand, from the water supply system and sewage system.

Important! Disconnecting the hoses from communications, do not forget to close the valves on the pipes.

If you do not know how to clean the hose, there are no strict recommendations for this process - you can use a toothbrush, a special brush for bottles, and wire.

In order to completely eliminate blockages in the hoses, and hence the unpleasant smell from them, rinse them with warm water under the tap.

Automatic cleaning

Do not limit yourself to manual cleaning - automatic cleaning will also be useful.

For this, send a glass of vinegar or soda to the cuvette. Next, select the program to 60 degrees - this will clear the CM of unpleasant odors. Soda and vinegar are also great against mold and fungus.

If you need descaling and limescale, you will need about 150 grams of citric acid. Pour the acid into the cuvette and run a long wash at a high temperature( preferably 90 degrees).Rinse twice.

After washing, wipe the cuff and tank.

In the standard conditions of using the CM, two such cleanings per year will suffice.

The choice of cleaning chemistry

In addition to the "popular" means there is a lot of professional chemistry for cleaning washing machines. Let's see what is worth using and what is just a marketing ploy.

To begin with, let's talk about the tool that is widely known to all hostesses - “Belize”.In the household chemical goods shop they claim that it fights bacteria, odors and mold very well. But you need to use this tool carefully. In the composition there is chlorine, and for some parts of the machine it is highly undesirable.

Before pouring a product containing chlorine, take a look at the user manual - if manufacturers allow it, you can try it.

Take care: use a little bleach - about 1 cup - and choose a wash mode at 40-45 degrees, no more. You will also need additional rinsing.

After completing the wash, air the drum and the room where the machine is installed.

Speaking of more professional cleaning products, pay attention to such:

  • Powder from Miele( Mile).This famous German powder is famous for its double action: antibacterial and anti-odor.
  • Beckmann - this tool is struggling with scale and provides for the disinfection of the tank.
  • Magic Power - judging by the reviews, a good powder, coping with limescale and scum.
  • Topperr is a Bosch( Bosch) cleaning agent suitable for use in any automatic washer. Its main action - the fight against scum.
  • Luxus Professional is a domestic detergent that is equally suitable for washing machines and dishwashers. A good way to save if the house has both types of technology.
  • Antinakipin - a similar, but more budgetary tool. The hostess claim that the powder copes with its functions.
  • Sandokkaebi is a Korean-made product. Sent to disinfect the washing machine. Especially important in matters of cleaning from dirt.

This was not a complete list of all available cleaning products, but it is quite enough to quickly and effectively clean the machine from dirt, odors, plaque and scale.

Now you know how to clean the washing machine from odor and dirt. The main condition is frequency and regularity.

It is important not only to buy powder, but also to use it from time to time.

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