Why the washing machine does not wring out laundry: reasons and what to do

Breakage washing machine - This is almost a disaster for the whole family. People are so used to this wonderful technique, which is responsible for the cleanliness of the laundry in the house, that even a slight breakdown causes them to panic. Quite often, the spin function does not work for cars. It turns out that the washing machine is executing a given program, and things remain wet. Let's try to figure out why the washing machine does not wring the laundry.


  1. List of possible reasons
  2. Water level sensor malfunction
  3. Sensor malfunction for engine speed
  4. Engine malfunction
  5. Faulty electrical module
  6. Pump malfunction
  7. Recommendations for use

List of possible reasons

If the washing machine does not wring out the laundry, study the following reasons, which may be several. They can be either frivolous (you can handle the repair of the breakdown yourself) or serious (you will have to contact the repair service master).

Frivolous reasons:

1. You have loaded the machine drum too much. The washing machine does not take overload well. Often this problem occurs when washing items that are large in volume (for example, a blanket or a plaid). Things cannot be evenly distributed on the drum. As a result, a strong vibration starts when washing. And the machine, as a well-programmed device, automatically reduces the spin speed.

Your actions: if the washing machine does not wring out the laundry due to improper styling, remove the excess or evenly distribute things throughout the drum.

Advice! If you wash a thing of a large volume, then put a few small ones in the drum. Then the machine will be able to evenly distribute the laundry and cope with the spin.

Wet underwear

2. The program on the washing machine was set incorrectly. It would not be corny, but quite often people simply do not turn on the spin function during washing, and then they are afraid that the laundry turned out to be wet and their washing machine does not work well.

Your actions: program the machine according to your desires and operating rules. Press the buttons correctly, then your washing machine will not press badly.

3. A filter clogged the machine. How to clean the filter of the machine, you can learn from the educational video:

In addition, you can see clearly where the filter is located at the machine, how to open it and find out what objects the machine clogs most often and why, in the end, Samsung does not wring.

Serious reasons:

  • The sensor responsible for the water level is broken.
  • Broken sensor responsible for engine speed.
  • Broken drum motor.
  • Broken electrical module.
  • The pump has broken.

These are more difficult failures, the repair of which often requires large financial investments.

Water level sensor malfunction

A control sensor, in another way, is called a pressure switch. Its function is to report water level data to the control module of the machine. Upon receiving the data, the control module decides whether the spin is needed at this stage of the wash or not. Accordingly, if the signal does not come to the “brain” of the device, the washing machine does not squeeze well. What to do? How to fix a breakdown?

Your actions: contact the workshop (specialists will help). Most likely, in the washing machine, it is necessary to replace the faulty sensor.

Sensor malfunction for engine speed

The speed control sensor, in another way, is called the probe. The tachometer is located on the engine of the machine, and specifically, on the shaft. Its functions are to control the number of revolutions made. The control time is one minute. Due to a sensor malfunction, the machine cannot reach the required speed. Now you understand why the washing machine does not wring out laundry due to a malfunction of the revolution sensor. This type of breakdown can be met very rarely.

Your actions: check mount. If you notice that it is weak - pull it up. Also pay attention to the contacts and wiring. If you can’t do it yourself, contact the workshop. There you will most likely be replaced by a sensor.

The washing machine pressed the laundry badly

Engine malfunction

The engine of the washing machine is the main mechanism by function. Most likely, it does not work due to a break in the winding or graphic brushes worn out from time to time. For the second reason, often the washing machine does not wring out the laundry.

Your actions: contact the workshop. A specialist will inspect your machine, repair or completely replace the engine.

Faulty electrical module

Note that in devices with electronic control, the engine is electric, and with electromechanical control - the programmer.

Most likely, the stabilizer broke in the control module of the washing machine. As a result, the “control brain” gives commands incorrectly, namely, it ignores the spin time. As a result, the washing machine does not wring well.

Your actions: contact the workshop. You will have a stabilizer flashing or replace it with a new one.

Listen to our opinion: Do not repair the engine yourself.

Pump malfunction

This is a fairly common cause of breakdowns. It is possible to determine that a pump is broken by the following characteristic signs:

  • The cycle of the wash program has ended and a sound similar to croaking has appeared.
  • It seems that the machine is now trying to drain the water accumulated in the drum. But this does not happen.
  • Spin, after time, does not begin.

Your actions: contact the workshop. The pump will be replaced. The machine will work like new.

Recommendations for use

In order for your automatic machine to serve as long as possible, treat it carefully and observe the following recommendations:

  1. Before loading the laundry, check the pockets. Spin often does not work due to trifles that fall into the filter. The main objects of blockages: coins, candy wrappers, lighters and other small things.
  2. When operating the machine, be sure to use a power strip. In our country, quite often “jumps” the voltage in the network. Such differences often affect the control elements of electronic equipment. Replacing these items is the most expensive repair service. Sometimes it’s easier to buy a new automatic machine than to repair an old one.
  3. Detergents, namely powder, fall asleep at the rate. Excessive abrasive substances affect the proper operation of the water level control sensor.
  4. Do not drive the machine in full. The drum motor may not withstand overloading things.

Now you know why the washing machine does not wring the laundry. Use the recommendations and take care of your laundry assistant.

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