Robot vacuum cleaner Polaris 0510: principle of operation + advantages with disadvantages

Devices for automated cleaning of residential and small domestic premises have become firmly established in the life of a modern person. The inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner Polaris 0510 is popular among consumers. The model is often found in the household appliances departments of various supermarkets.

The device has limited functionality, so before acquiring it is necessary to understand the spectrum of the tasks it solves.

The content of the article:

  • The main characteristics of the vacuum cleaner
    • Technical parameters and equipment
    • Electrical supply of the unit
    • Modes of cleaning and management features
  • Positive and negative sides of the unit
    • The advantages of this model
    • Shortcomings and problem areas
  • Competing models of robotic vacuum cleaners
    • Competitor # 1: Clever & Clean 004 M-Series
    • Competitor # 2: iRobot Roomba 631
    • Competitor # 3: Samsung VR20M7070WD
  • Results

The main characteristics of the vacuum cleaner

Before purchasing a vacuum cleaner robot, you should carefully study the data on the main characteristics presented in the device passport. It is also worth asking the opinion of consumers who, through their own experience, have become familiar with its performance.

Many technical parameters are standardized and mandatory for publication in the official description of the product. They will give a lot of information about the device, which will use the future owner.

Technical parameters and equipment

Polaris 0510, assembled in China, is positioned as a device in the lowest price segment. It has a minimal feature set and is made from cheap materials.

Polaris 0510 Robot

Polaris 0510 has a characteristic round flat shape and has dimensions less than the average value, which determined a small amount of dust collector

The only color solution of the robot - the black case with silver accents can be considered neutral, as it fits well in almost any interior.

Technical characteristics of Polaris PVCR 0510

The technical parameters of the Polaris 0510 are practically the minimum acceptable for robotic devices intended for household cleaning. But with the dust and hair of short-haired animals, he copes well

The complete set of the robot includes everything you need to start working immediately after purchase, but it does not contain any spare parts.

If there is an opportunity in the same store to purchase additional items, it is better to buy the following parts:

  1. Dust Container Filter (dust collector). It may be damaged by the consumer during cleaning, or be clogged with difficult-to-remove components, such as asbestos chips or copier toner.
  2. Dry cleaning brush set. They are the original design, and with intensive use tend to wear out, which reduces their ability to sweep up debris under the suction hole.

It is not necessary to purchase a spare battery, since during long-term storage of Ni-MH type batteries they lose their performance characteristics (capacity and charge holding time).
Promotional review of the robot from the manufacturer with an example of work:

Electrical supply of the unit

The battery of the Polaris 0510 vacuum cleaner is a standard 1000 mAh NiMH rechargeable battery with 14.4 V output voltage.

Given the insignificant overall consumption of the device, installing a more powerful battery is impractical, and the use of the lithium-ion variant would lead to an increase in the cost of the device.

Electrical parameters Polaris PVCR 0510

Characteristics of the electrical part of the vacuum cleaner Polaris 0510 standard for appliances in the lower price range. There is an indication of the on and the charge level

The charger also has common output parameters: voltage 19 V, current 600 mA. The standard format allows you to purchase items of similar characteristics, which makes it easier to replace them.

The requirement of the manufacturer to use only original parts is due to commercial considerations only.

You need to charge any Ni-MH battery for the first time as long as possible so that its actual capacity matches that stated. In this case, it will take 10-12 hours. The following charging cycles according to the manufacturer's information will last about 5 hours.

Directly charged vacuum cleaner

Power to the Polaris 0510 vacuum cleaner is connected directly, the parking (charging) base is missing. Pay attention to the length of the wire, so that it is enough to the nearest outlet

To discharge this type of battery before charging, you also need to maximize. Otherwise, there will be a rapid decrease in their capacity.

The manufacturer determines the warranty autonomous operation time within 45-55 minutes, and the instruction recommends using two work intervals of 20-25 minutes each with breaks between them.

With a long idle time, you need to charge and discharge the battery once every three months. Keep it in a discharged state.

Modes of cleaning and management features

In total, the manufacturer positions three modes of operation of the Polaris PVCR 0510 robot: along a spiral path, along walls or continuous sections of furniture, and dry-type “chaotic” cleaning. The possibility of wet cleaning this robot is not provided.

Many users point out that this statement is difficult to verify, since there is no possibility for a person to choose a vacuum cleaner's operation option.

The electronics of the device, after analyzing the geometry of the room, automatically determines the optimal motion model.

Modes of cleaning Polaris PVCR 0510

The lack of manual control from the remote control and the possibility of selecting the operating mode of the vacuum cleaner somewhat complicate cleaning in places with a complex geometry of the premises

Turn on the vacuum cleaner by pressing a button on the case. Remote control is missing. Oriented in space by a robot using infrared radiation.

For trouble-free operation of the IR sensors, they must be periodically wiped from dust with a soft cloth. In this procedure, physical pressure on the sensors should be eliminated.

Side brushes Polaris 0510

Brushes for sweeping dry debris from Polaris 0510 periodically wear out, so it is better to purchase a spare set in advance. When purchasing them, it is necessary to take into account that they are asymmetric: there is a right and left

In contrast to the charger and the battery, it is not recommended to purchase brushes manufactured by another company, especially if the length does not match.

Positive and negative sides of the unit

Since this model of vacuum cleaner is in the lower price segment, one should not expect from it a multitude of functions, high power, increased comfort or exclusive design solutions.

However, Polaris 0510 has some positive qualities in comparison with competing models.. There are also shortcomings that could be circumvented even with such a low mortgaged value.

