The washing machine does not heat water: how to find out the cause and what to do

The key to normal washing is the passage of all programs during the work cycle. If the washing machine does not heat the water, the quality of the wash deteriorates markedly. There are a number of reasons that contribute to this problem and several ways to resolve them. However, first read the article, how to use a washing machine and perhaps the problem itself will disappear.


  1. How to determine that the water in the washing machine does not heat up?
  2. Causes of problems affecting water heating

How to determine that the water in the washing machine does not heat up?

In the event of a malfunction with the heating function, different units can behave differently. Most modern washing machines automatically stop washing and give a signal that an error has been made, but some models continue the process in unheated water. In the first case, it is easier to recognize and fix the problem, but what if the machine goes through the entire cycle without stopping? How do I know if it is heating water?

To understand whether a working unit is heating water, you need to put your hand on the glass of the loading hatch 15-20 minutes after the start of the cycle. This action must be performed before the first drain. The hatch must be warm or hot, so you need to touch it carefully to avoid burns.

If the glass of the door remains cold and does not heat up in the next 30 minutes, you can be sure that the washing machine has stopped heating the water.

Causes of problems affecting water heating

There are a number of problems that can cause a lack of water heating in the machine:

  1. Invalid program selection.
  2. Incorrect unit connection.
  3. Open circuit TENA.
  4. Damage to the heater.
  5. Faulty programmer.
  6. Damage to the thermostat.

Incorrect program selection

Before you understand why the washing machine does not heat water, you need to make sure that the manual wash mode is selected correctly. This is especially true for those models in which the cycle program and temperature are included separately. If there is a discrepancy between the choice of program mode and temperature, the machine will default to washing according to the set program, and there the temperature may be lower than expected.

To resolve this problem, you must read the instructions in detail and make sure that the appropriate mode is selected correctly.

Incorrect machine connection

If the unit is connected incorrectly, part of the already heated hot water can drain into the sewer. With such a malfunction, new cold water constantly enters the tank, which does not have time to warm up to the desired temperature. In this case, the washing machine does not wash with warm or hot water, which negatively affects the quality of the wash.

You can solve the problem by correctly connecting the equipment.

Open circuit TENA

TEN is a tubular electric heater, the correct heating of water during washing depends on its operation.

Tubular heater

If the heater or the wires leading to it fail, the washing machine will not be able to heat the water. Before inspecting the heating element itself, it is necessary to verify the integrity of the wires that go to it. Since the wiring is located in close proximity to the machine body, it is often subjected to mechanical stress, and therefore can be frayed or damaged.

If during inspection it is found that the wires are faulty, they must be sealed and insulated or replaced with new ones.

Failure of the heater

Damage to the heater is the most common reason why the washing machine does not heat the water. The device is constantly heated and then cooled, which often leads to wear. In addition, the element is located in water, which contributes to the formation of scale.

A faulty heater requires replacement, but before installing a new element, you must make sure that the old one is out of order. How to check the condition of the heater? For this you need multimeter, which will help determine the resistance of the working device. After watching the video, you can see how with the help of a multimeter they check the operation of the heater:

The check consists in connecting the TENA terminals to the measuring apparatus in order to identify the resistance value of the device. If the received figure is equal to the previously calculated resistance value - the heater is OK, if the indicators are lower - the device requires replacement.

After this, it is necessary to check the breakdown on the housing of the heater. To do this, in the multimeter include the function "Buzzer" and connect to the output of the heating device and its body. If the device gives a signal, there is a breakdown of the heater in the housing, and it must be changed; if not, everything is in order with the device.

If it turns out that the machine does not heat water due to a heater failure, it must be removed and a new device installed. To do this, you must:

  • Remove the rear panel of the unit housing;
  • Disconnect all wiring from the heater;
  • Remove fasteners;
  • Remove the heating device;
  • Put on a seat a new element, fix it and connect the wires.
In the process of replacing the heater, it is important to remember, sketch or photograph the correct position of all wires and fasteners, in order to avoid incorrect connection of a new device.

Programmer Malfunction

The programmer or control module (MU) is responsible for the correct operation of all elements of the equipment.

Control module

If a malfunction occurs in his work, this may be the main reason why the washing machine does not heat water. In some cases, board repair is possible. In most cases, a replacement module is required. But you should not do this yourself, without the presence of certain knowledge and skills, since improper installation can affect the entire future operation of the washing machine.

Thermostat failure

Another reason that the washing machine stops heating water may be a malfunction of the thermostat. When the washing machine is washing, the control sensor turns the heater on and off when the water reaches the required temperature.


If the thermostat does not work, then the washing machine does not heat water without it.

How to check the status of the sensor? To do this, you must:

  • Remove the element from the unit;
  • Measure resistance with a multimeter;
  • Lower the sensor in hot water;
  • Measure the resistance again;
  • Compare the results. If the resistance in the cold and heated state varies greatly, then the thermostat works correctly, if not, it needs to be replaced.

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Thus, if the washing machine does not heat water, you must first make sure that the unit is connected correctly and that the set temperature mode matches the selected washing program. If everything is in order, it is required to check the operational status of the heater, wiring, MU and thermostat. Having identified the cause, you can begin to repair or replace the elements. If the washing machine does not heat up after the actions taken, you should contact the service center for the help of specialists.

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