How many turns does the washing machine motor

Having decided to connect the motor from the washing machine to another device, the user thinks about how to adjust its speed. Direct connection of the motor to the power grid allows to give him full power. But, for self-made instruments to function normally, it is necessary to learn how to control the speed of rotation of the engine from the washing machine.

How to do this, read the article.

How many turns does the washing machine motor

Content of the material:

  • 1Proper connection of the collector motor
  • 2How to independently adjust the motor rotation speed
    • 2.1Connection via the controller
    • 2.2Connection via a board (microchip)

Proper connection of the collector motor

Whatever the engine power of the machine, it must be properly controlled. Therefore, it is important to be able to regulate the number of revolutions.

We'll figure out how to connect the collector motor and determine the wires of the tachodchik, which acts as a speed regulator.

  • In some motors, the stator and rotor terminals can be determined by color. As shown in the photo below, the first two white wires are the outputs of the sensor. They will not be needed for connection yet. Red and brown - stator wire, gray and green - rotor.

Proper connection of the collector motor

  • To be sure, ring the wires with a multimeter, looking for couples. The working winding shows a lower resistance, while the outputs of the tachometer (speed sensor) should show about 70 ohms.
  • According to the scheme, connect the stator output to the rotor output, connect the remaining two wires to the 220 V network.

Proper connection of the collector motor

After the engine is running, trace how many revolutions it produces. There are two schemes that regulate the rotation of the washer, - we describe them below.

How to independently adjust the motor rotation speed

How to regulate the engine speed of the washing machine and semi-automatic? With your hands, this can be done through a board (chip) or voltage regulator. Let us examine in more detail both methods.

Connection via the controller

To do this, you can use the turntable, dimmer, trigger from the drill. This method will tell you how to increase or decrease the engine speed. That is, turning the installed wheel, you can monitor the incoming voltage to the motor from the 220-volt network.

The connection is as follows:

Connection via the controller

  • According to the scheme, one wire of the stator winding is connected by an armature (rotor).
  • Then one rotor wire is connected to the speed regulator.
  • The remaining wire of the stator and rotor is connected to the 220 volt network.

Please note that the motor must be fixed before connecting. Since, when fully powered, he can jump off the table.

Running the motor, you will find that it works at full force. If you try to set the speed control with the wheel, you will notice that the speed is immediately lost and the motor stops. That is, normal work can not be a question.

But we have one more, more effective method.

Connection via a board (microchip)

How to control the revolutions with the help of an adjustment board? Here the tachogenerator is activated. The sensor itself can not control anything, it must be properly connected. It is for this purpose that the chip is used. The connection is made according to the regulator scheme based on TDA 1085.

Connection via a board (microchip)

What turns can a motor make with such connection? From high to low. In this case, you do not need to rotate the regulator by hand, you can control the speed through the toggle switch.

If you try to create a load on the electromotor, then the turns will immediately decrease, after which they resume with a new power. All because the sensor interacts with the board, sending a signal about power reduction.

Those who understand the electrician will be able to independently collect such a fee. The list of parts is presented in the table below. You can do it easier and order such a chip in an online store.

Connection via a board (microchip)

Connection via a board (microchip)

Now you know how to not only connect, but also correctly adjust the engine performance. You can safely take up experiments in the creation of home appliances.

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