The washing machine does not pick up water: reasons and what to do

Malfunctions in the operation of washing machines are quite common. One common problem is water intake in the drum. Sometimes housewives ask themselves a question: the washing machine is not picking up water. What should I do?


  1. Why does water flow slowly?
  2. Why doesn't water enter the drum at all?
  3. Problem Solving Methods
  4. Video repair manual

There are several ways to solve the situation:

  • you can fix the problems yourself, first identify their cause
  • seek specialized help.

Why does water flow slowly?

It happens that a washing machine does not collect water at all, but more often water enters the drum, but extremely slowly. If you suspect something is wrong, pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Power supply of water to the tap. Weak head can cause the water to be supplied under insufficient pressure, therefore, the machine cannot work in the previous mode. Check the condition of the inlet valve for supplying water to the drum. It may be partially blocked.
  2. The status of the filter on the inlet valve.
    If it is clogged, the washing machine does not draw water at all or does it very slowly. The filter looks like a dense mesh. Its purpose is to delay any pollution entering the water. With frequent and intensive use, the filter may become clogged and lose its previous throughput. In this case, you will notice that the machine does not pick up water at the same speed. How to clean the filter will tell our next article.

Why doesn't water enter the drum at all?

Modern automatic machines are very demanding on water quality and prone to frequent breakdowns. If you have already decided on a washing program, and the washing machine does not draw water, it also makes strange sounds or buzzes - immediately call the mater. The reasons for an unexpected breakdown can be very different:

  1. The valve that controls the flow of water to the technical device is closed. You can verify this yourself by making sure the tap is open. Its usual location is the place where the rubber hose is connected from the plumbing device to the pipeline.
  2. The water pressure in the line is not stable or the water is shut off. This is a very common and non-dangerous reason why the washing machine does not pick up water. You just have to wait or call the Housing Office in order to solve the problem with water supply as soon as possible.
  3. You forgot to close the door to the hatch where the laundry was loading. If the door is not open or closed poorly, the automatics work and the washer simply does not turn on. This is a kind of protection from the unpleasant situation with the "flood", which may entail additional costs for repairing the floor or ceiling from the neighbors below. Check the door, slam it with your hand, maybe some of the fabric has fallen under the lock. Poor fixation can be explained by a broken tongue, latch. The tongue when the rod, which serves as a mount, falls out, is skewed.
  4. The door lock is broken. The loops may have loosened, which is why the hatch is skewed. The current situation will interfere with the natural process of the device. After all, the same protection system will work, preventing the accumulation of fluid in the tank. If you have certain skills, it will be possible to eliminate the damage on your own.
  5. Damage to the pressure sensor or pressure switch. He is responsible for the level of filling the machine with liquid. When the sensor is broken, it is impossible to estimate the water level, which cannot affect the functioning of the equipment. With a broken sensor, water does not enter the tank. Only an experienced craftsman can fix the problem.
  6. Damage to the water inlet valve. It should work automatically when a signal from the sensor. If the valve is defective, we will not be able to detect water in the washing machine.

If the washing machine stopped collecting liquid, and you found out the cause of something wrong on your own, then most likely it will be possible to eliminate it without the help of specialists. Some owners of modern plumbing sometimes try to fix the hatch with their own hands. You can easily find the video with the repair instructions below.

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Problem Solving Methods

If the machine does not draw water and does not want to turn on, you should:

  • check the condition of the hatch door, its tightness to the body;
  • make sure that the tap supplying water to the tank is open;
  • check if there is water in the line.

These are elementary actions that even a child can perform. If you have not found the reason why the washing machine is not collecting water into the tank or if it is not possible to fix the problem on your own - it is better not to delay the time and contact the center for repair.


Door breakage

If a door breakdown is detected, an experienced owner may try to disassemble the structure and verify that the electronic locking device is in good working order. When closing the door, the relay end must be pressed with the tongue. This ensures that the lock is enabled. Water will only enter the tank if the shutter mechanism has been activated. At the same time, the machine draws water and the washing process begins immediately.

Valve Health Check

The washing machine does not pick up water what to do? - Search for a reason. You will be able to test the pressure sensor before the plumber arrives. To do this, remove the hose through which the water is supplied. Thoroughly blow it. When the valve is in good condition, the pressure exerted will cause you to hear a distinct click. If so, then the problem is not with the sensor.

Washing machine valve

Filter status

A clogged filter in front of the inlet valve must be cleaned periodically. Check its status before calling the wizard. If the grid is clogged - you can quite correct the situation on your own and save money.

Module breakdown

If the plumbing equipment does not wash, because there is a breakdown of the module, it is unlikely that it will be possible to solve the problem on its own. After all, a module is nothing but the “brain” of a machine. Such breakdowns are most often found with expensive models literally stuffed with electronics. The module may fail already in the third or fourth year, or even earlier. At the same time, you may find that the valve is working, and the water still does not flow, because there is no command from the “think tank”. Repairs should only be carried out by a competent and professional service center employee. Otherwise, it is likely to aggravate the situation.

Warranty service

When the equipment is under warranty, do not try to repair it yourself, and in no case do not open the case using a screwdriver or other tools and tools. Call the service center right away and report that the washing machine is picking up water and stalling or draining it even before the wash starts. Specialists of the company are obliged to incur repair costs.

Video repair manual

Detailed instructions for troubleshooting elemental problems and repairing your washing machine at home conditions, without the help of specialists and without unnecessary transportation costs from the service center, you can see below:

If you encounter a problem in the operation of the washing machine and cannot find the cause of the breakdown, or don’t know how to fix it, it’s best to immediately contact specialists for help. Attempts to carry out repairs yourself can lead to undesirable consequences.

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