Wash the bank card in the washing machine

If you forget the bank card in the washing machine, without having touched the pockets, the first question you ask yourself is: will it now work? It all depends on the type of card, the duration and intensity of washing, the speed of response to the problem.

We'll figure out what to do if you've washed the card in a typewriter.

Wash the bank card in the washing machine

Content of the material:

  • 1What happens to the card after washing in the AGR
  • 2What to do if you have washed the card

What happens to the card after washing in the AGR

Sometimes we carefully check the pockets of clothing, but it happens that we completely forget about it. In some cases, fines and debris falling out of pockets, clog the filter, drain system or fail the tank. And it happens that the thing is so valuable that you are only concerned with one question - how to use it now and what to do in order to improve the situation.

Speaking about the bank card, it is worth considering its composition. The global banking industry uses PVC (PVC) as its basis. Plastic perfectly withstands temperature effects, chemicals and is not afraid of moisture. And information about the owner's payment data is recorded on a magnetic tape or chip. Basically, all the cards are now equipped with a magnetic tape, and only a part of them are chip-based.

What happens to the card after washing in the AGR

Important! If you have washed a credit card with a regular magnetic tape, then you can be calm - in 7 out of 10 cases they stand washing and continue to function.

The card will not work if it falls out of the pocket and is damaged by sharp objects from other things that can leave scratches on the tape (for example, with lightning). If you choose high-temperature mode, it is possible to melt the plastic (especially when boiling).

Attention! Chip, as a rule, does not tolerate washing, even fast and not intensive.

What to do? If you accidentally forget the plastic card in the drum, this is not a reason for panic. Try to revive it:

  • wipe with a dry cloth;
  • allow to dry;
  • later inspect it for damage and scratches;
  • Check if the numbers and letters are both on both sides;
  • if visually everything is in order, go to the nearest ATM to check operability;
  • do some operations. If you notice a malfunction: there will be errors, cancellations, and so on, so the problem is obvious.

On a note. If there was a "Troika" card in the SMA drum to pay for travel in Moscow transport, then, judging by the users' practice, nothing terrible will happen. Although, here, however, the mode and the temperature of washing play a role.

Important! If you remember about the card or noticed your error in the early stages of the cycle, stop the program to remove the object.

What to do if you have washed the card

What if the card does not work after washing? The way out is more than logical: go to the bank branch to get a new one. Be careful: cards with a magnetic tape do not restore, but give out new ones.

What to do if you have washed the card

Consider what will happen if you wet the card. Actually, it's okay if it remains in working condition.

If the operation was not confirmed, proceed as follows:

  • Take the necessary documents and go to the bank branch.
  • There, write an application for an early resubmission.
  • In the application, indicate the reason for the replacement.
  • Apply to the operator or other competent bank employee.
  • Block accounts on the old card.

What to do if you have washed the card

  • At the appointed time, come for a new one.

Important! In order for the new card to have other requisites (account number and account), indicate this when making the application, otherwise you will be given a full analogue, excluding the PIN-code.

Different banks have a similar scheme. The duration of the procedure and the amount of the bank commission for the re-issue service can differ.

Always remember that a recovery fee can cost money, so do not be too lazy to check your pockets again to make sure they are empty. It's easier to get a card than to worry after washing, whether it will work and whether it will be necessary to work on the release of a new one.

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