The advantages of this model

Low cost is the most obvious advantage of the Polaris 0510 vacuum cleaner. Now it can be purchased without discounts for 5.5 thousand. rubles, which is practically the lowest price for equipment of this level.

A bit less expensive (4.5-5 thousand rubles) competitor Kitfort KT-511 It has significantly worse performance in terms of battery life and noise level.

Design Polaris PVCR 0510

The strict coloring of the vacuum cleaner adds solidity. The black and silver gamma fits well with a different interior, which distinguishes it, for example, from the competing model HalzBot Jet Compact yellow-parrot color

In the network of non-specialized supermarkets, such as “Lenta”, there are occasional discounts on vacuum cleaning robots, so the Polaris PVCR 0510 can often be purchased for less than 4 thousand rubles.

Despite the low price, we must pay tribute to the good quality of plastic and rubberized bumper. Unlike many cheap Chinese-made goods, the assembly of a vacuum cleaner is not done according to the principle “just not to fall apart in the store”.

Mass complaints from users about the poor-quality assembly of the case or obvious defects in parts either.

Situations with the winding of long objects (hair, thread) on the brush or jamming of the wheels when hit by a foreign object (coins, buttons) - the usual situation for all robots.

Another advantage of the model is its slight height, which allows the vacuum cleaner to crawl under cabinets and beds that have legs.

Bed with free bottom space

Robot vacuum cleaners do a good job of cleaning the dust under the beds of this type. The main thing is not to load this space with various objects.

With a height of free space of 8-10 cm, the dimensions of the Polaris 0510 will allow the robot to penetrate there when many of its competitors are unable to do so.

Shortcomings and problem areas

Due to the low power, Polaris 0510 is absolutely not suitable for cleaning carpets with high pile. There are also problems when trying to suck up dense substances, such as dirt, coarse sand or small lumps of dried clay.

For such a low-power appliance, this model of vacuum cleaner produces significant noise. Therefore, it is difficult to use Polaris 0510 in a house with small children - the hum from the device, as well as the sound indication will not allow the child to sleep peacefully.

Polaris 0510 behavior when cleaning

The behavior of a vacuum cleaner with a complex geometry of the room or in the presence of many obstacles in order is unpredictable. He may skip areas with garbage or get lost in them.

Often there are problems when trying to get on a thick carpet or overcome the wires lying on the floor.

Small-sized dust collector rarely makes it possible to leave a working robot indoors more than 20 m2, because the volume is quickly clogged and has to be manually cleaned.

With average dust pollution or with pets, it takes 10-15 minutes of work to empty the tank each time.

Dust collector for Polaris PVCR 0510

The vacuum cleaner does not have an overflow indication for the dust container. The fact that it must be emptied is indicated by increased noise from the operation of the device. The very procedure of extracting and installing capacity is elementary.

This model has no parking base where the robot should automatically return. Therefore, it stops where it is turned off or where the battery is completely discharged.

The latter sometimes causes inconvenience, especially if the vacuum cleaner sits under a cupboard or bed and has to be searched for and taken from there.

When the Polaris 0510 gets stuck, the automatic shutdown only works if there is no possibility to turn the wheels as a result of blocking the movement of the robot.

If the vacuum cleaner lifted the edge of the carpet, can not move, but the wheels hang in the air and can rotate, the shutdown will not occur until the battery is completely discharged.

Competing models of robotic vacuum cleaners

To obtain a detailed picture and a detailed assessment of the model in question, let us compare it with automatic cleaners, by analogy intended for dry cleaning. In order to more fully “open the topic,” we will analyze the options from different price segments. So it will be clearer than the expensive product differs from the budget products.

Competitor # 1: Clever & Clean 004 M-Series

The easiest and cheapest representative of our collection can work 50 minutes without recharging. After which it will need to be manually charged. The duration of the period of obtaining a fresh portion of energy is 4 hours.

Clever & Clean 004 M-Series’s special technical “tricks” will not spoil their owners. But in its design a minimum of sensitive components that can quickly fail.

At the request of the buyer, the product is complemented by a panel that allows for wet flooring.

Competitor # 2: iRobot Roomba 631

The vacuum cleaner from the middle price category is a more complex and technically advanced unit. With a charged battery, it can clean up continuously for 3 hours. When the charge is depleted, the robot independently returns to the parking station and is installed to receive a new energy dose.

To protect the working bodies iRobot Roomba 631 from the effects of a collision with structures and objects of the situation, it is equipped with a soft bumper. The device is equipped with optical sensors for fixing obstacles. A virtual wall is used to limit the cleaning area.

The capacity of the box to assemble dust 0.75 liters. It is not necessary to free it from contamination after each session. However, the volume is insufficient for processing large areas.

Competitor # 3: Samsung VR20M7070WD

The most expensive of the considered positions, the robot performs cleaning in four different modes. Can focus on one area for thorough cleansing or quickly treat a large area. With a charged battery, the model works up to 1 hour. When the battery is discharged, it returns to the station for energy. Charged only half an hour.

Samsung VR20M7070WD is equipped with optical sensors, warning of the occurrence of obstacles and danger on the way, equipped with a soft bumper. Dust collector volume is only 0.3 l.

It is controlled by an automatic cleaner located on the cover with buttons and remote control. For ease of reading information about the operation of the device display is highlighted.


A vacuum cleaner Polaris 0510 is a good and reliable unit for its price. When acquiring it, you should know its functionality, and not impose impracticable requirements on this robot model in advance.. When following simple operating rules, the device will remain operable for a long time and perform the tasks assigned to it with high quality.

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